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27 Incredible Cave And Cavern Venues Across The Globe!

Everyone likes a good cave. They’re either romantic, mysterious, or filled with buried treasure. Now imagine them filled with luxury pools, chic bars, elegant restaurants and a group of your nearest and dearest. The jagged rock backdrop will create the most spectacular of settings for a candlelit dinner party, wedding, elopement or gathering. You decide. Just don't forget to bring your camera. 
Photo:Sophia Luxury Suites
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Sophia Luxury Suites learn more

Give yourself the once-in-a-life experience that is staying at this exclusive luxury boutique hotel. Taking the raw natural rocky beauty and mixing it in with elegant local architecture, this romantic spot has a breathtaking view in nearly every direction.
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Photo: Dan O’ Day
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The Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

Kangaroo Valley, Australia
Have a magical wedding ceremony set in the unique rock cathedral at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. Tie the knot in front of the awe inspiring sandstone monoliths that date back to 299 million years ago. Nestled secretly in the dense Australian bush, this one of a kind location can accommodate up to 160 guests.
Photo:Mazzini 31
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Mazzini 31 learn more

A totally unique and utterly charming idyll, Mazzini 31 is a chic vacation home that makes sure you celebrate local history, centuries-old architecture, and 21st Century comforts. Relax as you stroll through the breathtaking terraces and vaulted stables, along with a wine cellar of underground caves that gives way to the secretive heated pool and jacuzzi.
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Photo:Rayavadee Krabi
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Rayavadee Krabi learn more

While the resort itself is a stunning marvel of modern luxury, it’s the surrounding grounds that’ll make your heart stop. Explore intensely lush jungles and ancient caves, wander coconut groves, and stroll pristine beaches beside the crystal-clear sea at the spectacular Rayavadee Krabi. Host a private event in the Grotto, nestled under an ancient limestone cliff on the edge of Phranang Beach!
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Photo:Canaves Oia Suites
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Canaves Oia Suites learn more

A cliffside labyrinth of whitewashed cubic houses stands watch over the bluest water you’ve ever seen. This five-star getaway blends the manmade grotto with the natural cavernous escape. Exchange vows overlooking the views of the sea and caldera, then host a reception in a candle lit cave. 
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Photo: Megan Clouse
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Gloria Ferrer Winery

Sonoma California
Have a Sonoma wine cave wedding or event at Gloria FerrerCommemorate a special occasion with a cave lunch or dinner party, paired with Gloria Ferrer’s award-winning sparkling wines. 
Photo:The House Hotel Cappadocia
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The House Hotel Cappadocia learn more

Roaring to vibrant life in a complex of ancient caves and stone houses, this hotel of old-world charm and mystique gives guests the chance to engage in the community. Embrace local coffee houses, barber shops, and historical museums when not at the cavernous hotel spa or pool. Inside Scoop: The lofty and romantic underground chapel, from which the hotel gets its name, will host weddings, concerts and workshops for up to 100 people as of January 2016. 
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Desoto Caverns

Childersburg, Alabama
Host the cave event of the century at Desoto Caverns. This state park will help you organize catering, transporatation and all the logisitcs. Exchange vows in the breathtaking cavern and host a reception in the covered pavilion. Inside Scoop: For a nominal fee, the team at Desoto Caverns will arrange a catered breakfast, old fashioned hot dog roast or even a pizza party!
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Super-secret Icelandic cave

You will need to contact Iceland Wedding Planner for the inside scoop on this one. She organized a super-secret Icelandic cave wedding!  "At sunrise, we loaded their 40+ Scottish guests into super jeeps and surprised them with a unique lantern lit ceremony locale!" 
Photo:Domus Civita
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Domus Civita learn more

A striking hill town poised for a medieval attack from the outside has an interior of narrow winding streets filled with hydrangeas, geraniums, jasmine, and several wandering cats. At this jewel of a vacation home, you can slip away through the formal garden to a enticing cave decked out with a cozy, stylish heated pool and hot tub, complete with floating lanterns.
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Sextiano Grotte Civitia

Sextiano Grotto Civitia  is comprised of a few cozy caves that are so perfectly bathed in romantic amber light that your heart may skip a beat. There are over 20 caves that you can take over entirely with your guests, including 'Cave 14' also known as the bridal suite. Host a private cave candlelit dinner then retreat back to your chambers and soak in a clawfoot tub. 
Photo:Ristorante Grotta Palazzese
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Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Italy
Tucked away in a cave beneath the narrow streets and whitewashed houses of the town, this epic eatery overlooks the pristine blue ocean that crashes upon the rocks below. It's a magical (and very romantic) place where the salty sea air drizzles every set of lips, if wine hasn't already gotten to them first.
Photo: Eric Hoffman
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Ash Cave

South Bloomingville, Ohio
The large open area at Ash Cave is perfect for wedding ceremonies with it's overhanging shelter-like ledge, waterfalls and asphalt walkways. The cave provides both a beautiful setting and is easily accessible to the wedding party and guests. Things to note: You will have to hire your own minister or clergy. The waterfall can be seasonal! If there is a drought in the area, streams running through the caves may be dry and no waterfalls exist.
Photo:Katikies Hotel
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Katikies Hotel

Oia, Santorini, Greece
Toast life at the champagne bar of this immaculate revision of Atlantis as a luxury seaside outpost, or hide away in your heavenly all-white room. Lounge anywhere with a sight of the astonishing natural wonder that is the nearby caldera while soaking and soothing at sunset. 
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Lost River Cave

Bowling Green, KY
Imagine walking down the aisle under a canopy of trees, surrounded by nature, your friends and family. The Riverwalk at Lost River Cave is a crazy cool and unique venue. The historic Cavern Nite Club in one of the largest cave entrances in the United States ideal for legendary events of any size. A glimmering crystal chandelier in the center of the Cavern Nite Club creates a touch of elegance for your guests as they enjoy an unforgettable night. Inside Scoop: The original bandstand and bar from the 1930’s Nite Club are included in the fee and are available for your use!
Photo:Fangweng Restaurant
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The Hanging Fangweng Restaurant

Hubei Province, China
Imagine inviting guests to a dinner party at 'The Hanging Fangweng Restaurant' above the Yangtze River right near Sanyou Cave, “The Cave of the Three Travelers”. The restaurant is set clifffside along a scenic stretch of cliffs, caves and parks. Enter through a simple grey brick building, cross a narrow concrete bridge and arrive at the restaurant. After your guests walk into the restaurant they will come to a natural “cave lobby” built along the cliffside. Here they will uncover a dining hall, dimly lit with warm lighting from the ceiling and Chinese-style furnishings set several hundred feet above the ground over the flowing waters of the river. Inside Scoop: For your adventorous guests, a bungee jumping platform is nearby!
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Adrere Amellal

Cairo, Egypt
Really take in historical brilliance and contemporary elegance at this retreat away from the city. Peaceful doesn’t even begin to describe the evening as you stroll the rocky halls and candlelit cave rooms.
Photo:Hotel Sant’Angelo Sassi
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Hotel Sant’Angelo Sassi

Matera, Basilicata, Italy
A cozy, welcoming, and secret spot of luxury, this hotel offers an unforgettable stay, as guests stroll through tunnels and courtyards for everything from formal dining to sleek hot tub soaks. It’s not all indoors though. Guests can lounge on balconies for elegant drinks with a stunning view of the town.
Photo:Corte Della Maesta-Timeless Retreat
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Corte Della Maesta-Timeless Retreat learn more

Eat at a long table like celebrating kings and queens in the windowless rocky room that explodes with candlelight, as if your good time is a treasured family secret. Cozy white couches perch up next to a grand fireplace, alongside antique decor and bookshelves, for post-dinner drinks and hours of sharing memories.
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Photo: Amangiri
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Canyon Point, Utah
A remote all-suite luxury hideaway set on 600 acres, this luxurious contemporary resort resides within the canyons of a serene valley. Gorgeous sprawling views of dunes, plateaus, and mountain ridges give themselves up to any suite lodger or swimmer in the 50-foot infinity pool. Host a dinner party in the restaurant with tables that look out through floor-to-ceiling windows over the desert panoramas. Your family feast will be complemented by the ever-changing colours on the surrounding rock faces. 
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Callao Cave

Peñablanca, Philippines
Callao Cave consists of seven chambers. The first chamber has been turned to a chapel by the locals, and serves as the main attraction. Only ‘special’ masses are held here, or those with permits. They also allow wedding ceremonies to be conducted in this chapel. With 189 steps to get there, this venue is not for the weary. The main draw of Peñablanca’s Callao Cave is it's first chamber. Here wooden pews are set up facing a natural rock formation resembling a church’s retablo. The area is naturally illuminated by an enormous opening above. Supplemented by warm lamps, the effect is quite magical. 
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Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad, New Mexico
The natural amphitheater at the Carlsbad Cavern entrance is breathtaking venue for a wedding ceremony. Nature herself created a ciruclar rocky setting that will envelope you and your guests for the most intimate of weddings. You cannot marry in the cave itself, but after your nuptials, head in with your guests for major photo-ops. You will need to obtain a permit through the National Park Service and the maximum number of guests at your wedding party may not exceed 20 people, but you are allowed minimal decor and floral arrangements! 
Photo:La Claustra
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La Claustra

Airolo, Leventina, Ticino, Switzerland
A marvelous place to stay in the mountains (literally), it’s actually the first time a hotel’s been entirely under the earth in a former army fortress. First-class service reminds you at every turn that it’s a luxury retreat now.
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Ice Caves

Imagine booking a tour with 12 of your nearest and dearest into an Ice Cave. Group getaway or perhaps the setting for the coolest intimate wedding ever? These ice caves are only found during the winter when the glacial rivers retract and the water freezes. New caves are formed in different locations each year. The tour is highly dependent on conditions (including temperature, safety of the cave and access to the cave), but being inside an Ice Cave provides visitors with unparalleled photographic opportunities while capturing the blue light passing through the glacier ice. Book through Glacier Guides or Extreme Iceland.
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The Caves

Negril, Jamaica
Atop remarkable limestone cliffs and beside an unbeatable seven-mile beachfront, guests get a vibe of the vibrantly untouched while enjoying a secluded ten-acre property. At water level, the resort lives up to its name and beloved reputation, as travelers can dine, drink, swim, and explore the natural caves, now fitted out with class-act luxury.
Photo:Omni Grove Park Inn
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Omni Grove Park Inn

Asheville, North Carolina
Built right into natural rock, this goodie bag of a getaway gives guests the chance to explore caves, waterfalls, tunnels, and arches—not to mention the award-winning 43,000-square-foot subterranean swimming chamber and spa.
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Benagil Sea Cave

Algarve, Portugal
There’s no hotel here. It’s just an insanely gorgeous cave. Turquoise water rolls into the holy cave and sometimes separates its colors into dazzling hues in the sunlight, beneath the orange rocky natural ceiling. It’s unreal. Grab your group book a private full day Algarve boat trip which includes lunch at the Beach and dinghy ride inside the Caves. Dream elopment or intimate vow renewal setting perhaps? 

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