Ladies of Northern California, We’ve Got A Real (Re)Treat for You
Ladies, ladies, ladies! We’ve got a real (re)treat for you! This collection of thoughtful, inspired, creative women have rallied together to establish a series of restorative weekends in Northern California. Set in Tomales Bay...
by Alyssa Brown

Ladies, ladies, ladies! We’ve got a real (re)treat for you! This collection of thoughtful, inspired, creative women have rallied together to establish a series of restorative weekends in Northern California. Set in Tomales Bay during the first weekend of March, their next multi-day retreat is all about gathering women to establish new friendships and inspire one another creatively, personally and professionally.

The retreat in March is set to take place at a sprawling 19th century homestead, complete with organic farmland, towering eucalyptus trees, and an adorable cozy farmhouse. Hello, relaxation! The weekend will include workshops about storytelling, creativity, sparking inspiration, and practicing personal and professional mindfulness. Guests can also expect delicious farm-to-table meals between sessions and hanging with a community of cool ladies to boot. We recently sat down with the founders of Fog & Sage, Flynn and Stef, to chat about the inspiration behind these events. Naturally, we’re already feeling inspired to unplug, reconnect and recharge.

Words by Flynn Coleman of Fog & Sage | Photography: Stef Etow + Stephen Wakulchik


Tell us a little about this retreat and how it came about. 

Fog + Sage is a restorative retreat and creative gathering for women, and our inaugural experience is being held in Tomales Bay, California from March 3-5, 2017. If there was ever a time for us to gather, with respect and kindness for each other, in both our differences and in our shared humanity, to explore our stories together, learn, and find our own voices along the way, it’s now. Inspired by the duality of whimsy and wisdom, inspiration and action, this retreat is for women to come together and to thrive together; an opportunity to give yourself the space and time to find your story and design how you want to share it with the world.



What inspired you to start this retreat?

The two of us wanted to create a restorative retreat that balanced personal growth with professional development. We essentially designed Fog + Sage for people like us – professionals left uninspired by corporate conferences, introverts overwhelmed by superficial bonding activities, and plugged-in urbanites ready to reconnect and recharge. 


Why did you choose this location?

The idea for Fog + Sage was born in our beloved Northern California, where we met and planned our first retreat, and so we always envisioned hosting our first experience along the California coast. Tomales Bay is a gorgeous part of the Bay Area, and even though it's only about an hour and a half north of San Francisco, it feels like a real escape to a lush paradise of rolling hills and foggy coastline. We wanted a space perfect for an intimate gathering in a natural setting, close to local farms to source the ingredients for our meals, and space for workshops and yoga, so we decided to host the retreat at the Straus Home Ranch. Nestled under towering eucalyptus and cypress trees, the ranch is a beautifully renovated 1864 farmhouse on 166 acres of certified organic property. The location of Fog + Sage is essential to the retreat's intended release from our plugged-in day-to-day routine, and in fact, there is little to no cell service there (though there is wifi and we are equipped with landlines), so we hope this will be a welcomed change for those joining us."




Retreat: Fog & Sage | Photography: Stef Etow + Stephen Wakulchik


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Flynn & Stef
Retreat Curators
Tomales Bay, CA, USA
We share a passion for creativity, connection, social impact, self-care, and of course, storytelling. Between the two of us, we’ve lived in 20 countries and we speak 7.5 languages. We also happen to care about animals, women-led businesses, slow fashion, and quiet spaces in thriving cities. We love to laugh and brainstorm at a local cafe, a ritual we've been sharing since we first met (on Instagram!). Stef takes her coffee black and Flynn relishes her green tea. - Website

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