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The Must-Have Fall Decor for This Year’s Friendsgiving

Fall is officially here, which means it’s almost time for the most joyful holiday of the year: Friendsgiving. This also means, if you’re anything like us, that you’ve already been obsessively scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out how to make your Friendsgiving shindig not only delicious—but decked out in dreamy decor. Good news! This year, we’re helping you achieve 10/10 when it comes to designing your Friendsgiving tablescape by rounding up all of our must-have fall decor items, from the cozies candles (duh) to prettiest punch bowls. Did somebody say host of the year? Uh-huh, honey. 

Reporter: Dylan Essertier

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Gold Streamlined Flatware ($28)

Why settle on silver when you can go gold? Try this set from Anthropologie to instantly turn your Friendsgiving tabletop into a Pinterest-worthy affair.
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Britta Optic 3-Gallon Punch Bowl ($39.95)

Let your table pack a punch (pun very much intended) with this sleek punch bowl from Crate and Barrel.
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Dinnerware by Felt+Fat ($192)

Get sculptural with this Felt+Fat dinnerware set. Choose a fun color (confetti glaze, anyone?) to bring a bit of extra pop to your tabletop!
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Dried & Dead Florals

Flowers never fail. But this Friendsgiving, try something different by adding a touch of dried florals to your table for a stylish and modern look. The best part? Not only are dried botanicals beautiful, but they’ll last way longer than fresh flowers.
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Viola Flutes, Set of 4 ($40)

On a table filled with otherwise trendy accents, classic viola flutes tie it all together to keep things looking elegant.
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Black Tapered Candles

A cluster of black tapered candles offers a ton of romance to any tablescape, especially when arranged in a mismatched collection of brass holders. So dreamy.
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Linens are the foundation of every sophisticated table setting. Word to the wise: before purchasing, think about your overall color palette, material (I.E., how easy are they to care for?), shape, and size of your table.
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Sabrina Pumpkin Tumblers, Set of 5 ($56)

This cute pumpkin-shaped glassware is the perfect mix of playful and refined.
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Norden Goods Ojai Candle ($55)

Bring in a woodsy vibe to your table with this Norden Goods Ojai Candle, which features ingredients such as Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, and Palo Santo.

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