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For all you celebrators, event planners, and super celebrators out there looking for a place to throw your next soiree, we are your ultimate group getaway and venue location guide. More than just a travel website or vendor listing, The Venue Report is an innovative, interactive website that assembles the worlds most standout celebration locations and highlights their exceptional attributes. We scour every corner of the Earth in order to find venues of all sizes to satisfy the many little quirks and dashingly large goals of any event and/or group celebration.

Planning a wedding, look at our curated collection of ranches or private estates. How about a birthday party? We have some great restaurants with a private dining space and special menus. Ready to roundup some friends for a group getaway, see our unique smaller venue spaces, or want to plan your company retreat or anniversary party, you can do a custom search for just that.

What you will receive by signing up with The Venue Report:

  • Access to a highly curated list of beautiful properties from around the world
  • Access to special offers by city
  • Access to the downloadable party favors, the extra perk that is offered to our readers from the venues
  • Access to view the venue fees and pricing information
  • A Personal account where you can save favorite venues into one place
  • The ability to be alerted when a venue you have flagged offers a special
  • Use of our internal messaging system to email as many venues as you like in one click


Our reporters are aware of the newest venue openings, hotspots, restaurants, and more by city that are ideal for private events and group getaways. Do you like to plan dinner parties, showers for your friends, birthday parties, group getaways, weddings, celebrations? Are you a celebrator, professional planner/photographer that wants to be in the know regarding the latest and greatest venue openings around the globe? Do you like design and travel inspiration? Sign up for our WEEKLY newsletter to get all of this goodness delivered straight to you.



When searching for venues to host your events and group getaways at, we make it easy for you to find the perfect space. We don’t simply pull venues out of a party hat and write about them, the Venue Report is an invitation-only website, featuring venues with unique features, exemplary service, and quality design that separate themselves apart from the rest. Our wide range of venues includes; estates, boutique hotels, restaurants, ranches, warehouses, campgrounds and more. We investigate the venue and locale thoroughly in order to provide you with the necessary information and images to make a confident selection. You have the ability to search by venue type, celebration type, location and more.



You will be able to log into your own personal dashboard to save your favorite venues into one place. You may stumble upon a Villa in France but have no need to celebrate there at the moment. But now you can save it for future getaways and/or celebrations. Maybe a birthday party or vow renewal is coming up? Maybe you and your friends meet up once a year and never know where to go? Now you can save locations for future party and celebratory purposes. No last minute scrambling or frustration about where to go or host a soiree.



Throwing a lot of birthday parties, bridal showers, and dinner parties this year? Are you and your friends on a budget but want to go on an epic group getaway? Is your wedding budget already blown?! You will have access to special offers by city so you can save on your next celebration. View the current deals in your city. You will also have access to the downloadable party favors, (the extra perks that venues are offering our readers)



We will provide you with a messaging system to contact one or multiple venues at the same time so you don’t find yourself repeating the same questions to prospective event locations over and over. You can contact them as you search or come back to the saved venues on your dashboard to contact them at your convenience.

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