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5 Ways to Introduce Wellness Programs Into the Workplace
We want to be nurtured, we want to be cared for; when we feel this way we achieve more in all parts of life. Whether you are a global operation, a boutique agency or a start-up, the role of corporate wellness has never been so high...
photo by Adam Decker
We want to be nurtured, we want to be cared for; when we feel this way we achieve more in all parts of life. Whether you are a global operation, a boutique agency or a start-up, the role of corporate wellness has never been so high in ensuring your company’s success. The health of a company is measured by the health of their people, and it’s clear that healthy employees foster healthy companies.

Employee policies that advocate healthy and mindful living before, during, and after work hours have been demonstrated to empower staff to produce their best work while allowing their best selves to shine. Work comes with stress, which is the great unifying factor across all industries. Why not equip your staff with the tools to combat stress in order to bring about personal and professional growth for the employees and the company itself?

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But First, Some Stats

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According to Career Builder, the top five stress symptoms that affect employees most (and result in staff missing work days) are: constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety (23%) and weight gain (18%). Taking positive action by joining the the corporate wellness revolution should not be stressful for you or your company, but precisely the opposite. Here are some fun and motivating wellness initiatives that businesses can blend into the work space to foster health, growth, and profits.

Inside tip: If planning any of these activities becomes an overwhelming thought, Wanderwell is here to help build programs tailored directly to your individual work environment and unique company culture!
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Wellness Retreats

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Fantastic news: Wellness and corporate retreats come in all shapes and sizes and can match the diversity and uniqueness of any business team. Whether you’re interested in planning a two day getaway or even week-long retreat, there exists a bevy of offerings that combine motivation, education and rejuvenation, while building a team’s morale and affinity with each other and the company itself.
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Off-Site Wellness Excursion

Planning a full or half day wellness outing outside the office can be a simple first step to incorporating healthy initiatives into the workplace. There are so many exciting wellness adventures that can happen just around the corner from any business. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

• Wellness cooking class
• Participate in a 10km run for a local charity
• Attend a wellness fair
• Creative writing class
• Team building adventures (escape room, group fitness)
• A hike at a local trail
• Volunteer together to help the less fortunate
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Wellness Lunch & Learns

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When the office is busy (when isn’t it?), wellness actions tend to become secondary to business goals. Crunch times are the most crucial times in which to implement wellness practices; stress levels are running high and staff health should still be top of mind, especially since 61% of employees are burnt out on the job. Wellness Lunch and Learns can vary from a colleague sharing their own mindful story to inviting a local health and wellness expert to come in for an hour long workshop or chat. Talk about a productive lunch hour!
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Health and Wellness Coaching

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Each employee is unique and they each possess their own individual wellness goals. Hiring a health and wellness coach for the workplace can offer group as well as tailored one-on-one coaching sessions. Not everyone will be comfortable talking about their wellness goals in front of their peers, but having a wellness coach come into the office regularly can assist individual staff in setting personal goals that in turn alleviate stress and boost overall confidence. Depending on your physical location, Wanderwell can likely recommend one of our favorite coaches from among our network of wellness professionals.
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Reveal Immersion

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This is where Wanderwell comes in. Our forward-thinking Corporate Wellness approach strategically integrates physical and emotional programming in order to enhance employee well-being, positively transform the corporate culture, and lead to significant advancement in the business bottom line.

Our program begins with a 3-hour immersion Seminar, but afterward, the model is fully customizable based on your company’s needs. The modular system can be easily incorporated into leadership meetings, team offsites, retreats, pop-ups or stand-alone wellness training. Ultimately, the consulting can be as short or as long as needed.  Each and every organization is unique and we structure our program to suit the individual needs of your employees and the company at large. Like many journeys in life, the key to building a successful corporate wellness experience is consistency. Transformation takes time and we’re here to guide you and your team through the process.

For more information or to set up a wellness assessment for your company email us or call us at 778-991-5946.

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