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4 Reasons You Should Visit This Hidden Oaxacan Beach Town

Where the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range descends into the Pacific Ocean lies the quaint town of Puerto Escondido. Literally meaning “hidden port,” Puerto Escondido feels perfectly tucked into this coastal nook. A lush landscape buffers between mountain and sea and while the coast is stunning, as are the massive waves, Puerto Escondido has kept a low profile when it comes to tourism making this escape perfect for those in search of relaxation, natural beauty and an appreciation for local culture.

Reporter: Marianna Jamadi
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This Resort Sits on 12 Miles of Pristine Beach

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Vivo Resorts, just 10 minutes from downtown Puerto Escondido is your beachfront dream of natural beauty. Located on 12 miles of the unspoiled beach known to locals as Playa Palmarito, the Vivo experience has all the amenities you could need whether you are a business or long-term traveler. Enjoy spa services, fresh local seafood, and room options to accommodate couples or families on vacation. Go during prime turtle release season (August-October) for an extraordinary opportunity to release turtle hatchlings just steps from your room. This sandy experience, available through funding by the Vivo foundation is truly worth the stay itself.
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You Can Watch Surfers Take on 15 Foot Waves at Zicatela Beach

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Legendary Zicatela Beach is a 3km stretch of sand home to tempestuous surfing waves that draws big-wave surfers from all over the world. During peak season waves can reach up to 15 feet making them unfriendly to casual swimmers but amazing to watch especially when the pro’s ride them with style. Enjoy the views from the sand or post up for a snack and drink at one of the many restaurants that line the beach. Check the calendar for any surf tournaments for the ultimate surf show. Once the sun sets, Zicatela nightlife will rise. Enjoy local seafood at Fresh Restaurant and find a healthy menu of drinks that will have you saying “cheers.”
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This Peaceful, Protected Cove is Perfect for Swimming

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
The waters of Playa Carrizalillo will have your eyes blinking in disbelief as this emerald cove is paradise found. Enjoy a meal at Espadín Restaurant for the best view of Carrizalillo and follow the stairs down to the sandy shore where you can lay out under umbrellas, sip mojitos, join a surf lesson, or go for a swim in these pristine waters. Unlike Zicatela, these waters are perfect for swimming and just the perfect temperature for a proper dip. For beach bums, this spot can easily fill a day. Pack your sunscreen!
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Authentic Oaxacan Chocolate & Coffee Fills This Market

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
For local flavor head to the Benito Juarez Market. Packed with saturated colors, this market is rich in everything you could ever dream up. Organized by section you will have your pick of local food, spices, meats, fruits, juices, flowers, souvenirs, clothes, party favors, and anything else on your shopping list. If coffee or Oaxacan chocolate is on your list, head over to nearby Bi Nisa Café, a cute coffee shop started by two brothers. Here you can learn about their small batch brews and samples a range of their products. While they are best known for their coffee and chocolate, try their marmalades and ensure you have room to pack any or all of their delicious offerings.

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