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10 Unique Pools That Will Transport You Back In Time

This season is all about beating the heat and we've partnered with one of the most inspiring couples to help navigate your way through the season via pool destinations. That's right, from indoor to outdoor, man-made to natural hot springs, these watering holes will elevate your entire Summer experience - Just grab a floatie and jump on in! 

Keep scrolling for tips, tricks and an inside perspective from The Nomadic People, a duo of explorers who scouted these locations firsthand. 
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Bambu Indah

The Nomadic People explored these bamboo and reclaimed Javanese bridal homes. This eco-resort has some of the coolest bungalows to rent in Ubud. Plus, who can say no to a rope swing into a natural pool. (Ahem, Tarzannnnnn)
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Villa Anouklearn more

Near the coastal town of Essaouira lies a villa beyond compare and The Nomadic People highly recommend a stay. The off-white walls emanate a calming vibe, while the gastronomic experience will leave you in awe. But what we loved most was lazing next to the stunning pool with some pipping hot Moroccan mint tea. 
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Couqi Couqi

This extravagant boutique hotel sits in the ruined city of Cobá waiting to be discovered. The refreshing blue-green pools are inspired by the infamous cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula. 
4 / 10

Museum Hotel

The infinity pool is breathtaking anytime of the day, but The Nomadic People said that it's absolutely unforgettable during dawn when dozens of hot air balloons take flight over the skyline. Truly Oscar worthy. 
5 / 10


This spot will cure anybody's resting brunch face. Nothing compares to munching on eggs with a side of OJ while your toes are in a private plunge pool with pristine views over Oia — the white pearl of Santorini. 
6 / 10

Local Cave House

The Nomadic People stayed at this breathtaking little guest house in Göreme. Tucked in the back alleys and surrounded by seven picturesque Fairy Chimneys this cave house experience is one-of-a-kind. Drop what you are doing and go. 
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Hacienda Sac Chichlearn more

This pool is as refreshing as it looks. Surrounded by lush green gardens and tall, grandiose palm trees it is as if you are swimming in the midst of the Yucatán jungle. This stunning spot has so many plants it rivals the lush landscapes of Jurassic Park. Paradise on earth awaits (bonus points for not having to deal with that angry T-Rex).  
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8 / 10

Pamukkale Travertine Terraces

Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish, and this wispy landscape makes us wanna take a big bite. The Nomadic People explored this stunning otherworldly terrain. (Maybe we don't need to take flight to Mars after all.)
9 / 10

Riad Yasmine

Probably the most instagrammed pool in the world and yet no one will ever get sick of looking at it. This sanctuary sits right in the midst of the madness of Marrakech, so the feeling of dipping into this emerald mosaic after a hot and busy day in the souks is indescribable. 
10 / 10

A Hidden Beach

The Nomadic People found this little gem after getting dropped off at a local beach in the middle of nowhere.  Once low tide came, all kinds of pools emerged and we decided to go out and explore. After climbing over a couple rock formations we ended up at a secret beach and this gorgeous water pool opened up. If you plan on getting to Okinawa here are the exact coordinates of this pool — 26°42'16.1"N 127°57'53.6"E.

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