photo by Heidi Hansen
28 Real Life Love Stories as Told by You
We can all admit it, there's just something about watching a good romcom during February. And it's easy to see why, happy endings, idealized scenes and your favorites actors all create the perfect storm of guilty pleasure....
photo by Heidi Hansen
We can all admit it, there's just something about watching a good romcom during February. And it's easy to see why, happy endings, idealized scenes and your favorites actors all create the perfect storm of guilty pleasure. The romcom formula goes: two people meet, fall in love, something or someone tries to keep them apart and ends with a reunion (usually at the airport or on a rainy corner) where their true love's kiss wins after all. End scene. Real life stories go so much farther than the typical ending of a romcom and what better way to hear about what happens after true love's kiss than directly from you?

During February, the month of love, we wanted to hear YOUR love story. We wanted to hear the real, unfiltered story, straight from you. Read on for all 27 stories that you shared with us.
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My Rushmore, My Little Rock and Roll

Photo by Brogen Jessup
"I met her 11 years ago and immediately became enchanted by her.. We were instant friends and it felt as if I had known her for centuries. She was my best friend for 9 years. Her heart was unavailable to me. It didn’t matter. She knew me and understood me better than anyone ever had. I would be forever changed by her. We laughed. We laughed a lot. After 9 years as my best friend, my chance came. I absolutely seized it and make no apologies. She is my world. My everything. I fell madly in love with her profoundly and deeply. It was as if I found HER. The person I have searched for over those many lifetimes. I cherish her and never in my life knew that kind of happiness. I waited patiently. And then one evening, I got down on one knee and asked her to spend her life with me. She said yes. She’s my Rushmore, my Little Rock n Roll and her beauty will haunt me for the rest of my life." - Daniel Carlos of @handmeetssky​
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58 Flights

Photo by Heidi Hansen
"I lived in SF at the time and he in LA. After a month of talking, we knew we had to meet each other. He flew up to SF and I picked him up at the airport, meeting him in person for the first time. We spent 1.5 years boarding 58 flights to see each other before I finally moved back to LA (where I’m from). He finally proposed on 11.12.17 while we were out on the road in Palm Springs. He’s a talented photographer and cinematographer, often traveling out of town for movies. I still find a way to board a flight to wherever he is." - @heidiannehan
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Passport to my Heart

Photo by dream_girl
"Our love story began in 2015. We’ve traveled to Iceland, Italy, India and France. We got engaged (this picture) at the Taj Mahal and will be getting married in Italy this summer. He’s my favorite travel partner and best friend :)" - @dream_girl
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A Letter a Day for a Year for Her Hand

"It was a years worth of planning with so many backstories, but in a nutshell, here is how I asked for the hand of my South African queen..." @jeremywilliamparker
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Cold Californians

Photo by Jenny Gump
"As native Californians, we spend most of the year on the beach so we ditched a tropical honeymoon destination for a snowy romantic winter wonderland instead. It was about -10 degrees during our stay, so we ate delicious meals, had fancy cocktails at the hotel, went snowshoeing and skiing... and braved the cold to capture our trip with a honeymoon photo shoot." - @jennyfromdablock
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Love You Long Time

"Rewind to 2005, we’re both 13 years old and I get a friend request on MySpace from someone who lives in AZ (I’m from FL). We kept up a long distance friendship for years until 2011 when he stopped in FL before shipping out to Italy, where he’d be stationed for the next 5 years. After some visits to FL and some to Italy, we finally began our journey in the summer of 2016. We continued our LDR until October 2017 when we then moved to NM, where he’s stationed now. 13 years in the making." - @valerie_murphy
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Sweet Sixteen Candles

"Alex and I met in highschool, he was an exchange student. We fell madly and deeply for each other at age 16 and dated (even long distance) till we both inevitably had to go our own ways. We met up after not seeing each other in person after 8 years, and have rekindled our love in a way that is more beautiful and maturely wild than it could ever be. We now live together in Toronto." - @kla_ssh
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Love You Lots, Like Tequila Shots

Photo by Sarah Foltman
"We first met in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2010 at the home of our mutual friend (also Steve’s roommate at the time). Our second meeting occurred three years later when Justin invited us to attend his wedding at his home. We parted ways without making plans to speak again. A few days later, encouraged by Justin’s cousin Sadie (a mutual friend and undercover matchmaker) he called me. Soon, we were talking every day. In 2014, we had our first date at Zoëtry Paraiso in Riviera Maya, Mexico. On November 11, 2016, a casual weekend getaway to McCall, Idaho became truly unforgettable when he grabbed my right hand, took to his knee next to the fire pit at Shore Lodge and asked me to marry him. The wrong hand and Steve’s Patrón Tequila consumption that evening notwithstanding, I realized he was serious and said yes. Today, we live happily in Boise’s North End." - @​marrymeinpv
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Namaste With You All Day

Photo by justlago
"My fiancé and I met 3 days into my month long stay in San Diego. I was in town and decided to go to a singing bowl mediation. After the meditation we slowly emerged and met eyes. Afterwards in the lobby he asked me out. Of course we hit it off and continued to hang out that whole month. We kept in touch bi-coastally for over 2 years. One night I had a dream about him and called the next day to share with him. It went straight to voicemail. When he called me back he said he had been meditating in the woods and had an overwhelming feeling of needing to get in touch with me. 2 weeks later I quit my job, packed my car, drove across the country. Fast forward to year 5. We’re engaged. Living in Southern California, and definitely soulmates." - @justlago
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I Love You a Latte

Photo by Hilary Leong
"My now fiancé told me he wanted a nice date night out for the two of us since my birthday was coming up over the weekend. As we walked, he reached for my hand. He said “2017 has been a crazy year.” My response? “Yeah it’s been pretty crazy.” (He opened up a coffee shop!). He squeezed my hand & I looked up. At the end of the hall was a circle of rose petals. He led me to the circle, grabbed a bouquet of flowers nearby & turned to face me. He reached into his pocket & pulled out the ring box as he got down on one knee. He opened the box and asked me if I would marry him. My response without any hesitation was a yes!" - @hilbug
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What the Doctor Ordered

Photo by kytay10
"We met working at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and instantly became friends. We’d bring each other coffee, avocados from our yard and both confided in a mutual friend that we thought the other was just really great, but the timing was off. Now 5 years later, we’ve traveled to Tulum, Colombia, France, Spain, Canada and are getting married in October." - @kytay10
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The Picnic Proposal

Photo by Lindsey Ford
"My boyfriend, Nate, and I have been together for four years and for our first date he took me to go fishing at this beautiful pond near his uncle's house. So during the summer of 2017, he planned a day for us to go back. When we get there, there are two horses standing there saddled up. Nate says we can just ride the horses back down to the pond because his uncle needed to use his truck to put the hay in anyways. When we get back there's a blanket and picnic basket set up as well as some water and hay for the horses. So we start eating and then he pulls out a photo album and says "I made a photo book of all our adventures together and figured we could fill it up with more adventures as our relationship continues." Then he pulled out a note and read it to me and at the end he said and "I hope to continue life's adventure with you. So Alanna Marie Kelly, will you marry me?" And pulls out the ring I've been obsessing over. Obviously I said yes and I can't wait to continue this crazy adventure called life with him." - @​alanna_ari
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Aussie Anniversary

Photo by Ian Agrimis
"I made my fiancé a video of the last five years of our relationship and then we flew to Australia to celebrate our 5 yr and we went to a winery where I had them surprise her with the video I made. Here’s the video, skip to 2:30 to see what she saw." - @agrimisadventures
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No Ring, No Problem

Photo by Better Than Amazing Productions
"Right after my now fiance was about to buy the ring last year, I was hit with some financial hardships. Wanting to help me, he used the ring money for that and even started working overtime. I was content to be by his side and knew I wanted to marry him with or without a ring. We were "engaged " for 6 months without a ring and planned an inexpensive destination wedding. We decided to move forward with a photoshoot for our save the dates, sans ring. We had overcome so much with health and finances - I was good. As the photographers were setting up for the next shot, he said, 'I have something to ask you.'  He proposed right there and we got our beautiful moment caught on camera. He had even had purchased my dream pear shaped Sapphire ring and organized the whole day! Afterwards the photographer said 'now we can begin'.  - @joywilliams_beauty 
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The Address Book

Photo by Natalie Crowe
"Austin and I met when we were just two years old. We were inseparable until we were 5 years old. Then twelve years later, I found a dust-covered address book. The first person to come to my mind was him and to this day I still don’t know why but it was meant to be. Because, two weeks before finding that address book, I had already made plans to visit my father who still lived in Florida. Austin and I  met for dinner the night I arrived in Florida. The rest is history. We’ve been together for 5+ years and got engaged last August. We’re getting married 4.13.19" - @natacrowe
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Tinder True Love

Photo by Karlee Ferris
"My husband is Australian and I'm American. We met on Tinder three years ago when he was on holiday. We spent a super fun two weeks together and when it was time for him to go back home, we decided it'd be too hard to make something that fresh work across the world from each other. Then he called me after his 15 hour flight and said he couldn't live without me. We've been married for two years now and are deliriously happy together #lovealwayswins" - @yokarleeferris
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A Pen Pal Love Story

Photo by Anna Vanover
"I grew up in Africa with my family. In 2007, one of our last few months in Uganda, I met Andrew, who had come over for a month to help with the kids program. We hung out non-stop that month, and I was smitten. But we couldn’t stop thinking about each other, and kept in touch by writing letters back and forth for the next six years! Finally when Andrew graduated from College, he admitted how much he loved me and I told him how much I had always loved him. My parents happened to be in San Diego that spring for their 25th wedding anniversary, and Andrew flew over to ask them to marry me (having still not seen each other in person since 2007!). He proposed that fall and we were married three months later in the most darling olive grove in New Zealand." - @​dearloversphoto
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In a League of Their Own

"We both attended the same college never seeing each other around campus. Vinny went on to play pro baseball in Canada. In the midst of living life, dating but not finding “the one,” Vinny and I had begun running into each other in various places. Fast forward to 3 years ago this March, I went out with my friend for St. Patty’s day. I headed upstairs and immediately saw Vinny and his brother and friends. Vinny started playing softball with my cousin and it became another coincidence. We made plans for me to go to one of his games, and I never stopped going. 3 years later, we’re so in love with our next adventure landing us in Ireland this March celebrating his 30th birthday." - @christina_stefana
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Love Amidst Tragedy

Photo by being_sarah
"My love proposed to me on our 1 year anniversary, on Sydney Harbour with a flash mob. Once I said yes, he turned me around to show a bunch of our family and friends on a yacht watching on. Both my parents tragically passed away within the 18 months we have been engaged for and as sad as I am they won't be there, I am so happy to be marrying him in 4 weeks. He has been an amazing rock and has helped me through a very emotional year." - @being_sarah
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A Family Affair

Photo by Sara Corey
"My fiancé and myself planned a trip to Charleston to visit his sister. Our plan was to go to his sisters to pregame for drinks before going out downtown, or so I thought. So he told me, let’s go for a walk along the battery/waterfront before going to his sister's. His sister had sent a friend to clear out the pier and had a photographer waiting for us. We got to the end of the pier and he got down on one knee to ask the million dollar question... of course I said yes. I was on cloud nine and the photographer captured it all. After the proposal we had a mini photo shoot downtown Charleston." - @sarabethcorey
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Summertime & the Lovin's Easy

Photo by Candice Onodi
"It was a warm summer night when friends introduced us at a downtown pub. When it was time to say goodbye, the tall, blue-eyed guy was heading back to Australia where he lived. We had known each other for less than a week, so we decided to text and keep in touch, but neither of us were sure what it would lead to. Despite the time difference, we were still texting every day and setting up regular Skype meetings on weekends. Fast forward to now, and there have been countless trips made back and forth for 4 years on both of our behalves. Now, almost 6 years later, we're living in the same country, in the same time zone, in the same apartment. We worked hard for our relationship and can’t wait to be Mr. and Mrs.!" - @candiceann08
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Morning Meet-Up

Photo by Natalya Capp
"My husband and I met 6 years ago at a plumbing museum in Massachusetts at an industry event held at 8:30 in the morning. The rest is history!" - @natalyacapp
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Love & Tragedy

Photo by Bree Lourenco
"We ended going to the same high school together for his senior year and my junior year. Nothing took place until after we both graduated high school. We started to get back in touch and then a tragic accident happened in my family. My younger brother had passed away and the Lord knew I needed him more than ever. He was not only there for me but also my family. Shortly after he asked my on date and then to be his girlfriend. Going on countless adventures and making so many memories together. He is my best friend and I couldn't think of any one else I would want grow and serve God with." - @gypsy_13_baby
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Soaring to New Heights

Photo by Abbie Naber
"I was set up on a blind date by good friends that I had known for over a decade. They had been wanting to set me up with my husband (a self proclaimed bachelor) for awhile but the timing hadn’t been right. Fast-forward to 2013 when we went on a blind date. We share a passion for travel, dining, and music to name a few things. In the summer of 2014, he took me to Istanbul where we took food tours and toured the bazaar. We left the best part of the trip, Cappadocia for the end. We took a sunrise hot air balloon trip and he proposed at sunrise overlooking the insane landscape. It was funny too that we were celebrating in a small basket in the air with strangers. Haha." - @abbienaber
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I Hike You a Lot

"It just happened on December 10, 2017. My best friend planned a morning hike for us. She picked me up and we drove to the foothills of the mountains, parked, and began our trek. About 4 minutes in I hear some people and all of a sudden Tennessee Whiskey started playing. My boyfriend popped out of the bushes along with 3 of my other best friends and got down on one knee. I was shocked, surprised, and oh so happy!! I had no idea, and he planned it all himself which makes it even sweeter! This all took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico." - @clauddm
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Shakesbeer in Love

"I was on a work trip to the coast of California and decided to go for a beer. My bartender was the man I’d go on to marry. We only had four hours together before I had to head out of town on to the next part of my trip. We kept in contact and Skyped most nights. I flew back 6 weeks later to celebrate Thanksgiving with his entire family. It was there that we agreed to travel the world together so we could be together. We did just that and only just stopped traveling last year, after three years, before he decided to join the US Marines. He’s now back there with the plan for me to join him once we’re married in the next year. All of that after just four hours. We even pinky promised to get married that evening.... we have photo proof..." - @natsalter05
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Won't You Be My Neighbor

Photo by Jen del Gallo
"We were neighbors for two years before we started dating – I lived in a town house of 5 girls and he lived in a town house that shared our driveway with 5 guys. Everyone in the houses said we should date because we were similar but we both were not having it and basically said “hell no” for two years haha. Eventually we changed our minds somehow and have been married now for over a year." - @jenlizdeezy
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Opposites Attract for a Lifetime

Photo by Mayra Rosales
"This Valentine's Day will be our 20th together. We were two crazy teenagers in love, high school sweet hearts, and we were soulmates. We were the exact definition of OPPOSITES attract but God knew what he was doing as our future molded us into one perfect pair. By age 25 we had already been blessed with our 4 precious children, 3 boys and a baby girl. My children are all grown now. I know that as they grow they will search for true undeniable love because true loyal love does exist." - @mrsmj_004

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