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A Food Lover’s Guide to Hong Kong

photo: Annie Spratt
Hong Kong is an adventurous eater’s dream, so when you visit this cosmopolitan metropolis prepare to eat. 

To really devour the best of the city, consider heading to the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, located in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai neighborhood beside the popular Star Ferry building. Recently, this sleek property started offering a unique Taste With Marriott package, which includes an epic guided food crawl through Hong Kong’s most delicious off-the-beaten-path locales. Read on to discover some of the most tempting--and edible--moments to enjoy during your next visit to Hong Kong. 

Reporter: Dylan Essertier

Upscale Cantonese at Dynasty

Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Good news, one of Hong Kong’s most beloved Cantonese restaurants is actually located inside the Renaissance, so if you make that your home base you won’t need to go far to find some of the most delicious and upscale Cantonese dining in town. Inside Dynasty, floor-to-ceiling glass windows flank the sprawling space and provide epic views to Victoria Harbour while dishes such as lobster with milk, ginger and red pepper are served on beautiful porcelain plates. Insider tip: This is perfect for a special occasion vibe.
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Lau Yu Fat Tea Shop

Zone A, Lok Fu Place, Hong Kong
Since opening in 1961, this legendary tea shop has been sharing the joys of Chinese tea. Come here to sit down with gracious owner Mr. Lau, who will walk you through a traditional tea tasting ceremony. What’s interesting is learning how entrenched tea is in the daily life of those living in Hong Kong, with different tea being used for everything from quenching thirst to curing health ailments. Not to mention this is a wonderful place to pick up beautiful tea packets to bring back home to friends and family.
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Egg Tarts at King Bakery

Lok Fu Bazaar, Hong Kong
Egg Tarts are a Hong Kong classic. With a presence similar to chocolate chip cookies in the United States you will find them everywhere during a visit to the Pearl of the Orient however, with plenty of varieties to choose from, including everything from honey-egg tarts to green tea tarts available to sample, you’ll want to be sure to set your sights on the best of the best. We suggest heading to King Bakery, where these treats are baked up fresh every day and the puff pastry variety are made with over 384 layers.
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Grocery Shopping at Lok Fu Market

Wang Tau Hom, Hong Kong
A visit to Lok Fu Market is incredibly interesting for a few reasons. First, it’s a great example of a modern version of what is known as a Hong Kong ‘wet market’ where fresh poultry, seafood and produce are available for purchase. During the tour you’ll learn that ‘wet markets’ are distinguished from Hong Kong’s ‘dry markets’ where durable goods such as clothing and electronics are sold. Colorful, chaotic and endless in its options, this grocery shopping experience is truly one to remember.

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