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33 Inspiring Small Shops Worth Traveling For
When it comes to shopping, it pays to venture into that local independent store you've been eyeing. You know, the one with artisan goods, locally sourced coffee and curated clothing collections. Whether the shop be centered...
photo by Find Us Lost
When it comes to shopping, it pays to venture into that local independent store you've been eyeing. You know, the one with artisan goods, locally sourced coffee and curated clothing collections. Whether the shop be centered around plants or food, one thing remains true – shopping small is the best way to support your neighborhood and community. 

Not all these stores may be in your backyard but these 33 independent shops are worth traveling for. Their curators and creators bring quality, aesthetic and passion to everything they sell (and even donate back to the local community). Follow along for a little small-business shopping inspiration.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo by Katie Lentile
On a mission to make Amsterdam greener, Wildernis has all of the green products you’ll need from plants to books. They also work closely with independent Dutch makers and organize lectures and workshops on plants, nature and urban gardening. Not to mention, the bright white and green space is perfect to get lost in.
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House of Small Wonder
Berlin, Germany

Photo by Haarkon
House of Small Wonder’s main focus is to bring you greenhouse inspiration served with good food. If you’re looking for more than just a perfect Instagram feed, dine while you take in these picture perfect surroundings.
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Alchemy Works
Los Angeles, California

With two locations, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, Alchemy Works is taking over the Southern California coast with their retail, gallery and event spaces. Carrying over fifty brands, come see how this shop blends small home goods with refined pieces of art.
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33 Acres Brewing
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sign yourself up for a tasting at 33 Acres Brewing's tasting room in Vancouver. With beers influenced by the forest and Pacific Ocean, this craft brewery doesn’t just create beer. 33 Acres Brewing is every bit design oriented making happy hour that much more enjoyable.
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Tictail Market
New York, New York

Photo by Aileen Chua
Tictail, a social marketplace with a brick and mortar in New York City, sells independent brands from over 140 countries. The ability for brands to sell their product through Tictail allows you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the creators of the world. 
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Rocket Coffee Bar
Bangkok, Thailand

Rocket Coffee has two booming locations in Thailand. Try their Salmon and Dill Waffle or their Rocket’s Benedict and fall in love with more than just their quality coffee. Snap a photo of their hexagon tiled floors and marble countertops. This coffee shop is millennial approved.
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Espai Joliu
Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Espai Joliu
This plant concept store is for the horticulture lover. If plants are your friends, Joliu has some instagrammable collections that will send your succulent heart into overdrive. Not to mention the space also serves as a coffee shop and art gallery. 
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Midland Shop
Culver City, California

Midland’s artisan aesthetic runs through each of their products - from leather sandals to apothecary goods. “Well Chosen Goods” is their motto and one glance at their selection of jewelry, clothing and coffee table books will reveal why. 
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San Diego, California

Photo by Rylee + Cru
Pigment is the millennial gift shop you’ve been waiting for. Every corner is perfectly manicured with trendy gifts for every occasion, from jewelry to succulents to coffee table books. They also throw rad events like calligraphy and watercolor workshops so you can learn a thing or two about artisanship. 
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Saddler & Co.
Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Photo by Abbie Mellé
Saddler & Co mixes the trade of saddlery and leather goods. You can find belts, notebook covers, leather wallets, custom saddles and abstract oil paintings at this boutique. Not to mention their artisan gift boxes and an array of bespoke leather goods.
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Bryr Clogs
San Francisco, California

This slow fashion boutique specializes in one thing: leather clogs. Each pair is made-to-order and the leather is sourced from US tanneries, making the creation process as eco-friendly as possible. With a goal to provide you with long-lasting shoes, Bryr has the quality stamp of approval.
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Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe Notting Hill
London, United Kingdom

Photo by Hey Davina
If you’re looking for cupcakes, biscuits or chocolates, then you have come to the right place. Take your love of baked goods one step further with one of their two hour baking classes. Advance to their masterclasses and become an expert icer. 
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In The Field
Ojai, California

This husband-wife duo boutique combines artistry, travel and adventure. A space curated like a gallery, you’ll find an eclectic array of treasures – women and men’s clothing, jewelry and apothecary goods. Live and breathe the bohemian aesthetic at In the Field
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Bramble & Wild
Frome, United Kingdom

Bramble & Wild is the flower shop that sources local flowers and uses recyclable, reusable or compostable wrapping. Share a bouquet for any celebration – birthday, thank you or mother’s day. This Somerset floral boutique helps you embrace daily life. 
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San Diego, California

Photo by The Venue Report
Maven is the boutique that brings creativity and design to the sunshine of San Diego. Find everything from craft honey to home rugs to candles at this charming shop.
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Astier de Villatte
Paris, France

Astier de Villatte is a French homeware brand with a historical workshop dating back to the age of Napoleon. With candles, ceramics and colognes as some of their base products, you get to infuse your home with their Parisian touch.
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Daydream Surf Shop
Newport Beach, California

Photo by Brock DeHaven
Daydream focuses on three things – design, quality and functionality. All about celebrating the good vibes of the ocean, their products carry the same lifestyle spirit. Walk into Daydream and find hand shaped surfboards, new and vintage clothing, cosmic coffees and even records. This Newport beach boutique makes sure each item sold in their shop is chosen with love and an ethical business philosophy.
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The Creaky Shed
Greenwich, London

With The Creaky Shed, London dwellers don't need to wait for the weekly farmer’s market to shop for their produce. The Creaky Shed provides the freshest seasonal produce around. How? Their relationship with local farmers means all of their produce is sourced from small farms in Kent & Sussex. Can’t make it down to The Creaky Shed anytime soon? They deliver fruits and vegetable boxes right to your doorstep. 
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Couleur Local

Photo by Couleur Local
Dipped in wanderlust, Couleur Locale brings you vintage and design goods. You can find unique items, like tribal art from Nepal or river jars from Vietnam. Even their holiday gifts have cultural and global accents.
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Merchant Modern
Santa Monica, California

Photo by flynnclancy
Merchant Modern specializes in furniture, objects and rugs. Located in Santa Monica, California, Merchant is more than just a goods boutique. With a house to be rented out and a plethora of arts and culture events being hosted, Merchant symbolizes a cultural lifestyle. 
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Atlanta, Georgia

Photo by Kara Vahè
Candlefish knows a thing or two about candles. This South Carolina boutique has over 100 different fragrances and lets you shop by collection or by scent. So whether you pick up a gift for your minimalist friend or are on the hunt for a citrus candle, Candlefish is your go-to. Not to mention their candle making workshops for those looking to take their fragrance journey to the next level. 
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Shop Summer Camp
Ojai, California

Summer Camp is a custom picture framing and lifestyle boutique influenced by camping and Mid Century Modern design. Stop by their Ojai location to get museum quality framing for that gallery wall of yours and stay for their local artisan pieces. 
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Kabinett & Kammer
Andes, New York

This space lends itself to the curious. With antiques, natural wonders and art, it is easy to lose yourself in the vintage school charts and taxidermy gracing the walls. Perfect for the shopper who likes to keep things interesting. 
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Notary Ceramics
Portland, Oregon

The minimalistic and elegant pottery of Notary Ceramics is the work of Sarah Van Raden. This Portland, Oregon shop is home to all of her creations where you can buy a ceramic juicer or a trefoil pitcher. Dinner party enthusiasts rejoice. 
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Monocle Café
London, United Kingdom

Photo by Claire Menary
The Monocle Cafe has two locations: London and Tokyo. If you’re a fan of the print publication, this brick and mortar extension will have you beaming with joy. Order the taco rice or a grilled cheese sandwich and enjoy a cappuccino or two.
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Hi-Lo Liquor
Culver City, California

Photo by Hi-Lo Liquor
Hi-Lo is bringing the curated boutique to the liquor store sphere. Here you can find small-batch wines, seasonal cult beers and affordable quality whiskeys. For those that like their drinks crafted, Hi-Lo is your next neighborhood stop. 
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Labour and Wait
London, United Kingdom

Photo by cainite_
Labour and Wait is all about contemporary functionality. With an array of new and vintage curated pieces, the utility and quality of each piece ranks high. Pick up a classic striped tee and a coffee table book on your way out.
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Imogene & Willie
Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Framebridge
Imogen and Willie was born out of a simple want: to make good jeans. This husband and wife duo brand has three locations: Nashville, Los Angeles and Portland. Purchase any one of their five denim styles (slim, straight, skinny, indigo, black and natural) and receive one year of free repairs. There’s more to Imogen and Willie than just jeans. Their shops also sell a curated selection of textiles, jewelry and objects for the home. 
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Stockholm, Sweden

Photo by Andrea Nuñez
Vintage enthusiasts look no further than Brandsationen, a vintage interior goods and jewelry store. Their online shop is known for its design, from neon lamps to vintage watches. 
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White's Mercantile
Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Karima Hunter
Owner Holly Williams describes White’s Mercantile as a “general store for the modern-day tastemaker.” Most of the items sold are findings and discoveries she made while touring the country and playing music. In this modern and eclectic store you can find men’s apothecary items, a photography and kitchen section, clothing and local jewelry. 
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General Store
Venice, California

Photo by General Store
With two locations, Los Angeles and San Francisco, General Store celebrates craftsmanship while leaving you aesthetically inspired. With a natural color palette to swoon over, General Store’s dainty jewelry, baby toys and apothecary items are made for the modern bohemian customer. 
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Feng Sway
Long Island City, New York

Feng Sway’s unique collection of exotic fans, woven rugs, statement jewelry and vintage clothing makes this boutique a hidden gem of aesthetic treasures. Take a look at their Etsy shop and leave with cedar sage and a pastel pink wool beret. 
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Collins & Coupe
San Diego, California

Photo by beer_gel
Looking to get your craft cocktail on in San Diego? Collins & Coupe has you covered with all their vintage and new bartending supplies. From vintage glassware sets to delicate stemware, there is something for every drinker. 

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