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Dream Dinner Party: The Founder + Chief Creative Officer of L.A.'s Most Colorful Brand Tells Us About Her Dream Dinner Musings
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We've been dreaming up this idea of collaborating and building community driven events with the brands that inspire us for quite some time now. Why? Because just like every company, the employees are what make the brand come to life. Interesting, creative and innovative humans are the backbone of every successful brick and mortar store, digital retailer and cool app that you stalk on your phone. Connecting with these inspirational people was on our bucket-list and we don't mean with a typical interview. Because well, interviews are typical. We wanted to spoil them and go all out! They do inspire us, after all. That's why we created #DreamDinnerParty. You can find out a lot about someone by asking what their dream dinner party is. But, we decided to take it even one step further and bring said dream dinner party to life because that's kinda what we are all about here at The Venue Report.

Do you guys remember our epic pool party bash with the seriously bad a** brand, ban.dō last Summer? Well, it's pretty much safe to say we are well over due for our second major date with their team and the hilariously real, leader of the pack, Jen Gotch. We recently sat down with Jen and asked how she pictured her dream dinner party to play out... The decor, the attendees, her drink of choice, etc. Now it's time to make her dream come true. Stay tuned for our ban.dō #DreamDinnerParty coming to life March 23rd. Head to our Instagram at 7pm to join in the party cuz' we are going LIVE. LIVE for the very first time, friends! Can you sense our excitement? 




Video: The Venue Report Courtesy of Mark Gabriel Laos , @markgabriel

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