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7 Corporate Teambuilding Ideas that You’ll Actually Want to Do

photo: Nathan Mueller for The Venue Report
The days of trust falls are long gone with these new workshops! Mint Collective has gathered up their top 7 ideas for corporate team builders that get your crew out of the cubicles and in tune with their creative sides. Whether you’re looking to host something onsite, off-site or add these to a destination retreat, these workshops are sure to get your team a whole lot more excited to show up to their next meeting!

So breathe deep, sip that coffee and get ready to step outside the box. Each of these workshops are led by experts in their craft and come with custom takeaways for each team member. And no, they’re not branded key chains!

Reporter: Mint Studio SD
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For the Top Chefs: Infused Olive Oil

Enjoy an afternoon of culinary experience with an olive oil expert. After being guided down the road of oil and vinegar parings, you’ll learn some seasoning tricks to spice up your dishes and infuse your own custom olive oil blend.

Takeaway – 3 oz. jars of infused oil with sealing lids per team member.
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For the Team that Loves the Outdoors: Wood Burning

Design your own cutting board while learning the basics of decorative wood burning. Feature your team motto, your favorite phase or allow everyone to create his or her own design for something your team will be proud to display.

Takeaway – (1) Custom wood burned cutting board per team member.
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For the Foodies: Cheese Board Styling

Surprise your team with this experience in cheese board styling. Discover cheese selections, charcuterie pairings and the art of presentation. These beautiful artisan platters will ‘wow’ any dinner party and give your team a beautiful place to gather!

Takeaway – (1) Wooden cheese board and assorted artisan cheese/charcuterie per team member.

*Oh, and this pairs well with the Infused Olive Oil or Custom Wood Burning workshops if you’re looking for even more!
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For the Plant Ladies (and Fellas): Succulents + Sips

Branch out with this hands-on workshop of succulent design with your favorite sips. Build your perfect desk accessory with these trendy terrariums, colored moss and lively succulents while sipping on some custom crafted drinks.

Takeaway – (1) glass or wooden terrarium, live succulents and all the fixings needed for each team member to make a new desk mate.
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For the Cozy Work-From-Home Teams: Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

Try your hand at these trendy, oversized, chunky knit blankets. Perfect for draping over a cold office chair, or a cozy and productive work from home day! Your team is going to see how simple it is to learn something new and become the envy of the office.

Takeaway – 4’ x 5’ Merino wool blanket and custom branded bag.
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For the Fire Starters: Hand Pour Candle Lab

Gather around with San Diego’s favorite candle maker, Craft + Foster, to make your own unique scented candles. Your team will learn the tricks to hand pouring and even get to create their own custom labels. Who doesn’t want to leave a teambuilding meeting with candles fit for a shelf at Anthropologie?

Takeaway – 3 custom scented 4 oz candles per team member.
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For the Happy Hour Lovers: Craft Cocktail Mixology

Measure, shake and stir things up with this hands-on instruction in cocktail basics! Learn how to perfectly craft all your favorites, and even some unique cocktails with this private workshop led by a Master Mixologist.

Takeaway – Custom Recipe Cards to take home and become the star bartender at your next gathering.

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