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There Is A Deserted Theatre in The Desert
Cortnie Fausner
byCortnie Fausner

Hey there Party Animals, adventurers, celebration lovers and dreamers.. Our Reporter Radar is frantically beeping because we have a Dream Venue to share with you!! Sitting in the middle of a vast Egyptian desert, sits the End of The World Cinema, yet it has never shown a single movie. A deserted Theatre in the desert?! Say that five times fast. Kaupo Kikkas Photography brilliantly captured this image and the story behind it...




The Report. A decade ago a wealthy Frenchman and world wanderer found himself in the desert of Sinai and stumbled upon this stunning desert setting. He had and 'aha' moment and thought it would be the perfect location for a cinema. When roaming do as the Romans do and build, right?! He went on to make this idea into a reality and purchased furniture from an old Theatre in Cairo. 




Local authorities were not keen on this Theatre idea and a thus it has never been used. The 150 wooden seats have been weathered to perfection over time, a vintage collectors dream! Few people travel to it's remote location and the site is accessible by only one road appropriately named Dusti Road.




What we would do to be able to throw an event here! The details on these vintage Theatre chairs that were plucked straight from Cairo combined with this setting and backdrop, is melting our event design hearts. Having a background in event production and design we are drooling at the possibilities of this scenic slice of heaven.




This location would certainly be a dream event venue, but it will sadly just have to stay right there in our dreams. For now. Do you have any dream venues? Show & Tell!

PHOTOS: Kaupo Kikkas Photography


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