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How to Plan an Al Fresco Backyard Bridal Shower

California is known for its gorgeous vineyards, citrus groves and immaculate weather. We’re so thankful to call it home. It also serves as the perfect backdrop for al fresco festivities. A vibrant open-air celebration, whether it be a bridal shower, a birthday party or rehearsal dinner, makes hosting your event that much more magical for your guests.

Today, we’re showing you how to plan an intimate, rustic backyard bridal shower that leans less on tradition (no balloons, flower crowns or toilet paper games this time!) to turn focus on giving your bridesmaids, friends and close family an opportunity to get to know each other better against our gorgeous Cali-vineyard theme. From a bountiful, citrus grove-inspired custom centerpiece and date garlands, to shareable boards spread with crudités, cheeses and charcuterie, we’re confident this table will be a favorite for wedding season.

Reporter: Dena Cohen of The Planning Society


Creative Studio: Bub + George | Photography: Jenna Peffley for Bub + George

Skip the Floral Centerpieces

Skip the traditional floral centerpieces for an antique hand-carved wooden dough bowl filled with citrus, pears, pomegranates and artichokes. Here, we took it a step further and utilized olive branches and unripened dates as garland.

Embrace Mismatched Decor

Another fun touch is mismatched linen napkins that stay within your color palette but are uniform with mustard-hued leather holders.

Party Favor: Infused Olive Oil

Our take-home favors include individual rosemary-infused olive oil bottles guests can bottle at together at the party, in addition to individual bread rolls tied with twine and topped with a sprig of rosemary and dried blood orange. For the bride-to-be that prefers do-it-together activities over the traditional bridal shower games, this idea is a creative way to weave your theme into every moment and detail.

Tie It All Together

We love experimenting with unexpected toppers when it comes to the cake. Carrying over from the citrus centerpiece, you see dehydrated cara cara oranges atop an Italian vanilla buttercream naked cake. A bright and colorful way to end the day on a sweet note.

Reporter: Dena Cohen of The Planning Society | Creative Studio: Bub + George | Photography: Jenna Peffley for Bub + George

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