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A Coffee Lover’s Complete Guide to Sydney
If there’s one thing Sydney takes seriously, it’s coffee. The space you take your coffee in must be gorgeous, sunny and smell richly of nutty espresso. Surry Hills is home to many of the city’s best coffee shops,...
If there’s one thing Sydney takes seriously, it’s coffee. The space you take your coffee in must be gorgeous, sunny and smell richly of nutty espresso. Surry Hills is home to many of the city’s best coffee shops, but there are plenty of caffeine slingers in Darlinghurst, Bondi and beyond. From hole-in-the-wall espresso carts to full-blown café culture, there’s a little something for every type of coffee drinker and we’re diving into the coffee scene down under.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Coffee Shop: Paramount Coffee Project
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Saturdays NYC
Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Photo by Saturdays NYC
This rad little surf shop in Bondi also has a full coffee bar. Perfect for when you want to grab a quick one before hitting the waves or heading to work, Saturdays is an easy go-to for your daily fix.
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Bakery at the Grounds of Alexandria
Alexandria, NSW, Australia

Part children’s animal farm, part organic garden, part kitchen, part coffee research facility, part bakery and occasional wedding venue, many hats fit The Grounds of Alexandria. Perhaps most paramount is the every day business of coffee roasting and brewing for the local crowd.
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Celsius Coffee Co.
Kirribilli, NSW, Australia

Perched atop the Kirribilli Wharf, Celsius Coffee Co. Offers coffee with a view of the harbor. If you’re looking for a good spot to reinvent your morning ritual, this could be the place.
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Edition Coffee Roasters
Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

Delicious coffee, warm sunshine and good vibes are offered in abundance at Edition in Darlinghurst. This corner café is an easy spot to grab a cuppa with friends or sip a strong skinny latte. 
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Skittle Lane
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Photo by Skittle Lane
The space at Skittle Lane is a minimalist’s dream, featuring a wall of windows and just one big bench for those who prefer to sip their coffee in-shop. At this spot, baristas run the show and dole out the occasional pastry alongside many a coffee.
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Fika Swedish Kitchen
Manly, NSW, Australia

You’ll find this sweet Swedish gem in Manly, set right along the beachfront. The space is sunny and breezy, making it the perfect spot for your morning or afternoon ritual of coffee and a bite to eat.
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Toby's Estate
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Photo by Toby's Estate
Toby’s is located inside the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, in a space that blends opulence with low-key coffee lifestyle seamlessly. The coffee roasters behind the brand are big on creating a product that’s wholly ethical and flavorful, so head here for a top-notch experience across the board.
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Three Beans Coffee
Manly, NSW, Australia

A sunny beachside hang, Three Beans is a Manly local’s fave. This crew is all about organic produce and coffee that can be traced right back to the farmer. There are multiple locations throughout the city, including a few in the CBD.
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Pablo & Rusty's
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Home brewers, be prepared to throw down for the latest brewing accessories and sign up for the subscription service at Pablo & Rusty’s. The CBD location is filled with takeaway goodies and it’s a great spot for a work meetup or to catch a quick coffee buzz.
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Paramount Coffee Project
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Sydney and Los Angeles are both home bases for this coffee house. The sunny Surry Hills location is what’s up when you’re in Sydney. 
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Porch and Parlour
North Bondi, NSW, Australia

Another gem of the Bondi Beach scene, Porch and Parlour is one of those coffee shops with big, open windows that let in the breeze. There’s a full menu for brunch, sun downers and dinner, and the coffee is legit.
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Reuben Hills
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Photo by Reuben Hills
This Surry Hills coffee roaster does roasting on the mezzanine and offers coffee by the mug downstairs. Inspired by the coffee regions the Reuben Hills team sources from, the menu here explores South American fare with a familiar Aussie component.
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Bondi Hall
Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Photo by Bondi Hall
Concrete, timber and a big glass wall are all it takes to make this space look oh-so-rad. Bondi Hall is a café by day and wine bar by night, set in the heart of Hall St.
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Aggy's Corner
Balgowlah, NSW, Australia

Photo by Aggy's Corner
What was once an old corner store in Balgowlah is now a fresh new home to Aggy’s Corner, a little coffee shop that’s quickly becoming a neighborhood staple. Not only is the coffee ace, but the treats on offer are clean and tasty.
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Brewtown Coffee Roasters
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Brewtown does the daily coffee grind in Newtown, Surry Hills and Cammeray. There’s also a full menu at each shop, and each has its own vibe. Head to Newtown if you’re after an industrial feel; Surry Hills if you feel like sitting outdoors; or Cammeray if you’re after a space that’s more modern and fresh.
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Three Blue Ducks
Roseberry, NSW, Australia

Three Blue Ducks is one of Sydney’s most well-known restaurants, but you can also stop in for just a coffee if you’re so inclined. Farm-centric food is always the priority when it comes to the menus here and the coffee is stellar.
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Barista & Cook
Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Waterloo’s best spot for a cold drip, chemex, pour over or – get this – coffee ice cream slider, Barista & Cook brings the A-game to coffee every day of the week. Head here when you want a barista that really knows their stuff.
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Single O
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Photo by Single O
Single O has a handful of shops but the flagship Surry Hills outpost is at the top of our must-visit list. A corner hideaway, there’s seating both indoors and along the sidewalk. Here you can grab a delicious pour over from their long list of single origin coffees and order up something fresh and light to eat. 
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Gypsy Espresso
Potts Point, NSW, Australia

A Pott’s Point go-to, Gypsy Espresso is a neighborhood coffee shop that consistently roasts and brews some of the best Joe from around the world. The flagship café is a chill spot, just near bustling Macleay St., where you’re sure to greet a friendly face.
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Meet Mica
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Photo by Meet Mica
This hoppin’ little café in Surry Hills does a banger breakfast business, slinging everything from soba salad with confit duck to banana toast with yuzu cream. There’s a fine dining spin on much of the menu, and the coffee here rotates through local roasters monthly.
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Vida Surf Shop Café
Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

You can gear up and grub up at this surf shop café in Bondi. The menu at Vida is all about living your best life, with a focus on nutritious and energy-giving foods.
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Cuckoo Callay
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Photo by Cuckoo Callay
It’s all things eclectic at Cuckoo Callay, right down to the menu offerings at this Surry Hills café. Try the “All That Fritters is Gold,” or the pop tart known as “I Love You From the Bottom of My Tart,” and order up a golden turmeric latte with macadamia milk.
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Suzie Q Coffee & Records
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

This Surry Hills coffee shop and record store is a fave of the local scene. There’s always something awesome on brew and the music scene makes it an extra lovely hang.
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Henry Lee's
Redfern, NSW, Australia

Photo by Henry Lee's
This café and courtyard in Redfern serves full breakfast and lunch daily, and it’s a great spot to grab a flat white and hang with your mates. Henry Lee’s is located in the Eveleigh Creative Precinct, an industrial arts and culture center that’s also home to a cellar door for Cake Wines. 

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