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See 7 Of The Most Beautiful Aquatic Sites That This Influencer Visited

Hello! I am Lisa Danielle Smith. I live in the very beautiful little beach town of Byron Bay, Australia. I work in fashion at my favorite label, Spell & the Gypsy Collective and when I’m not there I’m either spending time on my homewares business Blush & Ochre, hanging with my new dearest niece Daisy or finding adventures to go on! I am a strong believer in creating the life of your dreams and not wasting a moment doing something you don’t love. Travel & adventure have always been an important part of my life and I’m always searching for new places to explore.

Make this Summer one to remember by venturing to my top 7 favored pools around the world. I promise they'll change your life!

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Onsen Hot Pools

Queenstown, New Zealand
The beautiful Onsen Hot Pools Resort and Spa is only a short 10 minute drive from Downtown Queenstown. Enjoy your own private room and pool that overlooks crystal clear river and the surrounding mountains, this was truly an amazing experience!
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Kakadu Infinity Pool at Gunlom Falls

Northern Territory, Australia
Kakadu National Park holds many rock surrounded pools and waterfalls. My favorite by far is Gunlom Falls. It's a tough, steep climb up, but when you get to the top you are rewarded with waterfalls and crystal clear infinity pools that over look south of the park. We watched the sunset from up here and it was magical.
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Riad Yasmine Pool

Marrakech, Morocco
One of my absolute favorite Riads in Morocco is Riad Yasmine. Their insta-famous pool is one that dreams are made of. After shopping in the hot & bustling souks, a dip in this plunge pool surrounded by the most intricate Moroccan architecture was just what the doctor ordered. 
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Bask & Stow

Byron Bay, Australia
Located in the heart of Byron Bay is a new stay called Bask & Stow. Think white besser blocks, cactus, beautiful furnishings and of course a dreamy little pool. We felt like we were on a luxe summer holiday and we live just down the road!
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Korakia Pensionelearn more

Korakia is a Mediterranean and Moroccan style Villa in Palm Springs, CA. It is unique, relaxing and my favorite feature? Their famous pool which illuminates at night by surrounding fire pits. During the day, laying by the pool with Moroccan Tea while reading books is all I could ever want and need. 
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Ti Tree Lake

Byron Bay, Australia
One of my favorite spots in Byron Bay is Ti Tree Lake, located on Tallows Beach, between Suffolk Park and Broken Head. The ti-tree infused water is said to have therapeutic and rejuvenating properties and is a sacred, traditional site for the local indigenous women.
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Blue Spring

New Zealand
A while back we visited the Blue Spring on the North Island of New Zealand. It is located in South Waikato and it had the clearest & bluest water I have ever seen! The water here is a constant 11 degrees all year round, but of course it was too beautiful to not have a quick swim!

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