Top 10 Most Instagrammable Venues

Some might say the perfect instagram is one of a kind. As a diamond in the rough, a perfect instagram makes for a digital masterpiece among countless foodie shots, selfies and cat pictures. In our time of touring the globe, we've found the most important aspect of such a mythical feet comes down to one thing. Location! Location! Location!

For this reason, we've given you an important tool in creating that perfect instagram. 

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Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

photo: Nathalie Krag

This stunner was once a sawmill that went through a recent restoration. What makes it fascinating is the mix of concrete columns, fine porcelain and crystal chandeliers. Carlo e Camilla is a restaurant, a bar, a hub & venue for all types of events.

Instagram Factor: Sit at the super long feasting table that seats up to 65 guests for the ultimate insta-worthy shot. You know those long table shots always do well.

Photo Credit: Nathalie Krag

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Hardy Farm

We know that barns are all the rage, but most require a bit of decoration. Not this gem. This 18th century barn has been recently updated with lots of decor built in.  

Instagram Factor: Whitewashed walls, dramatic staircases and antique chandeliers. Add a long feasting table into the mix and be ready for an insta-uproar. This was one of our most pinned venues so it's tried and tested. 

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Anyhoe Park

Oxfordshire, England

Set on 250 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, Anyhoe Park is a country home is filled with curiosities that emodies pure British eccentricity. It's your lucky ducky day because it's available for exclusive hire and only 60 minutes from London! 

Instagram Factor: The whimsical props and backdrops provide countless angles and photo potential while being the perfect conversation starter for brilliant bashes. We especially love the floating giraffe.

Photo Credit: Jay Rowden

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Peacock Pavilions

Be ready for a magical carpet ride at this Marrakech locale. The owner is an interior designer, so you can only imagine the decor of this gem. 

Instagram Factor: An olive grove, an outdoor cinema and an exotic Arabian dining tent! Each room is a designers dream and has been featured in many interior design magazines and publications. Throw a shindig here and you will have photo ops for days.

Photo Credit: Peacock  Pavilions

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Giraffe Manor


Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings: characterful, picturesque, and enveloped in history like the foliage creeping over its brickwork. Set on 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest. The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is not its beautiful façade or elegant interiors: it’s the herd of resident Rothschild giraffe.

Instagram Factor: Giraffes roaming around the vine covered hotel will stick their heads in the window as you are eating breakfast! Photo galore.. Set a table in front of the manor for a dinner party under the stars with giraffes as your friendly guests. 

6 / 10



Treehotel in Sweden can be rented for conferences, workshops, retreats, group gatherings, you name it.. This venue will inspire the most uninspired! Together with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, they created uniquely designed “treerooms.” The rooms are suspended 4-6 meters above ground - all with spectacular views of the Lule River. 

Instagram Factor: Each Tree room is different. There is the mirror cube, space ship and even an nest! Even the most amateur photographer won't get a bad pic here. 

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San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos

This Mykonos, Greece hideout and hangout has a ton of hammocks. There is also a dock that juts out to the sea.  

Instagram Factor: The stunning seas, hanging hammocks around the pool, and white washed interiors provide the perfect natural light for photos and the idyllic setting for gatherings. 

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RT Lodge

A long tree lined driveway leads to secluded sanctuary at the base of the Smoky's is a stunning photo setting.

Instagram Factor:  Host a unique candlelit ceremony or plunk down a feasting table. down it's center for a party to rival the wedding of Bella in Twilight.

Photo Credit: Clark Brewer Photography

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9 / 10

Ett Hem

Stockholm, Sweden

Ett Hem in Stockholm, Sweden is a luxury hotel ideal for bdays, retreats and getaways. They will even help their guests arrange parties, dinners and receptions!

Instagram Factor: Staying here is like staying at your super cool interior designer friends house. The decor and details are jaw dropping. You will especially get good pics in the outdoor living room area.  

Photo Credit: Magnus Mårding. Courtesy of Ett Hem. 

10 / 10
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Gili Lakanfushi

Gili Lakanfushi is an overwater paradise in the Maldives that is oh, so Robinson Crusoe. You even arrive to your villas via boat.

Instagram Factor: There are hammocks hanging over the water! We all know how well blue and hammocks do on instagram. 

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