An Insider's Guide To 18 Spots In Baja California

photo Arielle Vey
Beautiful Baja isn't simply a surfer's paradise, it's a chic and cultural experience... if you know where to go. Luckily for you, we called up the always lovely Angel Miron from Let's Go Clandestino, a beautiul, bespoke & boutique Baja tour experience and asked him since he's in the know... where does he go? Be it a week, weekend or day trip, heading just south of the border is a much lovlier experience than many of us could imagine and here's why.

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Where Would You Host a Dinner Party?

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Angel Miron: Something really cool we have done before is hosted a coursed dinner/pairing at a winery right in the middle of their vineyard. Picture a really long table with styled by The Hostess Haven and food prepared by A Miho Experience. As for a restaurant I would choose to host a dinner at Malva because of the very cozy and intimate setting underneath a giant palapa/canopy with an amazing view of the Valle de Guadalupe. The chef Roberto Alcocer is doing amazing food, it is a true farm to table restaurant and also has a vineyard/winery on site. 
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Favorite Place for Ice Cream?

San Antonio de las Minas, Baja California, Mexico
Angel MironMalva's goat cheese ice cream is something else, there's even one that is served with popcorn. Flavors rotate but your always in for a treat!
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Favorite Boutique Hotel?

Angel MironCuatro Cuatros in Ensenada is a wonderful glamping experience with one of the most amazing vistas and sunsets, oh and did I mention they have vineyards and a winery? 

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Favorite Hotel With the Best Pool/Pool Party?

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico
Angel Miron: The picturesque setting with an infinity/disappearing pool at Encuentro Guadalupe is the perfect place for an upscale pool party. 
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Favorite Hotel With the Best Pool/Pool Party? (Cont.)

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Harmony Loves
Angel Miron: The pool at the beautiful Mediterranean style La Villa Del Valle is also another favorite. A six room bed and breakfast with a yoga studio that has huge sliding doors attached to the pool area that can be rented out to host a fun party. Both of these hotels have restaurants, vineyards and wineries. 
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Favorite Brunch or Lunch Spot?

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico
Angel Miron: I recently had the pleasure of having brunch with the the family for Easter at Finca Altozano (Valle de Guadalupe) and it was quite lovely. Serving non traditional breakfast type items since they open at 1pm. 
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Favorite Bar for Cocktails?

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Oryx Capital
Angel Miron: The cocktail scene in Tijuana is about to blow up. There's a few places we enjoy sipping on a cocktail at. Located or hidden behind Oryx Capital (restaurant in Tijuana) is Nortico, just opened last month and is gearing to be one of the new hot spots for cocktails. This one of a kind speakeasy has been influenced a great deal by Noble Experiment and has consulted with Snake Oil Co. for their cocktail menu.
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Is there a new MUST see or eat at?

Ojos Negros, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Marco Beteta
Angel Miron: Absolutely!!! There always a new vineyard or a new restaurant or a new hotel that in the Valle de Guadalupe that I haven't eaten at, stayed at or tried the wine. But the Valle de Guadalupe is only one of 5 major wine producing valleys. The one place I have been dying to go to is the valley known as Ojos Negros, located about 40 minutes east of Ensenada. It's known as the "cheese and wine route." This area was once the capital of Baja California for a short period of time in the early 1900's and was visited by gold prospectors. It is said that once you arrive in Ojos Negros you get the feeling like you could be anywhere in Switzerland. History tells us that a Swiss-Italian immigrant came down from San Francisco bought a large piece of land and started cultivating cheeses and then generations later the ranch is still there. La Cava de Marcelo is located in this ranch where there is a cheese cave that is one of the first of its kind in Latin America. 
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Favorite Bar/Brewery for Beers?

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Angel MironPlaza Fiesta is THE hub for craft beer in Tijuana. Located just a few minutes from the border it is a great way to introduce visitors to Mexican craft beer, specifically Baja breweries. There are currently 13 tasting rooms in this "square" and more to open in the next few months. One can easily spend a few hours there. 
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What's Your Favorite Café? What Do You Order?

Tijuana, Valle de Guadalupe & Ensenada, Baja California
photo: Breton
Angel Miron: In Tijuana I like to get an espresso at Café Sospeso and a cappuccino at Dás CortezIn the Valle de Guadalupe I like to order a Café Colado meaning "strained coffee" at La Cooperativa located inside Estacion de Oficios El Porvenir, La Escuelita.
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Favorite Bar/Brewery for Beers? (Cont.)

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Mike Arce
Angel MironLa Justina is located in downtown Tijuana, in the middle of the hustle and bustle on Calle Revolucion where most of the city's fame has emerged from. This quaint restaurant has a cool bar with unique cocktails that shouldn't be missed.
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Favorite Bar/Brewery for Beers? (Cont.)

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Verde y Crema
Angel MironVerde y Crema is my favorite restaurant in Tijuana with a farm to table concept, but they also have really good signature cocktails, wines from their winery in Tecate, a line of their own Mezcales and great beer on draft.
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Favorite Winery?

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico
Angel MironLechuza Vineyard. We love their wines and their hospitality. Truly an inspiring story behind their passion for making wines. 
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The Most Inspirational Place in Baja?

Eréndira, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Wikipedia
Angel Miron: I just recently did a weekend getaway with my family and some friends down to Eréndira, a small beach town about two hours south of Ensenada. We had the most magical time, it was still whale watching season so we had the opportunity to sit back and relax and do some whale watching right from the beach house we called home for a few days. Although it wasn't officially a Let's Go Clandestino tour, we decided to make the most of our trip and make various stops along the way. 
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The Most Inspirational Place in Baja? (Cont.)

Eréndira, Baja California, Mexico
photo: State Of Mine
Angel Miron: Our first stop was at Cerveceria Agua Mala (our friends' brewery located right before entering downtown Ensenada) to pick up some growlers and bottles of some of the best craft beer in Mexico.
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The Most Inspirational Place in Baja? (Cont.)

Eréndira, Baja California, Mexico
photo: MD Vinos
Angel Miron: So once everyone's appetite was satisfied we were off to do some exploring past Ensenada. We knew we wanted to hit up a couple of wineries but hadn't really decided on which ones yet, so we decided to wing it. Although I had heard of some of the wineries in the sub-valley of La Grulla (located within the major valley Santo Tomas) I chose MD Vinos, a winery tucked away in some beautiful and peaceful hills and it turned out to be a good experience.
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The Most Inspirational Place in Baja? (Cont.)

Eréndira, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Palafox Vinos
Angel Miron: We had ran out of time before we had to head straight to our final destination in Eréndira. After a very fun filled weekend on our return back to San Diego we made another stop at Palafox Vinos, also a spur of the moment yet great decision. Really loved the atmosphere here. 
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Favorite Street Food & Where To Get It?

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
photo: Tacos Fitos
Angel Miron: Tijuana is known for having the best tacos on the world (biased opinion but have traveled to many places in Mexico and its hard to beat) so we have to start here. For breakfast tacos we choose Tacos Fitos, serving "birria" which is a beef stew (other meats that can be used are goat and lamb) marinating in a broth with certain spices. This taco maker is known to be one of the fastest in his line of work. It's like a beauty of art the way he prepares each taco.  
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