Uchiko Est. 2011

4200 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX, United States

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Get your uni on at Uchiko a Japanese farmhouse and sushi stunner in Austin.
Choose from one of two private dining option at this fabulous Farmhouse, equipped with flat screen TV's, a customized menu and stunning sake and wine list. Sounds like a party to us.
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Venue Setting

Uchiko will match the expe­ri­ence of food,wine and service found at its sister restau­rant Uchi; in a setting with a Japanese farm­house aesthetic, crafted mate­rials and warm finishes to round out the dining expe­ri­ence. Uchiko's menu is a brand new selec­tion of composed dishes and sushi, taken from ideas and dishes orig­i­nally created at Uchi. Uchiko is Uchi rede­fined. Uchiko, translated as “child of Uchi,” opened in July 2010 and presents the same excellence and energetic atmosphere of the original with some noteworthy additions.

The menu features Uchi’s same style of innovative, fresh cuisine with a main dining room that accepts reservations throughout the evening and a full service bar/café area. Uchi’s food uniquely expands the Japanese palate and tradition, introducing surprising new flavors and influences from around the world. Executive Chef Tyson Cole is using the finest ingredients to create inspired combinations of flavor, texture, color, technique and style. The menu is designed to allow a different experience with each visit, whether one desires traditional sushi, small plates and sake, hot kitchen specialties, or all of the above. Chef Cole’s signature menu offerings include hot and cool tastings, makimono, yakimono, tempura and, of course, sushi and sashimi.

Each guest at the table may enjoy and share the experience of dining at Uchi together. Every detail is thoughtfully managed so the guest may enjoy the progression of the meal in a seamless flow, each bite meant to build upon the last. Acclaimed pastry chef Philip Speer ends things on a sweet note with his ground-breaking desserts that showcase familiar flavors in completely original forms and combinations.

One of the few American sushi masters, Tyson Cole delights in interpreting this traditional Japanese delicacy for his Austin audience. He is quick to point out that sushi is not just raw fish, but “food made by the bite,” which is key to understanding his approach. Cole takes artistic license with his raw material, shaping and cutting the fish into exceptional shapes and textures. He then matches flavors to the fish, using fruits, herbs, sauces and locally available ingredients in a way that is completely original and satisfying. Beautifully presented, the finished product is the ultimate contemporary art.

Cole’s hot and cool tastings menu allows patrons to move beyond the traditional range of sushi and sashimi. These small plates are not intended as starters but as new tastes to be mixed in at any point during the meal. Timed by the kitchen to continually reinvigorate the palate, the tastings allow a pure and dynamic experience of the familiar mixed with the unexpected. Cool chunks of maguro (tuna) sashimi are combined with creamy goat cheese and tart, crispy slivers of Fuji apple, then drizzled with pumpkin seed oil and finished with a dash of cracked pepper. One of the more popular items on the menu, this intriguing combination of textures and flavors is a signature of Chef Cole. Hamachi Nabe showcases “umami”- yellowtail and farm egg are served over a bed of rice in a traditional hot nabe bowl with a sweet soy broth. Fragrant bonito flakes bring lively movement to the dish. This original plate is prepared in the Japanese tradition to create an unusually delicious result. Expect even more surprises at the sushi bar. Cole makes custom creations out of seasonal items that continually arrive at the restaurant. Not bound by the menu, he is happy to design a meal for any palate. This multi-course tasting menu, inspired by the freshest arrivals from farm and sea, delights customers with uniquely crafted selections that are chosen at Chef Cole’s discretion and specifically created for two people to share.

Yakimono is the Japanese term for foods that are grilled, broiled or pan-fried. Uchi’s yakimono items are grilled on Japanese oak charcoal and feature diverse selections such as Norwegian mackerel grilled with parsley and preserved lemon, and the flavorful tako pops: playfully arranged grilled baby octopus; a delight for the eyes as well as the palate. Tempura also breaks out of its traditional box at Uchi. Ingredients such as Japanese pumpkin, sea eel and seasonal vegetables are lightly battered and quickly fried to bring out their delicate flavors.

Unlike most Japanese restaurants, Uchi has an experienced creator in its kitchen. Chef Tyson Cole employs classical cooking techniques to create a daily special menu with a Pacific Rim perspective. These dishes may be eaten with chopsticks and shared, allowing another variation on the Japanese dining experience. The artful desserts are another point of departure from other Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. Unique combinations and complementary flavors are the product of Uchi and Uchiko Executive Pastry Chef Philip Speer. One of Austin’s highly-renowned pastry chefs, Philip uses his passion for fresh ingredients and his wide range of culinary techniques to add refreshment and interest to the dessert menu.

Uchi serves only the finest quality seasonal fish, purchased through a top Japanese purveyor with offices in New York and California. Fish is flown in daily from around the world. sake and wine While most Americans are familiar with hot sake, the Japanese enjoy the finest sakes cold. Uchi has an extensive, diverse selection of cold sakes that complement the food and offer guests another flavor explosion. A range of Japanese brands – offered by the bottle and the glass – introduce sakes with different tastes and qualities, e.g. dry, spicy, sweet and full. Uchi’s jizakes, which are microbrewed sakes, are unusual and complex, not to mention hard to find. Uchi’s wine list was created to match the restaurant’s menu items. Accessible selections from California, Europe and Australia defy the myth that wine can’t be paired with sushi.
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Additional Charges

For a full service, seated dinner, we do not require a room deposit, but we do have a $100 per person food and beverage minimum (toward which all food, beverages, tax, and 20% automatic service charge apply) for groups of 10 or more. If you have less than 9 guests, we do have a $1000 room charge. It is not a fixed price; rather, everything is charged on consumption. We also set a menu in advance if there are more than 14 guests, that usually incorporates a variety of items, all intended to be shared at the table (none are individually plated). Links to our full menus are here, for your reference (as well as some photos of our room, although the set-up may change): In Uchiko's unique dining room, there are many different amenities, including: Flat Screen TV equipped with computer for presentations, state of the art surround sound audio, secure wifi, and customized menus paired with amazing sake and wine from our extensive beverage list.


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Venue Features
The Scene:
Uchiko is centrally located and about 4 miles from downtown. Michael Hsu was the achitect and you will see modern yet unique style when entering the front door.
When asked about the inspiration for Uchiko’s design, Michael Hsu’s answer is first and foremost, “Japanese farmhouse”. Tyson Cole, Hsu and partner Daryl Kunik agreed that because this restaurant was located inside a transformed office building, the interior had to capture the accessible yet modern quality that Uchi naturally possesses as an old home converted into a restaurant. “The challenge was to offer the same welcoming vibe we have at Uchi, but to do something completely different. And most importantly to still reflect the laid-back nature of Austin and the clientele we serve.” The result is a design that is at once clean and earthy, contrasting the rough-hewn with shinier materials to create a balanced aesthetic. Sustainable products are sourced throughout with all elements--from seating and lighting to the placement of the kitchen and sushi bar--carefully arranged to ensure an ideal dining experience. Like Uchi, guests can expect a surprising mix of vintage, antique and newer accessories at Uchiko, but the style and implementation will be new and unexpected.
Standout Venue Features:
All of our servers are extremely familiar with the dishes on the menu as well as the beverages we provide. If the menu is too overwhelming or if you would like to sample a bit of everyone, one option for you is our 10-course chef's tasting (also known as omakase, which means "I trust you" in Japanese). It changes daily based on the chef's suggestions and freshness of components. It is typically more on the adventurous side, and incorporates many of the day\'s special dishes. As with all of our offerings, the omakase is designed to be shared between two guests.
Extra Perks:
The private dining room comes with 7 sitting tables and up to 34 cushioned seats. Music is streamed throughout the room or it can be turned off if you would like to utilize our 55" flat screen for a presentation or slide show. Every party will have 1 to 2 designated servers depending on how large the party is and our event coordinator can help you create a custom menu for groups over 14.
Celebration Locations
- Max Capacity: 34 in the private dining room, 100 in the full restaurant
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing


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