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3 Campfire Ready Cocktail Recipes From the Pros at Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Heather Ash
byHeather Ash

We've been known to make the argument that fall is best season to go camping (more on that here), and we're sticking by it. Gone are the tortuously hot days and nights of summer and here are the pleasantly crisp morning and evenings of fall. So when you embark on your next (and soon!) camping trip, you'll need some libations to warm up your bones. Snake Oil Cocktail Co. created these three exclusive, never-before-released camp cocktail recipes fit for the occasion. 

The Camper Shell is quite the after dinner treat with warming bourbon, Swiss Miss milk chocolate hot cocoa mix, almond butter, marshmallow and more. The Harvest Moon Mule is a full moon delicacy infused with aromatic lavender while the Logger Lemonade is a midday refresher (and easy on the throat) with fresh lemon, honey and thyme. 

Camper Shell

Photo: Cavin Elizabeth


Bourbon, Swiss Miss milk chocolate hot cocoa mix, almond butter, cinnamon, charred marshmallow.

- 1.5 oz. bourbon

- 1 envelope Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

- 6 oz. hot water

- 1 tbsp. almond butter

- dash ground cinnamon

- 1 medium marshmallow



1. Put Swiss Miss powder and almond butter in a camp cup. 

2. Mix in hot water from campfire (will retain some smoke quality) until almond butter dissolves. 

3. Sprinkle in cinnamon, add bourbon and stir in. 

4. Char marshmallow over campfire and garnish the cocktail with it on a pick.  (Add milk if desired)


Logger Lemonade

Photo: Cavin Elizabeth


Vodka, pressed lemon, local honey, muddled thyme & oregano, soda.

- 1.5 oz. vodka

- 1 oz. lemon juice

- 1 oz. honey/water (50/50)



1. Muddle thyme and oregano in a mixing tin. 

2. Add remaining ingredients, save soda, and shake with ice. 

3. Fine strain over fresh ice in a mason jar and top with soda. 

4. Garnish with a thyme sprig.


Harvest Moon Mule

Photo: Garrett Richardson


Lavender infused vodka, lime juice, orange bitters, ginger beer.

- 1.5 oz. lavender infused vodka

- .5 oz. lime juice

- 2 dashes orange bitters

- Ginger beer



1. Pour ingredients over ice in a mule mug filling with ginger beer. 

2. Stir and garnish with a lavender wand and expressed orange peel.

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