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Your Complete Guide to Hosting a Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

photo: Justin Aikin
Living in a legalized-cannabis state has brought a lot of great things: informative dispensaries, easy accessibility and—most importantly—ultra-cool cannabis-infused dinner parties. If you never thought cannabis could be considered gourmet, you’ll want to read on to see how you can host an elegant cannabis-focused dinner that’s educational, fun and insanely delicious. Call your best buds, it’s dinner time!

Reporter: Erica Nichols
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Carefully Consider Your Guest List

You’re getting high, after all! Ditch the big crowds and go for hosting a more intimate gathering with your closest pals—this isn’t usually a family affair unless you happen to have a very chill uncle, then by all means invite him. The guest list should be people you trust, have a good time with and would want to get high with! Also preferably people who have gotten high before, although it’s key to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, including first-timers.
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Pick a Theme

This is your chance to be creative with the theme, invites (social media and hand-written) and labels to get everyone excited for the dinner! We’ll never say no to a good pun, so here are a few to get your creativity flowing:

• Ganja Gathering
• Potluck
• Best Buds Dinner Party
• Pharm-to-Table
• High Times
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Know Your Doses

One of the most important factors to consider is your THC dosage. Since you’ll be having a few courses, keep the doses low to make sure your guests have a great experience—moderation is key to avoid sinking into the couch all night! First, select your strain and be sure to note the exact weight and THC potency of your bud. You can find this on the container it’ll come in at the dispensary. Then, use this handy template to calculate the dosage depending upon the recipes you’re making. Hint: it’s not much.
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Know Your Bud Info

Be the ultimate “hostess with the mostess!” Whether you’re using oils, butters, tinctures or others, be prepared to share all about the dish’s cannabis content—like origin, strain, dosing—to create fun educational moments throughout each course. Not only is it interesting information, but your guests will appreciate knowing exactly what they’re eating!
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Design a Balanced Menu—Sans Alcohol

You and your guests will be in high spirits just from the menu alone, so skip on the alcohol for this one. Craft colorful and refreshing cannabis mocktails—the Strawberry Kiwi Kombucha and Blood Orange Basil from Leafly are two of our favorites. For the main meal, select a hearty choice for guests to fill up on, like this Vegan Cannabis Spaghetti Bolognese, which calls for CannaButter and CannaOil. 
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Set the Vibe With an On-Brand Playlist

Every dinner party needs a perfect playlist, and not just any playlist will do for this dinner. Create your own for a personalized touch with obvious choices like Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg. Or skip the hassle of becoming DJ and check out already-made playlists on Spotify!
Photo:Adam Szafranski for The Venue Report
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Ditch the Candles and Opt for Budding Florals

Usually we’re all for lighting candles for a romantic ambiance to your get-together—but your cannabis-inspired dinner isn’t the time. Go for some natural beauty with fresh florals (extra points for incorporating actual bud) to set the tone without adding an unnecessary fire risk.

Florals: Layered Vintage
Photo:Adam Szafranski for The Venue Report
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Keep the Dinner Setting Practical and Comfortable

This doesn’t mean throwing design out the window entirely, but definitely save the fancy china and tablecloth for your next soiree. Instead, create a more cozy and inviting space in your home. Ditch the chairs and go for pillow seating on the ground, soften the space with nearby blankets and have a designated spot for shoes, coats and bags for when guests want to get more comfortable.
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Have CBD on Hand

It’s all about options! Having CBD on hand (oils, gummies, vapes, etc.) is super helpful for the guests in your group with anxiety—whether it’s about getting high in general or if they get too high and become stressed. CBD will help calm their nerves and still give them a fun experience at the dinner. 
Photo:Dan Gold
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Prep for Safe Travels

Equally as important as what’s on the menu, you’ll want to make sure that your guests have a safe and secure way to get home. Provide them with a discount code for Uber or Lyft so that they can enjoy the night to the fullest and make it home safely.

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