Top 5 California Wedding Venue Barns for your rustic 2015 nuptials

White washed, or rustic red, sliding doors or glass sided. A good barn, like a good man, is hard to find. You’ve done the latter and we’ll do the former. Calling all you California brides to be, we’ve rounded up your top wedding venue barns for the upcoming 2015 wedding season.

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HammerSky Vineyards

Good grief this barn couldn't be anymore perfect! And don't even get us started on the epic backdrop that is that vineyard!


Do you need a trolley car to cart your adoring wedding guests around? Of course not, but do you dream of one? Absolutely yes. What mall lover wouldn't love to bring the childhood charm of the choo choo train into their rustic themed big day?
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Durham Ranch

100 year-old oaks, rolling lawns, and a poolside barn. This elegant barn takes rustic to the next level, and leaves all you brides to be scouring for a spot on their 2015 list.
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The Retro Ranch

The only thing retro about this epic ranch is the onsight airstream. Spend your evening under a canopy of stars as you dance the night away in rustic lux.
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Cow Track Ranch

We've found it, the utmost in rustic barns of the west coast. So boho, we'd argue that you'll find charm in it's lack of running water. (J.k. the pipes work great) This venue is a beaut to be discovered for the advantageous bride with a taste for the adventurous.
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