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The New, Aussie-Owned LA Coffeehouse Making Fairy Bread the Newest Food Trend
Katie Bush
byKatie Bush

Inside the enchantingly hip enclave of Silverlake, adjacent to the neon lights and candy colored dreams of Hollywood, lies Roo, a refreshingly sunny Australian addition to the Los Angeles coffee scene, open as of early March. A crisp, white canopy with “Roo” in loopy, marine blue cursive presides over a lovely outdoor scene, where (more) white bistro tables are perched delicately and invitingly, basking in the ever-present California sun. 

With front walls made entirely of glass, giving off a voyeuristic yet chic and modern feel, inside you’ll find small square footage with a lot of thought and heart. Pink terrazzo tables are textured to perfection and inevitably become the most pleasing photo backdrop palette for the artful coffee & food creations served onsite. 

Photography by Kyle Waldrop​

Roo is a playful spot helmed by some seriously cool Aussie folks. Owners Elyse Goyen and Tom and Kate O’Conner, of Future Fantastic, a creative studio with roots in Brisbane, are known for launching Gucci and Prada boutiques in their native Australia. What echoes most clearly about why the owners of Future Fantastic thought getting into the food service industry was a good idea, is that it’s an experiential group, creating beautiful experiences for consumers. If thought about in that way, the owners are creative storytellers and Roo’s tale is apparent in the design, the local beans used in their coffee masterpieces and the breathtakingly beautiful fare which has customers harkening back to their childhoods. 

While the design unpetals beautifully and invitingly, it’s the delicious coffee and food that creates a colorful and unforgettable experience utterly unique to Roo, and allows this sweet shop to standout in the midst of such a competitive coffee culture.

Photography by Kyle Waldrop​​

The beans are Counter Culture, which makes perfect sense considering the company’s trading center’s proximity to the shop. Order an Aussie Cappuccino, which is “a cappuccino served with chocolate on top, also known as heaven,” or Magic which is an espresso with steamed milk and heretofore should always be known as such. Ordering a Macchiato here is known as a “Piccolo” and the Flat Whites are a superb sip to savor.

The beautiful, artful food completes this tale, a perfect accompaniment to the the sweet coffee notes you dream about as soon as you wake up. The menu is colorful, laden with all the fresh goodness you’ve come to crave from breakfast, like house made bircher muesli, avocado toast with a perfectly poached egg or macadamia granola topped with natural yoghurt, bush honey, seasonal fruit and flowers (yes flowers and they’re teeny-tiny and gorgeous) with a few surprises you didn’t know you needed. 

Photography by Roo Coffee

For many native Australians, fairy bread, or white bread topped with butter and covered in sprinkles, isn’t simply an indulgent treat, it’s a piece of childhood and a staple in most homes. This one starts with sourdough, is smothered in mascarpone cheese, melted butter and “hundreds and thousands” of sprinkles. Not only is it delicious but downright fun. 

Of course, there’s also the smoothie section for those who need goodness on the go. Go "Green + Lean" for the health machines and "Salted Carmel," for “when you want to be naughty, but you gotta be nice,” made with banana, dates, almond butter, bush honey, cinnamon, pink salt and almond milk. 

Photography by Roo Coffee

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