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What Are The Filming Locations of Solange's Latest Album?

Always with her artistic finger on the pulse of what’s tropical, cool, and yet to be discovered, Solange Knowles recently trekked her production crew from the streets of New Orleans to the back roads of New Mexico, all to capture two awesome music videos for her album, A Seat At The Table. And since we do our best to keep our fingers on the pulse of tropical, cool and yet to be discovered venues, we did a little digging to find out where these gorgeous videos set all their artistic scenes. From museums to monuments, white sands to industrial steel backdrops, there’s nothing dull about this selection of scenery. Warning: A trip to The South may be in order after flipping through this list.
By: Alyssa Brown 

Alley Theater

Houston, Texas
The striking red carpet seen in the video for “Cranes in the Sky” is none other than the staircase at the Alley Theater in Houston. This dramatic backdrop is also home to some of Houston’s best performances in music, dance, and theater. It's red hot and totally chic.

Round Mountain

Mescalero, New Mexico
Serving as the grounds for a scene during which Solange and her lady clan perch atop a mountain in strung-together purple dresses (made by Mama Tina Knowles), Round Mountain is a lush, green landscape. The area is known as home for the Mescalero Apache Tribe of Native Americans.

White Sands National Monument

New Mexico
It would be easy to mistake the white sands for powdery snow at this incredible National Park and Monument in New Mexico. Solange shows us her sweet dance moves on the horizon of this more than epic sand dune.
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The Plant at Kylelearn more

Located a quick ten minutes from the famous Salt Lick BBQ outside Austin, this Texas venue is not just another country home in the hills. Here you’ll find an impressive modern architectural structure of salvaged steel that feels more futuristic than down home. For more about Solange’s crew taking over this spot, check out our interview with the venue owner here.
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Steel House

Ransom Canyon, Lubbock, Texas
A modern architectural marvel, the 1970s-built Robert Bruno Steel House sees an appearance in the “Don’t Touch My Hair” video as Solange dances on its rooftop. The spacecraft on stilts is one of the biggest attractions outside Lubbock.

Peristyle New Orleans City Park

New Orleans, Louisiana
Considered the New Orleans version of Central Park, City Park is a world all its own. The grounds span 1300 acres in the middle of town and you’ll never run out of ancient oak trees to climb. Seen throughout the “Don’t Touch My Hair” video, this open-air pavilion has all the big columns and tropical backdrops you’d imagine in a southern charmer.

Chong Hua Sheng Mu Holy Palace

Houston, Texas
The video for "Don’t Touch My Hair" has a momentary flashy background when Solange drops in and dances in front of this cool Chinese palace. Built as a Chinese Universalist religious sanctuary in the 1990s, this spot is on the newer side and has a cool gold geodesic dome on top.

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans, Louisiana
The columned glory that is the New Orleans Museum of Art makes an appearance in Solange’s video backdrops. If you’re in Nola, this museum is located inside the big City Park and it’s definitely worth a drop-by. The art here runs the gamut from modern marvels to ancient artifacts, with a combination of local and internationally famous artists on constant rotation.

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