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Inside Bali's Coolest Corner: Where to Shop, Eat, Spa, Dance and Acai Bowl in Seminyak

photo: albrakadabra
Without a doubt, Seminyak is one of the chicest destinations in Bali. The upmarket town offers the best of everything—from cool cafes and incomparable shopping to stylish clubs and unbeatable spas. Here, we round up the locations that should be on every sophisticated globetrotter’s Seminyak itinerary. Trust us, if you haven’t booked your group trip to Bali yet, our guide to the island’s coolest corner will inspire you to start looking for that flight today.

Where to stay: Alila Seminyak

Reporter: Dylan Essertier
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Where to Spa: Prana

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
There’s an endless array of spas in Seminyak, however the Middle Eastern-Inspired Prana is the largest—and one of the most unforgettable—in Bali. What makes Prana so special? For starters it’s gorgeous, and features intricately-designed treatment rooms with beautiful Moroccan motifs and eye-popping colors. As for the treatments themselves, therapists are experienced, gracious, and welcoming. Consider pampering yourself with the Simple Bliss, which combines aromatherapy with Ayurvedic massage techniques for something relaxing or kick off your stay in Seminyak with the Jet Lag to cure any kinks from your long flight.
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Where to Shop: Kim Soo

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Thanks to its gorgeous home accessories and textiles, Kim Soo is enough to make a Bohemian design lover weak in the knees. Head here for a bit of grazing and gazing, courtesy of the shop’s adorable cafe which is located inside the showroom and serves up simple dishes in a chic setting made of raw wood, marble top French cafe tables, and dreamy oversized cushions. Once you’ve had your fill of avocado smash or ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter browse an incredible selection of handcrafted goods such as shell chandeliers, beaded baskets, and must-have knick-knacks sourced from around Indonesia and Australia.
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Where to Eat: KYND Community Cafe

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Few cafes have achieved the cult status of KYND, which is more than just a place to eat but a community for earth-conscious foodies to gather and enjoy plant-based eats that are as pretty as they are good for you. For something particularly gram-worthy try the Berry Tropical smoothie bowl featuring dragon fruit, banana, mixed berries, and coconut water topped with Kynd’s house-made granola. The eatery will even spell out special messages on your bowl, like ‘Bali Babe’ and ‘Eat Plants’. I mean, talk about a truly picture perfect meal. 
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Where to Dance: La Favela

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Have a little faith as you make your way through a dark alley and you’ll find yourself in the enormous, multi-floor colonial mansion overrun with plush courtyards known as La Favela. Frequented regularly by the hip and beautiful, spending the night dancing here feels more like attending an insanely chic house party than it does a typical nightclub experience. Before heading to La Favela, be sure to check the club slash restaurant’s Facebook page as they continue to up the anti with special themed nights that draw crowds from not only all over Bali, but from around the world. 

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