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Stay in This Homey Hideaway in Cosmopolitan North Paris
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

Paris lovers—we’ve found the perfect place to tuck away in the city where you’ll feel instantly right at home. Hôtel Habituel is a cozy hideaway in the 10th arrondissement (conveniently just next to Gare du Nord—the busiest railway station in all of Europe) where mod furniture mixes with blonde, Scandi-inspired hardwood floors and homey textiles and textures. In other words, young hotelier Yoan Marciano has curated a beautiful mix of contemporary and vintage, sophisticated and down-to-earth that feels oh-so-right and entirely welcoming. We suggest you pack your extra-big bags for this Parisian trip because we guarantee you’ll want to settle in for a while.

Photography courtesy of Petite Passport

Believe it or not, part of the visual inspiration for the hotel comes from a found scrapbook at a flea market featuring an unknown Belgian family. Marciano was clearly taken with the family’s imagery because many of the 200-some odd photos are colorfully framed and matted throughout the hotel, making guests feel even more like they’ve landed within an intimate family home (though a luxurious one, at that). The photos lend themselves to the unique character of the hotel from top to bottom, with none of the cookie-cutter repetitive design trends often found in other accommodations today. Even though “habituel” can mean ordinary or usual, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the more fitting definition to be familiar—a pleasantly familiar though delightful dwelling for your Parisian stay.

True to its home-like feel, each of Hôtel Habituel’s rooms offer something original in their décor. Supposedly inspired by the worldwide travelers shuffling through the Gare du Nord (and presumably making their way to the hotel), the rooms take on the spirit of many places all over the globe. Although the bones are the same with large windows, arched doorways and an altogether vintage-feel, the individual rooms and suites each claim some singular character through varying wall treatments like wainscoting, wood paneling, molding and tiling. Apart from the walls, the bedspreads, headboards, vibrant rugs and an array of modern furniture make each room feel entirely its own—so even if you make several return visits, you might have a magically different experience each time.   

Northern Paris provides its own melting pot of inspiration with cultures of all kinds represented throughout the streets. From Indian restaurants to African objects shops to art studios and global eateries, you’ll find a vast array of things to do and eat and see in this part of the city. We especially love the Canal St-Martin, which is filled with walkers and talkers, readers and picnickers along its banks—perfect for people-watching and basking in the Parisian summer sun.


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