15 Airstreams for Open Road Glamping
In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: “to build a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car and create first-class accommodations anywhere.” These days,...

In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: “to build a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car and create first-class accommodations anywhere.” These days, airplanes ferry us to the furthest reaches of the globe in mere hours while our social media technology allows us to travel from the comfort of our own homes. Why carry your home behind you when our lives are tucked so neatly into our phones, tablets and carry-ons? We're told to travel lighter, with less and love it. And we do. 

In spite of it all, there is something so consummately classic and innately inspiring about these Airstreams.  A relic of a past on the open road, where adventure was packing up your pals with all the comforts of home trailing (literally) right behind you. Yelp reviews, status updates & Smartphones were word-of-mouth, hand-written letters and film cameras.  A full tank of gas meant moving forward with purpose towards a place you had never even seen in pictures. With great innovation comes complication and sometimes, stripping down the intricate vestiges of life is what real luxury is all about.  So get out, gather and "glamp" as you opt for the open road in one or more of these 14 Airstreams hotels

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Autocamp Santa Barbara

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You’ll find yourself so comfortably situated in these handcrafted airstream trailers,  you’ll wonder why you waited so long to live on the go, in luxury, yo. 

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The Grand Daddy Hotel
Cape Town, South Africa


Road trips aren't relegated simply to the States, South Africa has an "in" on these streamlined beauties as well. Head up to the roof of the gorgeous and great Grand Daddy Hotel and stay in one of seven themed Airstream trailers, complete with modern amenities and their very own mailboxes.

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Kate's Lazy Meadow
Mount Tremper, New York


Laze about in one of these vintage Airstreams, located at the foot of the Catskills and helmed by none other than Kate Pierson of the B-52's! A little wacky, a lot wonderful, your stay will include incredible views and starry nights - a New York like you've never imagined. 

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Santa Barbara Silver Safari
Santa Barbara, CA


Whether wandering the wilds of California's open roads, a wedding or a photo shoot, rent one of these refined Airstreams to add a bit of vintage to your vacay or vows. Delivered directly to your door, it includes fresh linens, silverware and outdoor furniture - let the fun begin at Silver Safari Santa Barbara

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El Cosmico
Marfa, TX

Photo by El Cosmico

Haute & high desert indeed. These trailers harken back to the heyday of nomadic recreation and have been restored with marine-varnished birch interiors, furnishings collected from around the world and amenities for a comfortable camp experience. Host a festival fete at El Cosmico.. Oh Marfa how we love you. 

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Shooting Star RV Resort
Escalante, UT

Photo by Shooting Star

Explore one of the most spectacular parks in the country from the comfort of your own carefully outfitted Airstream. Bonus: On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings when the sun goes down, so do the tops on the classic 1960s convertibles parked at the Shooting Star RV Resort, opening up to one of the most opulent oudoor cinemas in the country. 

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Vintage Vacations
Isle of Wight, UK


Glamping's gone across the pond and a happy holiday it will be in one of these 13 carefully restored Caravans. The proprietors profess to be 'old romantics' - no refurbishments here, you're in for authentic vintage  ‘soul’ to continue the tradition of many happy holidays past.

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The Atlantic Byron Bay
Byron Bay, NSW


Famous for its eclectic mix of surf culture, gypset lifestyle and international travelers, The Atlantic Byron Bay has established itself as the ideal place to stay. Opt for the Airstream, set amid original coastal cottages, lush palm trees and a rainforest preserve. 

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Hotel Daniel
Vienna, Austria

Photo by Hotel Daniel

Freedom, independence and the feeling of the open road can be yours when you stay at Hotel Daniel's architecturally-amazing travel trailer. Middle of the open road or middle of Vienna? You won't know the difference. 

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The Vintages Trailer Resort
Dayton, OR

Photo by The Vintages

Let your wanderlust lead you to Oregon wine country and this neighborhood of wonderfully restored RVs at The Vintages. Each trailer is tailored to accompany your wine/dine/explore experience - including gourmet coffee, vineyard views and hotel-quality linens. 

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Glamping Airstream Andalucia
Sierra de las Nieves, Southern Spain


Located just outside of a small Spanish white pueblo named Alozaina, you will get a real taste of Spain with a heady dose of Americana at Airstream Andalucia. Come here for a bit of calm and clarity while  enjoying the luxury of residing in this classic American Icon, the Airstream. 

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The Patina Airstream Rental
New York, New York


Rent Patina has officially captured our hearts with this 1967 classic silver bullet mobile Airstream, that simply rocks.  Consider it as a traveling venue, snack truck, booze mobile, or use it for overnight camping as a kitchen on wheels. 

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Italy Airstream
Venice, Italy


Located in beautiful Venice, Italy within a "glamp-ground" - each Airstream comes equipped with everything you need to ensure maximum comfort. Next to each Airstream is your very own "bell tent" with (2) more beds, so make this a family or group getaway with plenty of room for all your relatives or real, real goods. 

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Airstream Weddings
California + Las Vegas


With so many streams to visit, how about one to rent. These silver babies from Airstream Weddings can go just about anywhere in California or Vegas to give your wedding, getaway or event a little extra shine. Styling: Flora Pop | Photo: Gaby J Photo

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Photo by Caravan Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most exiting cities in the world, and it is fair to say CARAVAN TOKYO is a place like no other in the city. Its prime location right in the middle of Omotesando, and its proximity to Shibuya and Harajuku makes it extremely convenient.This is a project 100% made in Japan. Each and every detail has been carefully thought out to be functional, beautiful and representative of Tokyo design culture.

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