9 Crazy Cool Places to Elope
If running off to Vegas and getting hitched by an Elvis impersonator isn't wild enough for you and your honey, try one of these crazy places around the world to elope. Written by Joe Yogerst  

If running off to Vegas and getting hitched by an Elvis impersonator isn't wild enough for you and your honey, try one of these crazy places around the world to elope. Written by Joe Yogerst

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Ice Hotel

Photo by ICE HOTEL

Fancy yourself as the Princess Anna of Arendelle and Kristoff the Iceman? Then why not stage your own "Frozen" nuptials at the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden. The wondrous hand-carved Ice Chapel features ice-block benches covered in reindeer pelts. Afterwards warm up in the sauna or in a polar expedition sleeping bag for two in one of the hotel's luxury suites.   

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Burning man Festival


Sixty bucks and a photo ID will get you an instant marriage license in the state of Nevada, obtainable at the county clerk's office on Black Rock City on your way to Burning Man. Pitch your tent, get yourself dressed (or completely undressed) for the occasion, and get hitched in front of one of the giant effigies that gets torched at festival end.  

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Carnglaze Caverns


These British caves give a whole new meaning to the term underground romance. Get married in the candlelit waterfront setting of the Underground Lake and then have your reception in a giant subterranean cavern called The Rum Store. The cavern's owners can arrange anything you need, from flowers and photographer to wedding cake and nearby romantic hotel. 

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Make like Tarzan and Jane with a wedding deep in the heart of Africa -- the famed Serengeti Plains.
Serena Safari Lodge can arrange a traditional Maasai wedding in the bush, with a local chief performing the ceremony and entertainment provided by tribal  singers and dancers. Tie the knot during the annual migration and you might have a million zebra and wildebeest watching from afar. 

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Easter Island

Photo by Barros Inc

Far off Easter Island -- or Rapa Nui to use its Polynesian name -- is the most remote populated place on the whole planet. Couples with a flair for the exotic can arrange to get married on a black-sand beach with giant stone heads as a backdrop, the ceremony performed in Polynesia by a Rapa Nui elder everyone, the bride clad in a feathered gown, the groom in a feather-and-leaf loincloth and traditional body paints designs.

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Photo by Vogue India

Ride an elephant to your wedding on the beach in Goa, the old hippy haven in southern India that's become such a hotspot for lavish Indian weddings. If pachyderms aren't your thing, the groom can enter on a white steed, the bride on a royal litter carried by four uniformed attendants. Photographer: Signe Vilstrup for Vogue India

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New Zealand


Write your own romantic script in Hobbiton, the film set where The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Hobbit films were shot on location in New Zealand. Located about 100 miles south of Auckland, Hobbiton is open to the public for tours and events when filming is an hiatus. Weddings are staged in a garden surrounded by Hobbit holes, receptions in a replica of the Green Dragon Inn. 


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Machu Picchu


The "Lost City of the Incas" -- perched on a jungle mountaintop above the headwaters of the Amazon -- is magic even without a special event. But imagine having your wedding there, presided over by an Amerindian shaman with an Andean music troupe playing songs as the couple complete their union by making a harvest offering to the ancient Inca gods.   

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Dracula's Castle

Photo by Bran Castle

Love at first bite is the vibe at Bran Castle, the 14th-century Romanian castle that was once home base to Vlad the Impaler, inspiration for the Dracula character created by Bram Stoker. Couples can get married in the castle gardens or one of the 600-year-old rooms, before retiring to a romantic country in the adjacent town of Bran.

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