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10 Mouthwatering Waffle Houses Across America

photo: Lyle Jenise
While International Waffle Day may happen once a year, we think celebrating this joyous holiday should be a more regular occurance. We've collected our top ten list of waffle eateries across America, and we're positive you've got hundreds more to add. Here are our favorite waffle spots, including a Los Angeles waffle house that serves waffle ice cream sandwiches so you don't have to miss out on the sweet, sweet fun all year round. Hello, bomb-dot-com.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown
1 / 10

Sweet Combforts

Irvine, California
Sure, you call yourself a waffle freak, but have you had a waffle on a stick smothered in chocolate? If not, get you some at Irvine’s Sweet Combforts. Located in the Trade Food Hall, this Belgian Liege waffle vendor takes the sweet treat to a whole new level with toppings like crunchy cereals you'll remember from your childhood.
2 / 10


Austin, Texas
Forthright in Austin does waffles and does them really well. Order yours classic style with eggs and bacon and you'll be having your best #internationalwaffleday on record.
3 / 10

Shaky Alibi

Los Angeles, California
Dear Los Angeles, the Shaky Alibi serves a waffle ice cream sandwich. You're welcome.
4 / 10

Blue Bottle Coffee

Multiple Locations
With locations all over the Bay Area and in Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Miami, and Boston, it's easy to think that Blue Bottle Coffee might just take over the world of coffee. But the super special order? Their very basic take on the Liege waffle. Try it and let us know what you think.
5 / 10

Wafels & Dinges

New York, New York
This NYC waffle maker knows the key to our waffle-loving hearts is to pile on the accoutrements. Stacks on stacks of bacon and ice cream and waffles drenched in maple syrup? Yes, please. PSA: They deliver.
6 / 10

Maison Mathis

New Haven, Connecticut
If you love to eat waffles that are smothered in strawberries, cream and syrup, this gorgeous spot has your name written all over it. Head to New Haven's Maison Mathis this #internationalwaffleday to seriously up your waffle game.
7 / 10

The Waffle Window

Portland, Oregon
Portland's waffle joint extraordinaire, Waffle Window offers savory stuffed waffles like ham and cheese, mouthwatering sweet standards like chocolate dipped, fried chicken waffles, and ice cream waffles. Basically anything you want you can get, just select one of the four locations to haunt.
8 / 10

Salt and Sugar Cafe and Bakery

Seattle, Washington
Seattle's beautiful Salt and Sugar Cafe is more than just a pretty space -- it's a haven for waffle connoisseurs. Have it however you like it and be sure to grab a latte to wash it down.
9 / 10

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Why limit yourself to homemade waffles with syrup when you can get s'mores waffles, granola waffles with fruit, or strawberry cheesecake waffles? Black Coffee and Waffle Bar in Minneapolis offers a lengthy list of waffles for all waffle-loving personality types.

Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles

Multiple Locations
The southwest's go-to for chicken and waffles, Lo-Lo's has locations in Arizona, Texas and Las Vegas. Honestly, there's no better fix if you're craving something both sweet and savory.

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