10 Reasons Why You Must Book Cirque du Soleil for Your Next Event

Gone are the days of dry corporate meetings at the local lunch spot or recycled ideas of a birthday bash from Pinterest—we’ve found the perfect place to breathe life into every event on your agenda. With breathtaking stunts, magical acts and exciting themes, Cirque du Soleil is so much more than a ticket to a show. Through the immersive experience, your group can uncover a version of Cirque du Soleil most don’t get to see, and connect with each other in the process. The EPIC Experience is a totally amazing chance to go behind-the-scenes, meet and learn from the experts and get all of your questions answered on how the magic happens! Choose one expert talk and one workshop to participate in before enjoying VIP seating for the show. 

Whether you’re planning a team-building outing, a meet-up with potential clients or just celebrating with friends, Cirque du Soleil’s packages drop a dose of creativity into every event. We always thought Cirque du Soleil was simply magic, but after you read our ten reasons on why you should take your next group outing to this fantastical show, you can step behind the curtain and experience it for yourself!

Reporter: ​Erica Nichols

Created in partnership with our friends at Cirque du Soleil.
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1 / 10

Listen to Cirque Du Soleil Expert Speakers

As part of the Epic Experience, sit down with a Cirque expert to learn the ins and outs of one of the many steps behind every show. From an in-depth look at the creative process to a total overview of the company’s magic global touch, you and your team can discover the challenges and processes that ultimately bring the fantasy to life right before your eyes.
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2 / 10

Costume and Training Workshop

Any style or beauty mavens in the group? Then this costume and training workshop is a must-do portion of the Epic Experience. This two-hour workshop is an immersive activity where you can either get the inside scoop on each artist’s makeup routine (let us know what cleanser they use to keep their skin looking flawless!) or team up with an artist to put your own creative skills to the test to learn one of the unique Cirque art forms. Hint: You don’t have to be an artist to totally love this!​
Photo:Heather Ash for The Venue Report
3 / 10


Your team can take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Cirque du Soleil. Imagine the excitement as you pull back the curtain to unveil how the magic happens and experience Cirque in a whole new way. Once behind-the-scenes, you get to see where the artists train and can even have an artist encounter with a photo opportunity.
4 / 10

Enjoy VIP Seating

Included with the VIP Experience, premium seating is no joke here. Up close and personal with the action, take in the stunts, visuals and every expression from the best seats under the Big Top. There’s simply no better way to immerse your group in the magic of Cirque du Soleil.
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5 / 10

Get the Celeb Treatment

Imagine gathering with your team over afternoon snacks provided by Cirque du Soleil, everyone talking about all of the amazing things they experienced in the workshops and in the talk. After, the magic continues with a behind-the-scenes tour and an all-inclusive VIP offer with pre-show cocktails, delicious hors d’oeuvres and Premium seating for the show. Does it sound like you suddenly became Emma Stone? You can have the celeb treatment!
6 / 10

Pre-Show Drinks in the VIP Suite

Prefer to sit back and relax? Thanks to the VIP Experience, there’s no better place to do that than in the VIP suite, where there will be decadent hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks to enjoy from the open bar. Sip, savor and make your way to your seats before the magic begins! 
7 / 10

Intermission Bonuses

Don’t think the fun ends at the show! During intermission, indulge in delicious desserts and sweet treats in the VIP suite. Before you head back to your seat, look out for the special souvenir to remember the show and bring back home a little of that Cirque du Soleil magic.​
8 / 10

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Time is sacred these days, so we know how important it is to spend your time wisely. Whether you’re with your team for a day of connection, meeting with clients or joining friends for a birthday bash, Cirque du Soleil brings an unparalleled opportunity to life with events that will enlighten and enrich everyone who participates in a way that only Cirque can do.
9 / 10

Take in the Insane Stunts

Would it really be a Cirque show without an insane wow factor?! Even after your behind-the-scenes look, you’ll remain speechless and inspired by the breathtaking moments throughout the show. It’s hard not to simply be amazed by the technicality and expertise of every artist on the stage.
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10 / 10

Deepen Client Relations

Sometimes the best kind of meetings are the ones where business isn’t the main point on the agenda. These two immersive experiences allow your team or clients to enter an entirely different world where you can connect, grow and open the door to endless opportunities for the future. Consider this business deal closed!

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