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11 Ways to Help Those Affected by Natural Disasters
Recent natural disasters have left people, animals, islands, and countries devasted by the forces of land, air and water. Earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes throughout Southeast America and the Caribbean have left thousands upon...
photo by Global Giving
Recent natural disasters have left people, animals, islands, and countries devasted by the forces of land, air and water. Earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes throughout Southeast America and the Caribbean have left thousands upon thousands of people without access to clean water, adequate food supplies, medical aid and more. Dozens have been killed and many more are missing. Here are some ways you can help during this tumultuous time.
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Help the 4 Million Children at Risk
Florida & Caribbean Islands

Hurricane Irma has left behind a trail of devastation with more than 4 million children at risk. Save the Children is mobilizing teams and supplies to reach children and families affected by the storm, including Child Friendly Space kits to be used in shelters after the storm to give kids a safe place to play and read away from the stress of the situation. Donate here.
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Help Provide Safe Water & Sanitation
Florida & Caribbean Islands

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Oxfam is helping people with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in villages in northern Haiti in order to prevent the spread of diseases like cholera. Flooding and strong winds from Hurricane Irma have destroyed homes and crops in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other areas of the Caribbean. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced and many do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation. Donate to Oxfam to help meet the most critical needs. 100% of funds designated for Hurricane Irma will be used to support relief and recovery efforts for affected areas.
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Provide Life-Saving Efforts for Animals in Disasters
Florida & Caribbean Islands

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In the wake of hurricane Irma, ASPCA responders have leapt into action providing hundreds of animals with shelter, medical care, and eventually, home placement with a "mega emergency shelter" in South Carolina. 100% of your donation today will go to the ASPCA’s Field Investigation and Response Fund. This fund is used to support all of the ASPCA’s life-saving efforts for animals in disaster and cruelty situations. Donate here.
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Donate to Global Giving

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On September 19th, Mexico City and surroundings including Morelos and Puebla suffered devastation from a 7.1M earthquake. Hundreds were killed. Homes, schools, and community buildings were destroyed. This followed an 8.1M quake in Oaxaca and Chiapas on Sept. 7. This fund will provide immediate relief to survivors: food, shelter, water, and medicine. In addition, it will support longer-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. All donations will exclusively support these disasters. Donate here.
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Donate to a Local Go Fund Me Campaign

Can't hop on a plane to help those in need? Go Fund Me is hosting numerous campaigns to raise money to relieve the victims of Hurricane Irma, the earthquakes in Mexico, Hurricane Maria and more. Simply search for the natural disaster or organization you are looking to donate to! 
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Donate to the Local Barbuda Red Cross
Antigua and Barbuda

The Red Cross is in desperate need of supplies and volunteers for the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Shelter, food and comfort are all basics that the people in these areas need. Many families are missing loved ones in addition to being without the essentials. You can donate your time or money here.  
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Donate to Save Animal Lives in Mexico & Puerto Rico
Mexico & Puerto Rico

In both Mexico and Puerto Rico, thousands of animals, specifically dogs, have been abandoned, injured and left hungry due to the hurricanes and earthquakes. The Humane Society is acting as fast as possible to locate and save these animals but need donations to help. Elite Daily has also indentified three great animal rescues that you can get involved in or donate to. Donate to The Humane Society here and learn more on Elite Daily here
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Donate Blood

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One blood is urging people around the country to donate blood to be sent to the islands and cities affected by Hurricane Irma. As a local blood supply, the storm forced them to suspend all blood donations so they are now seeking aid from the rest of the country. All blood types are needed however, there is an urgent need for platelet donations as well as O negative blood. Learn more here. 
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Donate Your Time

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If you are able to donate your time, United Way Miami is now accepting volunteer applications. Simply fill out the form here to help identify your strengths for volunteering. Your information will also be kept on file for other natural disasters that you could be contacted for assistance with.
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Donate to a Company Matching All Donations

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Make your money go father by donating to a company that matches all customer and employee donations such as Pacsun, Facebook, Google and Amazon. Participating in one of these fundraisers means money for supplies and aid gathers much, much, faster. 
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Check Vox for More Ways to Help!

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Vox has compiled a comprehensive guide to natural disaster relief covering hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and the Earthquakes in Mexico. Read over this guide to find out more ways you can help. 

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