11 Easy Steps To Throw The Perfect Labor Day Party By Sarah Park Events
We are barreling towards Labor Day. Oh Summertime, parting with you is SUCH sweet sorrow. Labor Day weekend is the last big holiday before we wave goodbye to the sunny days of summer! BBQ's, pool parties and cookouts commence upon...
We are barreling towards Labor Day. Oh Summertime, parting with you is SUCH sweet sorrow. Labor Day weekend is the last big holiday before we wave goodbye to the sunny days of summer! BBQ's, pool parties and cookouts commence upon this fun and festive weekend. To celebrate these last few days of Summer, you need to prep for your Labor Day Bash. Who will you invite? Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers? That's the easy part. Now for the actual gathering. How do you make it pretty without laboring over it?

Labor Day is all about letting go and NOT working. Luckily, party-planning pro, Sarah Park Events walks us through ten easy steps for planning a budget-friendly shindig. 

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Prep Work: Pick The Perfect Playlist and Party Drinks Beforehand.
Farms, Barns or Backyards

It's all about the prep work. Get that perfect playlist and party drinks ready! Sarah recommends these tunes for bidding adieu to your Summer days.

Playlist Prep: 
1. OMI - Cheerleader   2. FLO RIDA - I Don't Like It, I Love It (Feat. Robin Thicke)   3. Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer  4. Andy Grammer - Honey I'm Good  
Drink Party Prep: All of these tunes go perfectly with spiked lemonade. Add your favorite spirits to this Rasberry Lemonade Recipe. Easy, peasy! 
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Keep The Baking Simple
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Nobody wants to spend their entire party in the kitchen. Yes, it's fun to get creative but TOO much prep work takes away from the actual party itself. Remember, this is about GATHERING together.. Not being MIA because you are frantically baking and cleaning. Sarah Park Events suggests using good ol' fashioned cake mix. Go back to the basics Betty Crocker style...  especially for Labor Day! This holiday is about relaxing after all. 

• Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix - Yellow
• Cool Whip - Original
• Fresh Mixed Berries - Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry & Blueberries
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Unforgettable Invites
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Sarah Park Events chose watercolor invitations to reflect the lakes/oceans/pools that we all want to jump into on a hot summer day. The transparency of the paint is refreshing to the eye. Keep the invites simple. For a casual Summer party you only need a one-sided invitation and rsvp card. Just Write Studios created this beautiful suite and hand calligraphed envelopes!

Tip: If you are in a major hurry, head to Etsy and purchase a watercolor printable invite. They won't be as fancy, but will do if you are in a pinch! 
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The Right Floral Design
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Summer is all about being outdoors, so Sarah and Mobtown Florals added a lot of textural, organic elements to the floral arrangements to look as if they had gathered everything from their own backyard. Foraging from your surrounding area saves money too! Just find colors in the patriotic palette and you are good to go. Find easy centerpiece floral arrangement tutorials herehere and here. 
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Food & Drink Options to Melt Over
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Labor Day screams Patriotic decor and food. Sarah Park Events recommends trying out these fun and simple recipes. Add in some BBQ and burgers for the boys and you are good to go! 

Maryland Crab Cake Sliders
- Simply Lemonade with Raspberry with real Raspberry

Strawberry and Spinach Salad
Easy Potato Salad
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Red, White, Blue Palette
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Keep it simple! Pick colors from your inspiration and incorporate it into your table scape. Evenly spread out the colors, so every little detail is appreciated and not overlooked. Incorporate the colors of the flag and maybe even ask your guests to get in on the fun by dressing patriotically.

Dress Code: Ask your guests to wear white in protest of the silly rule 'No White After Labor Day'. 
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Use Food & Drinks As Decor!
Barns, Farms, Backyards and Pools Everywhere.

Using the actual food and drinks as decor pieces themselves, can save you a lot of money and headache. Go to your local Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. These stores are Sarah Park Events go-to's when throwing parties! They literally have EVERYTHING! Sarah bought beautiful glass water bottles from the Container Store and filled them with the colorful rasberry lemonade that also acted as a pop of color on the table. 
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Create A Simple Seating Chart
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Even with small, casual dinner parties, it is still fun to slightly 'fancy' it up with seating charts! Guests can then avoid the awkward musical chairs of 'where should I sit?', and instead walk right to their seat. Seating charts add such a fun element without taking a lot of time.

Sarah's Steps to a Simple Seating Chart: 
1. Sourcing a reclaimed wood frame 2. Covered a foam board with fabric so that it will be light for hanging 3. Insert the fabric-covered foam board into the frame  4. Add some floral touches and pin the watercolor names onto it. 
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DIY Floral Chair Garland
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Simple accents go a long way. Mobtown Florals adorned each guests chair with a quick foraged arrangement. Want to DIY your own? Follow these instructions and add a blue bow! 
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Stripes and Sparklers!
Farms, Barns or Backyards

Stripes and Sparklers are a winning combo (especially for Labor Day). Both are highly impactful design elements and work like magic together. Add stripes onto the table and in the naked cake. Sparklers will get those oohs and ahhhs from your guests everytime! There are a ton of online stores to buy the sparklers in bulk and for highly discounted rates. Now you just need to add the stripes. World Market has blue striped runners and placemats starting at $9.00! 
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The Location
Farms, Barns or Backyards

The final OR first factor? The location. Where will you host this fun Labor Day Event? Sarah Park Events chose a farm setting.  You can also choose a beach, lake or waterfront location..  Really anywhere will do as long as you are with your nearest and dearest. Sarah's last piece of advice? Just get out and gather already! 

Photography: Julie Lim Photography
Planning & Advice: Sarah Park Events
Floral: Mobtown Florals
Stationery: Just Write Studios


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