5 Super Affordable Places That You Should Travel To (Right Now)!

The U.S. dollar is having the time of its life, which means you can too. With the buck barreling through its fastest rise in 40 years, international travel has become a whole lot cheaper. And don’t expect the global economy to pull the rug out anytime soon. So, this is your time to gallivant! Written by Jake Kilroy

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Traveling from the U.S. to Brazil is a dramatically different ordeal than it was a year ago. The country’s real, has shed nearly 30% of its value against the dollar. Compare flights then and now. New York to Rio in 2014 added up to $1,170. In 2015, just $856. Keep in mind, Americans better fly south soon, as prices are likely to skyrocket in the lead-up to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro… Places to see: Christ the Redeemer, Igazu Falls, Sugarloaf Mountain, Fernando de Noronha, Tijuca Forest. 


Swissotel Krasnye in the heart of the Russian capital

Last year, a dollar would’ve scored a traveler 35 roubles. Right now, it gets you 57. From flights to hotels, things could get even cheaper with a number of variables at play: western sanctions, oil prices, border troubles. Regardless, this is the time to head east and explore the many ins and outs of the largest country in the world. Places to see: Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin, Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, Lake Baikal.

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Finca la Lorara in Santa Marta - Riohacha

In the last year alone, the dollar has gained 18% on the peso. This is great news for anyone looking to escape to the booming tech hub of Bogota or the blossoming cultural heart of Medellin. Bounce from tropical rainforests to gorgeous beaches for a lot less than you ever could before. Don’t forget on the coffee along the way. It’s always unfathomably delicious and quite inexpensive. Places to see: Amazon River, San Andrés and Providencia, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Tayrona National Park, Monserrate.

South Africa

With a commodity price slump, South Africa’s rand is losing value against the dollar and, in turn, lending a helping hand to traveler spend. Compared to last year, it’s 13% cheaper to vacation in South Africa these days. A 24% lowering of flight prices for New York to Cape Town certainly helps as well. Experts expect the dollar to hold its strength through the end of the year, so you have time to get out there and tour big cities, coastlines, and safaris, all in one fascinating country. Places to see: Kruger National Park, Garden Route, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Table Mountain, Cape Winelands. 

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Europe (Yes, all of it)

With a Europass, you can hop, bop, and shop around the continent with stunning ease. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, and the rest are yours for the tourist taking. Usually, the challenge is just getting there, but traveling to Europe is now roughly 20% cheaper than it was a year ago. In fact, the euro is now worth $1.05, its lowest in a dozen years. Feel free can buy/scoop/steal a ticket from New York to Paris for just over $500. Places to see: The Eiffel Tower, Cinque Terre, La Sagrada Família, Hagia Sophia, Schönbrunn Palace. 

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Yoshikien's Pond Garden in Nara
With the dollar holding strong through 2016 and continuing it's multi-year rise in Japan, your dollar is 122% stronger than the yen. For about $30 per day you can get all of your meals, stay in a hostel, visit free or low cost attractions (gardens, parks, temples, museums, and more), and grab a bus pass that will carry you through Nara's best sights and experiences. Make sure to indugle in some once-in-a-lifetime sushi or noodles from any number of famed restaurants. Places to see: Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, Isuien Garden, Nara Park, Heijo Palace, Yoshikien Garden, and the National Museum.
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Argentina's deflated economy is prime for the tourist taking currently. With the US dollar ten times stronger than the Argentine peso, you can live it up in South America for around $40-$50 per day. At the top of your Argentinian bucket list is visiting the natural wonder of Patagonia and touring the endless wine country. Lively Buenos Aires is filled with historical attractions and unforgettable culture. Food may be the largest expense of your trip but with the unbelievable accomodation rates, everything balances out! Places to see: any Mendoza winery, The Waterfalls of Iguazu, Perito Moreno Galcier, Valle de la Luna, and of course, the city life of Buenos Aires.
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Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest
Your dollar goes far in Hungary. With feasts fit for kings available for $5, hostels at $20 per night, and train trips as low $1, experiencing some of Europe's richest history has never been so easy. Museums, castles, and public baths are just a few of the cost-free experiences Hungary has to offer. Places to see: all of Budapest, Fisherman's Bastion, House of the Nation, St. Stephen's Basilica, Buda Cast, Széchenyi Bath & Spa, Heroes Square.
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Ruins Of Angkor Wat
With the ability to spend less than $20 per day in Cambodia, you can travel across the country and take in all the beauty it has to offer. Angkor Wat, Cambodia's most famous site is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it is made entirely from stone. Food, drinks, accomodation, and transportation here are the most affordable of all Southeast Asia. Just about everywhere accepts US dollars, so there is no worrying about getting currency exchanged. Places to see: Angkor Wat, Bamboo Island, the beach town of Kep, Bokor National Park, and the capitol of Phnom Phen.
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica's colon has turned in favor to the US dollar in recent years. You'll get about 500 colons for every dollar here meaning you'll just need around $50 per day for all the necessities. Known for it's natural beauty and outdoors activities, Costa Rica has become a fast favorite for budget friendly traveling. Insider tip: plan to travel here in the off-season (April - November) for better rates and lighter crowds. Places to see: San Jose, volcanoes, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, coffee plantations, and the rainforest canopies.   
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