photo by Mandy Lancia
30 of the Cutest Plant Shops Around the World
​Lush foliage, tiny succulents, cacti and sansevieria galore. Walk into any one of these flower or plant shops and leave with a new friend or two. The charm lies in the unique selection of each beautiful storefront. All of these botanical...
photo by Mandy Lancia
​Lush foliage, tiny succulents, cacti and sansevieria galore. Walk into any one of these flower or plant shops and leave with a new friend or two. The charm lies in the unique selection of each beautiful storefront. All of these botanical boutiques will help fill your home with an abundance of greenery. After all, plants are our home's best friends. What better way to decorate and landscape than with the help of the world's horticulture artists? 

Plant enthusiasts beware: These 30 boutiques will have you making room for just one more fiddle leaf fig friend.

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The Plant Corner
Antwerp, Belgium

Photo by Pauline Egge
The Plant Corner is located in Antwerp, Belgium. Step into this boutique decorated with white walls, hanging pants and vintage rugs. Don’t just leave with a house plant, sign up for one of their workshops and create your own creations. 
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Plant København
Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo by upleafting
Copenhagen is a lot greener thanks to Plant København, a plant obsessed shop with yellow accent walls. The greenhouse feel will have you walking out with a few new plants to add to your collection. 
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Fancy Free Nursery
Tampa, Florida

Fancy Free Nursery has all your botanical needs covered when it comes to decorating your interiors and your exteriors. Not only are they plant enthusiasts, they also double as an event space. Get married at Fancy Free Nursery in Tampa, Florida surrounded by curated greenery. 
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Flora Plant Shop
Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Amber Ulmer
Head on over to East Nashville, Tennessee for specialty houseplants and botanical goods. Flora Plant Shop's events include a macrame workshop and a women’s health and beauty essential oil workshop. More than just a plant shop, Flora helps cultivate the Nashville community. 
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo by Wildernis
This Amsterdam shop has a plethora of plants hanging from the ceiling. In addition to their indoor plant selection, Wildernis also hosts workshops and lectures about city and vegetable gardening.
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Pistils Nursery
Portland, Oregon

Pistils Nursery in Portland, Oregon has the lovely feel of a full-blown nursery. Home to succulents, fiddle leaf fig trees and so much more, all that is left is to explore this jungle of a shop.
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Little Leaf
Washington, D.C.

Photo by Little Leaf
​Little Leaf has all the succulents you've ever dreamed of. Located in Washington D.C., this plant boutique also sells paper and home goods.
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The Garden
Dublin, Ireland

If you are looking for romance, look no further than The Garden. Located in Dublin at The Powerscourt Town House, ethereal bouquets overflow the granite steps of this majestic building. The Garden also provides landscaping services so that your front yard can be just as whimsical.
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Niche Urban Garden Supply
Boston, Massachusetts

Photo by Mandy Lancia
Take home a calathea, roseopicta or a succulent to warm your house with Niche Urban Garden Supply’s wild selection of botanical goods. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, stroll around his lush boutique and fall in love with their greenery.
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Bar Botanik
Perth, WA, Australia

Photo by Joel Barbitta
Bar Botanik is mixing two of our favorite things: plants and coffee. Enjoy a cappuccino and a plethora of indoor plants at this Australian boutique.
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Kyoto, Japan

Photo by Haarkon
Green on green on green! This lush plant shop has overflowing greenery with brown leather couches settled in between. Can’t make it out to Kyoto? Check out their online shop filled with exotic plants.
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Nature Boy Nrth
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Photo by Samee Lapham
The ceiling at Nature Boy Nrth in Sydney, Australia is adorned with hanging plants. Go home with hanging planters, watering pots and some macrame to compliment your new flora-friends.
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Espai Joliu
Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Espai Joliu
As if Barcelona wasn’t romantic enough, head on over to Espai Joliu for horticulture too cute to not take home. Succulents, cacti and plants grace the walls of this Spanish shop.
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Ivy Muse
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Botanical Emporium is how Ivy Muse describes themselves. This brick and mortar is home to plants, ceramics and art from around the world with an emphasis on local artisans. Meant to be experienced like a curated gallery, Ivy Muse in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is your go to for all things botanical.
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Bramble & Wild
Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

Frome, Somerset is home to Bramble & Wild, a quaint flower shop filled with loving artistry. Other than picking up a beautiful bouquet to go, stay for a workshop and learn how to pick and place your own florals.
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Modern Love
Frenchtown, New Jersey

Photo by Modern Love
Take a more minimal approach. Think white walls and a breathtaking floral line up. Modern Love is located in Frenchtown, New Jersey. This shop also sells an assortment of goods like books and gifts for kids.
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Folia Collective
Pasadena, California

This bright and airy shop knows their plants. Mirroring a greenhouse and botanical garden, Folia Collective in Pasadena, California sells golden watering cans, recycled paper tapered pots, houseplant tool sets and all the plants you’ll ever need. 
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The Victorian
Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia, The Victorian will help you decorate your home with all the sansevieria you need. Their exotic plant selection was handpicked by the engaged couple who runs this charming plant parlor. 
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Cactus Store
Los Angeles, California

Photo by Haarkon
Nothing says Los Angeles quite like the Echo Park plant boutique Cactus Store. Known for their “weird” and unique cacti selection, the owners have hand selected each of their green friends to bring to you. They also specialize in terra-cotta bowls.
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Biotop Nursery
Osaka, Japan

Photo by Haarkon
Looking to get into gardening? Biotop Nursery in Osaka, Japan has everything you need to get started: seeds, pots and plants guided by the shop owner.
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San Diego, California

You could spend hours perusing this Instagram worthy giftshop in San Diego, California. In addition to all the home goods, take home a succulent or two with a hanging planter to match.
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Glasswing Shop
Seattle, Washington

This Seattle, Washington shop has brick accent walls, high-vaulted wooden ceilings and plants on plants on plants. In addition to their horticulture selection, they also sell one of a kind handmade ceramic pieces, jewelry and shoes.
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Seed to Stem
Worcester, Massachusetts

Photo by Seed to Stem
Walking into Seed to Stem is like walking into a jungle of horticulture and home goods. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Seed to Stem has unique botanicals, terrariums and home accessories to fill your house with.
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Feng Sway
Brooklyn, New York

Come for the horticulture, stay for the vintage clothing and home adornments. Feng Sway in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has exotic plants and world traveler-approved gifts. Bonus: They use only holistic products. 
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Green Fingers Market
New York, New York

Photo by Andrea Nuñez
Are you a cacti lover? If so, wandering into Green Fingers Market in New York will make your heart smile. The entire shop is managed by Japanese plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto. He has aesthetically curated shops all over the world including Milan and Tokyo. 
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Wild at Heart
London, United Kingdom

Travel to the iconic Liberty department story in London to take a peak at some of the extravagant florals Wild at Heart has to offer. Taking a creative approach to flowers, Wild at Heart’s A-List following matches their larger than life creations.
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Champ Libre Fleuriste
Paris, France

What better way to swoon over Paris than at this flower shop? Champ Libre has been in business for over twenty years and even offers free delivery within the neighborhood. From stand alone bouquets to wedding flowers, Champ Libre has all your floral needs.
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Plant Shop
Seattle, Washington

Photo by Plant Shop
Plant Shop in Seattle specializes in indoor plants. Their plants range from tiny cacti to large fiddle leaf figs with both new and vintage planters. Get lost in this space filled with white walls and large windows.
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Pulteney Bridge Flowers
Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

This pretty shop is located in the center of the well known Pulteney Bridge in Bath, Somerset. With seven florists on hand, browse and pick up any one of their featured bouquets like their Soft and Subtle arrangement or their Classic Pink bouquet.
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Les Fleurs
Paris, France

Photo by Andrea Nuñez
Tiled floor and a fiddle leaf fig tree in the window make up the eclectic flower shop, Les Fleurs. This Parisian flower shop has more to offer than just whimsical floral arrangements. Les Fleurs sells jewelry, prints and home accessories too.
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