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You Can Sleep Inside a (Gorgeous) Cave in This Ancient Italian Village
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown
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Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita

Via Civita, 28, Matera, 75100 MT, Italy

A trip to Italy is a charmed addition to any birthday wishlist. Rather than heading to the bustling cities of Rome, Milan or Florence to museum hop, your next b-day bash could be all about rejuvenation and feeding the soul. If this sounds like your style, check out Sextantio in the beautiful and ancient town of Matera. The cave dwelling hotel is a stunner that dates back to 1930, while the town itself has been said to date back to the Paleolithic Age.

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Photography: Sextantio | Annalisa P. Cignitti | sweetsafarienne


A Stone Room of One’s Own

If sleeping in a cave is on your bucket list, Sextantio is just the place for you. A series of 18 caves, the suites are gorgeous. Each has a freestanding bathtub and cozy bed, but the real stunner is the stone wall and floor surrounding. Light lots of candles in the evenings, fill up that tub with bubbles, look out on the old town’s scenery and look forward to a truly relaxing birthday eve.


Photography: Hannah Lemholt | Sextantio


A Focus on Wellness

Every #birthdaybucketlist should have an option for a wellness reset. Where better to start a new year around the sun than in a candle-lit cave spa?! Opt for a deep connective tissue massage with Italian perfumed oils as peaceful tunes playing in the background. Once you’ve had a chance to move past this blissful moment, a bike ride around the ancient village could do you some good and get that blood flowing and heart rate pumping.

Book your stay at Sextantio here →


Photography: Sextantio


What’s Good Nearby

The ancient city of Matera never disappoints. Wine tasting and eating your way through the southern Italian region is a perfect way to spend a bucket list worthy birthday. Be sure to check out the new Enoteca Dia Tosi if you’re into modern architecture that celebrates ancient techniques and great design. The wine tasting room is a beaut, and the kind of place you’d only find in Matera. And perhaps you’ll find a bottle of vino from your birth year inside. Wouldn’t that be bucket list worthy?

Book your stay at Sextantio here →


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