8 of the Most Breathtaking Spots to Host a Celebration in Europe
Clara Isabella Boatto and Eva Zoe Trevisan of Design Anarchy Studio  in Italy have a built a strong reputation for their design savvy, eclectic celebrations throughout Italy, Europe, Morocco, Bali and worldwide. The...

Clara Isabella Boatto and Eva Zoe Trevisan of Design Anarchy Studio  in Italy have a built a strong reputation for their design savvy, eclectic celebrations throughout Italy, Europe, Morocco, Bali and worldwide. The colorful duo have 12+ years of design and production experience, drawing inspiration from classic history, theatrical performance, local craftsmanship, bespoke fashion, tradition and fashion straight from the runway.

Today, Clara and Eva are sharing their favorite unique venues in Europe to host a bash for inspired travelers planning a destination celebration.

Reporter: Clara and Eva of Design Anarchy Studio

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Dimora delle Balze
Noto, Italy

Situated near the city of Noto, Sicily, this antique 19th century estate saw many years of conservation restoration before being brought to its current condition. Columns that now are visible in the garden overlooking the valley were found on the grass – pieces of ruins with a strong story to tell. The long restoration transformed the property to include 11 rooms ideal for both small events of 40 guests to bigger size celebrations.

We love this unique venue for its antique walls and natural Sicilian light that drenches the interior. The old stones of the estate are charming, and the fresh breeze dances around you as step out from your car and pass through the antique main gate. The picturesque valley of Noto gives guests an added sensory experience. 
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Château de Gudanes
Château-Verdun, France

Situated in Château-Verdun, this château was built originally as a fortress dating back to the 13th century, then used in the 1960s and 70s as children's camps during their holidays, and finally, it was purchased by an Australian family who has spearheaded huge restorations in order to bring it to its original state. We are drawn to its decadent atmosphere, rich architectural details, and antique walls. It is the perfect location for a wedding, creative workshop, photoshoot, retreat or intimate personal gathering.
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Château de Moissac
Moissac-Bellevue, France

Situated in Provence in Moissac Bellevue, this small castle was built in the 17th century as a retreat for a noble Provencal family. It surveys the valley of rolling countryside with vines and olive trees that stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Its cobble-stoned exterior walls and romantically lit interiors feel natural for the location and the overall setting. It is a property full of French details, each important and magnificent. The big sprawling staircase is just waiting for a dramatic bridal portrait. The château is ideal for hosting an anniversary party, intimate elopement or small wedding.
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Masseria le Carrube
Ostuni, Italy

Masseria le Carrube is a typical Apulian farmhouse turned exclusive property, situated near Ostuni, a tiny town with idyllic white-washed stone from home to home. Masseria is perfect for those looking for an authentic experience surrounded by mother nature, fields of red dusty land, and thousands of antique olive trees (each tree dates back to at least 100 years ago).

With 14 guest rooms, Masseria is the ideal location for a big event or an intimate party for those searching for the authentic Apulia experience. We love it for the nature around, which can’t be found elsewhere in Italy. The open-air spaces around the property are a journey to explore, where a long family-style feast could be marvelously designed for any event.
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Palazzo Zeno
Venice, Italy

Palazzo Zeno is a small palace situated in Venice’s historical center built in the 14th century by Carlo Zeno, a war hero waged by Venice against Genova. Today, the palace still belongs to the same family who cared for it, restored it, and decorated some rooms of the new wing.

The palace is perfect for medium size events. Due to its delicacy and antiquity, dance parties are allowed only in its disco club, a private space, which has been built by the owners from client demand. We love the authentic Murano glass chandeliers and its petite curated garden!
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Château du Grand-Lucé
Le Grand-Lucé, France

This is one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture featuring 17 suites hosting up to 42 adults with a splendid ballroom, an internal boutique, a fine dining restaurant, and outdoor pool.

We love it for its near vicinity to Le Grand Luce’, a charming village home to 2 boulangeries, a 15th century church, a lawyer, a florist, a charcuterie shop, a pharmacy, and 3 coiffeurs where guests can experience the real French joie de vivre. The gardens, which were designed in perfect order and symmetry, and the grandeur of the castle make this the ideal setting for a grand wedding of 200 guests who will enjoy an authentic Parisian experience.
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Castello di Presule
Fiè allo Sciliar, Italy

Photo by Alina Danilov
A mountain castle built in 1200 by aristocratic counts, this stunning castle is influenced by Gothic architecture and the Renaissance. Passed through history, it was restored according to the taste of Emperor Maximilian I.

Its mountainous terrain is breathtaking and its main knights’ hall, which was built in 1893, is adorned with wooden decorated walls. It is the perfect location for hosts who envision a picturesque medieval setting with its historical richness.
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Conti di San Bonifacio
Tuscany, Italy

This is a 7-room exclusive wine resort tucked in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, designed and built by a local craftsman. It's the perfect setting for hosts who appreciate luxurious interiors yet are looking for an authentic experience inside an elegant ranch.

We love it for the peace which is all around, their organic garden which celebrates clean food and wine with respect for mother nature, the majestic infinity pool, and every detail inside each immaculate room. A great place to host an alfresco welcome party with close family and friends, or a personal milestone celebration with a magnificent view.​

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