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7 Tips to Creating a Stylishly Spooky Kid's Halloween Party

Throwing a stylish, spooky but not scary, and fun for everyone (kids and adults alike) children's Halloween party can be challenging from the from finding non-cheesy decor to the the right fright night entertainment. Before the sugar highs kick in and costumes are swapped for PJ's, you'll want to have created a party that satisfied everyone's sweet tooth.

We caught up with Sophie Brandon of Fable & Moon to get her tips for throwing a boo-tiful kids Halloween party. Read on for her step-by-step on creating a perfectly bewitching gathering.

Event styling, balloon installation, props and furniture: Fable & Moon | Venue: Yoga Barn 
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Theme It Out

Choose your colour scheme and theme, and stick to it! Don’t be afraid to choose something a little bit different like we did with shades of pink and black. It makes for a really fun and modern Halloween party. We mixed and matched the tableware from Other Letters to bring the theme and colours together.
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Have Fun With Flowers

Always, always, always include flowers! They bring any party to life. We were lucky to have Sally’s Studio create some spooky yet beautiful flower arrangements for our party.
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Simplify Your Desserts

Keep it sweet and simple! We choose a naked drip cake made by the amazing Wilma’s Bakery in our party colours and added flowers from the flower arrangements to tie everything in. We also had super cute swan cookies made by My Petite Kitchen which the children adored.
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Bring in Balloons

Balloon installations are all the rage right now and really help to make a venue looked dressed up and super fun. Our balloon colour of choice right now is blush, it looks amazing combined with any other colour balloon.
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It's All in the Details

Highlight your theme with subtle details: we choose to spray paint pumpkins in pink, rose gold and black. We also added a swan ornament filled with spooky skulls to the children’s table to bring our theme of Halloween and swans together. Fun signage is always a great idea too: we had bespoke Perspex signage made by Mother Wild and put together some fun Halloween sayings on letterboards.
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Keep the Kids Entertained

Children love dressing up so we included a rail of the most beautiful children’s dress up clothes made by Florence & Bunny and fun t-shirts by Tee by Charlotte West. Classic games such as 'musical statues' and 'pass the parcel' always go down really well and you can change the name to fit the theme: how about 'zombie freeze' and 'pass the witches hat?' We also popped some beautiful books in the tepee for the children to read for some chill out time.
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Mix Up Your Venue

Halloween might be a dark and spooky affair but we would recommend always choosing a venue with tons of natural light, believe me it makes such a difference! The Yoga Barn has huge floor to ceiling windows which is perfect for a fresh, modern Halloween soirée.

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