The 15 Coolest Pool Floats for Your Summer Shindigs.
You’ve got your pals & picnic baskets packed up, jams turned up and floaty’s blown up. The (swim) club’s goin’ up and it’s not even a Tuesday! But as any loyal follower of The Venue Report knows, your...

You’ve got your pals & picnic baskets packed up, jams turned up and floaty’s blown up. The (swim) club’s goin’ up and it’s not even a Tuesday! But as any loyal follower of The Venue Report knows, your standard lounger, while comfortable, just isn’t going to cut it. Get your pool party game on point and set your Instagram feed en fuego with one of these fabulous floats. We’ve rounded up the coolest pool party accessories in the game - lie on your own slice of heaven with the pizza pie lounger or dress up your fizzy cocktail with an inflatable flamingo - either way, your feeds will never quite look the same, again. 

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Pegasus Pool Party
Pools, pools everywhere.


Move over swan, because The pegasus by Funboy is our new fave float. For $39.00, one of the best known creatures in Greek Mythology brought to life for your lounging pleasure. Buy it here!

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The Hot Dog Joust!
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


Get ready for some major lakeside competitions! For $39.99 you can play hot dog joust with this ridiculously funny pool float. Knock your opponent off with the ketchup + mustard boppers and you win! Hurry up instagrammers, we are dying to see this in action!

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Giant Pizza Pie!
Lakes, lakes everywhere. And pools too


Find your local watering hole, lake or pool. When a moon hits your eye with a Giant Pizza Pie! that's amore!! $55 a slice isn't a bad price (heck it's about the price of a real pizza) If you and your buddies each buy one you can make your own giant pie. The best part? You are the toppings! 

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Flamingo Drink Floats
Pools and Lazy Rivers


Summers are for being lazy.. So if you are too lazy to hold your drink in the pool.. Fear not, a fleet of flamingo floaties are here to save the day. 

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Ice Cream Cones
Pools, Lakes, Oceans, Rivers!


You may not be able to float ON these, but they certainly are fun floaty accessories sure to make your insta-feed have some colorful pops. So SCOOP these up at Rhode Island Novelty

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Chocolate Donut Pool Float
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


This fun float is a twist on the classic boring donut that we are used to in solid colors. Chocolate with sprinkles on top, and even a big ol' bite taken out of the side. 

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gold swan float
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


Hurry up ladies!! the gold swan floatis limited edition by fun boy.. and it's pre-order RIGHT now!! 

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Mermaid Tail
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


Glide through the waves with this pair of mermaid fin flippers! Crafted from recycled rubber, these eco-friendly fins are flexible and functional, allowing you to speed through the water like a fish.  We think you should gather all the Mer-Gals and Mer-Men you can think of. We can just imagine a fleet of these at a fun Summer shindig. More info at Urban Outfitters

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DIY Popsicle Pool Float Decor
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


Check out these DIY pool popsicle floats from Oh Happy Day!  These ones can be grouped together to make a fun photo backdrop wall or used as decor for your next pool party. Check out these easy peasy DIY instructions on Oh Happy Day

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Animal Noodles!
Pools, lakes, rivers.. you name it!


Aqua Rider swim noodles! So cool. Our fave is the shark. 

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Fast Food Floats
Pools, Lakes, Lazy Rivers.


We all stay away from fast food during bikini season. So get your fun fast food fill with these FAST FOOD FLOATS! Move over In-N-Out-Burger! These fun accessories will make your insta-feed shine. 

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The Classic Gator Float
Pools and lakes.


Way before the swan... The OG of pool floats, the gator.. See ya later alligator. For $17.99 you can get one of the original animal inflatables. 

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Beach Burger & Smarty Pants
Pools, Lakes, Oceans


Beach burgers and candy unite! This is junkfood we can boogie down with for only $24.99 at Modcloth

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Inflatable Jousts!
Lakes, pools and rivers.


We love good pool games.. This Inflatable joust game is designed to be played in any pool. Knock your opponent off with your oar and you win! Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, this easy-to-inflate float includes two rafts + two oars. $30.00 at Urban Outfitters

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Floating Sofa!


We kind of love this retro Miami vice 80's style float. You can have your very own island oasis with this World of Watersports Stadium Islander. Made of heavy-duty PVC material, it can comfortably seat up to 12 people. It has 12 mesh seats along with a large center opening so you and your friends can easily enter and exit. 


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