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7 Reasons Why Throwing a Party is Good for Your Health

Between coordinating music, providing enough food and booze, and managing RSVPs, it’s no secret that throwing a party of any size can be super stressful.  But, at the end of the day, when the playlist runs out and your weird Uncle Rick has had one too many gin and tonics, it’s almost always worth the struggle.  Why?  Because, as it turns out, playing host is actually good for your health!

Written By: Alyssa Brown

Friends are good for your immune system


Epidemiologists have been saying for years that people who have more diverse social networks are less likely to get heart disease and live longer.  And we all know that the more parties you throw, the more people you bring into your social network.  [source]


Hosting teaches you to embrace stress


As any event planner will tell you, hosting can bring along with it many sets of stress factors.  What if the band shows up, but the main singer has lost his voice?  What if speeches take too long and the meal gets cold?

Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal makes an interesting case for stress in her 2013 Ted Talk.  Part of her argument is that acknowledging stress response as a protective system that energizes your body and compels you to go into reactionary mode is a very good thing.  By embracing stress rather than fearing it in simple scenarios, you increase your ability to manage more stressful situations.  [source]  Photo of Love and Splendor by Ryan Ray Photography

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Socializing is good for your memory


According to a study by the American Academy of Neurology, people who are travel and/or are socially active are 55% less likely to develop symptoms of moderate cognitive impairment, such as dementia.  [source]

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You’ll sleep better


It’s exhausting to be a host!  Making sure everyone has what they need, that they’re having a good time, and finding time to enjoy meaningful conversation with your guests takes a lot of work.  There’s no doubt that when the event comes to end, you’ll be begging to count sheep.

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Parties are mood boosters


Getting together with people and laughing is a hugely important thing that happens at a party.  Neuroscientist Sophie Scott says, “You're doing something, when you laugh with people, that's actually letting you access a really ancient evolutionary system that mammals have evolved to make and maintain social bonds, and clearly to regulate emotions, to make ourselves feel better.”  [source]


Your organizational skills will improve


Learning how best to manage your time is crucial when it comes to planning an event.  It’s really easy to get caught up in doing whatever you enjoy most, like putting together flower arrangements or selecting a menu, and you can easily lose track of how much time you’re spending on small tasks.  By organizing your time efficiently and clearly outlining responsibilities of all people contributing something to the party, you’ll cut back on the planning time and your event will run more smoothly.  Learn how to simplify and don’t take on too much!


Your skin and your heart will thank you


If you’re throwing a party outdoors, embrace the sunshine!  The sun’s UV rays have been shown to lower blood pressure and promote bone growth.  Time spent in the sun also boosts your body’s vitamin D supply.  And, hey, who doesn’t love that sunshiney glow on their skin. [source]

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