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City Guide: New York by Jove Meyer Events

photo: Scott Witter
We'll admit it, we're outwardly fan-girling over New York wedding planner Jove Meyers and jumped at the chance to sit down with him and chat about all things pretty, his gorgeous go-to's and some serious insider scoop on Big Apple I-do's.

Over the years Jove has planned and designed weddings and events that run the gamut from a vintage farm in the countryside of France to a beautiful beach in California as well as just about every venue we have heart eyez over in NYC. He's all about reflecting each couple's personal style and we've got a running theory it's because he's got so much swag, swag, swag style of his own. 

We love his out-of-the-box approach to both weddings and life and we're supes lucky that he's agreed to lead us on an Insider's Guide to Gathering in one of our fave cities in the world. Enjoy!
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Favorite New York Wedding Venues

New York, NY
With all of your event planning experience, which New York wedding venues are your favorite? 501 Union - is a beautifully designed event space with some of my favorite wallpaper and custom light fixtures. The Foundry - is a stunning space with hidden gems throughout. It is a combination of historic and modern! Greenpoint Loft - is an amazing loft space with great architectural features and stunning views of the city! 
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Best Street Food

New York, NY
What is your favorite street food in New York? Wafles & Dinges - a black and tan wafles will change your life in the best way! A freshly made wafles covered with belgium chocolate and their signature cookie butter spread! Red Hook Lobster Pound - a freshly toasted bun filled with the freshest local lobster covered in butter, what could be better?!?!

Favorite Cafes

New York, NY
What is your favorite place to grab coffee with friends?  Ovenly - what's better than a chocolate chip cookie and an iced coffee?!? Enjoying them in a beautifully designed cafe near the waterfront of Greenpoint. Stumptown Coffee Roasters - one of my favorite mochas in the city, they use locally made mast brothers chocolate and pull a perfect shot and steam the milk to perfection.
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Best Spots To Go Shopping

New York, NY
What are your favorite places to shop for decor? A&G Merch - This store has some of the best furniture around, their design aesthetic is on point and they are located in the heart of Williamsburg. Fishs Eddy - This store is so magical and can help you transform your home or apartment with the most amazing flatware and glassware in the city! Not to mention fun nicknacks! 
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Best Places To Host A Dinner Party

New York, NY
If you were going to host a dinner party, where would you have it? The Wythe Hotel - they have a beautiful wine cellar / cave that makes dinner an experience to be remembered. Brooklyn Winery - they have beautiful wooden walls with a living plant wall and the house made wine is to die for!
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Must See Tourist Spots

New York, NY
What are two tourist spots you would recommend for a couple? 

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
 - There is something about walking on the Brooklyn Bridge that reminds you where you are, as you stand in the middle of the river looking at new york city you feel so empowered and take in all the energy the city has to offer!

2. See a Broadway Show - live theater completes a new york city experience. the stage, the lights, the music, the choreography it's such an amazing experience. There are so many to choose from, you can laugh, cry, feel empowered!

We will keep your favorites safe & sound here.
Happy favoriting!