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This Vogue Editor Is Sharing Her 7 Favorite Wedding Venues of All Time

We recently shared Alexandra Macon's story of co-founding her bridal site, Over the Moon, after working as the Managing Editor for Vogue (and helped launch, no big deal). She introduced the weddings category to the site after covering Kate Middleton's royal wedding and seeing the readers' obsession unfold. Now devoting the majority of her time to Over the Moon, she's seen, shared and fallen in love with weddings around the world. Today, Alexandra is sharing 7 of her absolute favorite venues of all time from an Italian castle to a couple of musuems. Read on as we dive into why these venues hold a special place in her wedding-loving heart. 
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Love this old school Newport mansion. Ariel Okin’s wedding was there, and the photos with the exterior in the background are so grand… they evoke images of another time! See the whole wedding →
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Castello di Gargonza

Monte San Savino, Italy
This castle hotel in the heart of a medieval village in Tuscany was an idyllic location for Marina Polo and Pawel Szajda’s stunning wedding. See the whole wedding ​→
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Château de la Bourdaisière

Montlouis-sur-Loire, France
Marlie and Kevin married here, and everything from the sumptuous interiors—overflowing with delicate, feminine prints—to the stunning grounds is picturesque and makes for perfect pictures. See the whole wedding ​→

The Natural History Museum

New York, New York
Daisy Melamed and Jordan Sanders had an elegant wedding at the Natural History Museum. It’s classic NYC, and it just doesn’t get any better than that! See the whole wedding ​→

Hildene Estate

Manchester, Vermont
Abraham Lincoln’s son’s ancestral home in Vermont makes for a cool wedding venue. Bea Whitton and Peter Tufo’s wedding was there, and the photos taken by Charlotte Jenks Lewis are some of my favorites on Over The Moon. See the whole wedding ​→
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The New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans, Louisiana
Ashley and Sam Miles’s wedding was NOLA all the way and what better place to host a Big Easy-themed bash than at the New Orleans Museum of ArtSee the whole wedding ​→
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Drayton Hall

Charleston, South Carolina
Olivia and Walker Brock married at this historic home in South Carolina. The house’s classic Georgian Palladian architecture and river views make it pretty unforgettable. See the whole wedding ​→

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