Richard Branson Takes Over the Sea With New Virgin Voyages Cruise Ships

This 2020, the seven seas are about to grow up. Enter: Virgin's new adult only cruise ship. After changing the face of trains and aviation, founder Richard Branson is making a splash with his latest announcement – and the announcement was anything but subtle. Branson and Virgin CEO Tom McAlpin descended from a 200-foot crane onto a stage with The Rolling Stones blasting. They then welded coins into the keel and revealed a glimpse into the new vessel. 

With three vessels in total (the second will come in 2021, the third in 2022), the sea won't be the same after Virgin Voyages set sail.​

The Design
To ensure instant recognizability, the vessel will feature a sleek-silverly grey hull, smoked glass and touches of Virgin's classic red. The ships, inspired by "super-yachts," will feature a beautiful mermaid designed by artist Toby Tinsley and will hold 2,860 passengers. Branson announced, "She will be the most recognizable ship sailing the seven seas.”​

A sleek, super-yacht design is not the only focus of construction. Virgin Voyages is committed to ocean preservation and creating the cleanest vessels known to the sea, aiming to leave nothing behind. Their agreement with Scanship, a wastewater purification company, will explore potentially game-changing technology to turn waste into energy. It's time to sustainably set sail.

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A Classic Nod
Richard Branson is keeping to tradition. The welded coin ceremony during the announcement signified the beginning of the vessel's construction, a tradition which dates back hundreds of years. The customs continue with a nod to Branson's British heritage – the vessels are named "Lady Ships," a play on the term, "your ladyship." ​

Want to Jump on Board? 
We don't blame you and you're in luck! They are currently accepting $500 refundable deposits to access an exclusive pre-sale before tickets go on general sale. Don't forget, passengers must be 18 and up! Let's make ship happen!

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Images: Virgin Voyages

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