A Farmhouse Gathering At A Historic Homestead In Tennessee
Always a Welcoming Mat Out in the great open space of Pulaski, Tennessee, there sits the rustic white Hardy Chambers Farmhouse. A thin dirt road will bring you and the soft glow of lantern light will keep you. The homestead, built...
by Jake Kilroy

Always a Welcoming Mat

Out in the great open space of Pulaski, Tennessee, there sits the rustic white Hardy Chambers Farmhouse. A thin dirt road will bring you and the soft glow of lantern light will keep you. The homestead, built just a few years before America tumbled into the 20th Century, has lasted ever since with the calm, quaint pulse of a good beating southern heart. 



Laurie, the owner restored this incredible property with friends and family to be utilized for small weddings, events, photo shoots, workshops, and more. 



Indoors, it’s a cozy collage of historic wallpaper, huge fireplace mantles, mason jars and creaky wooden floors. Worn books, iron candlesticks, and bowls of pecans lounge about the rooms to familiar historic bliss.



Meanwhile, outside, it’s the type of home away from home where the minutes blossom into hours beneath a wild moon as the conversations keeps on with the crickets.


Hardy Farmhouse


The Place to Be

The charming abode and the land that surrounds it can handle just about anything from weddings and showers to retreats and workshops (all proper for 50 to 100 guests). The farmhouse also makes for one heck of a spot for quick weekend getaways — couple, group, or otherwise.



The Farmhouse Feast

Ashley of White Rabbit Studios was one of the lucky ducks invited to the "soft opening" dinner of the farmhouse! The owner, Laurie had just finished all the restorations and wanted to have her closest friends out to sip and see the place in all of it's 1800s glory. Chef Jakob at Albany Bistro catered a three course farm to table meal, served on Laurie's heirloom china. 



"You know those times you just look at life and can’t stop smiling? That was this. From the moment I pulled up to the 1890 farm house, my heart skipped a beat! By the end of the evening, I could feel my laugh lines – but that should be expected among such great company!" - Ashley, White Rabbit Studios


Hardy Farmhouse


A Real Looker

Given the abundance of vintage character, the farmhouse doesn’t demand much in the way of decorations. Muted-color flowers are enough to sweeten the scenery without blowing it out. For photo shoots, the surrounding fields generously offer up a clean and airy backdrop that contrasts against all pattern and textures of the house, inside and out. 



On-site decor is a darling blend of antiques and found objects. Florals and greenery are typically foraged to touch up the ambiance. Some rentals are provided, but more are available if needed. 



Laurie, the artist and proprietor, was gifted the house when she purchased the land. The previous owners of the land had actually offered to tear it down for her. Can you imagine?! Phew, thank goodness Laurie insisted on keeping the property. Look at these restorations! 


Hardy Farmhouse


Shooting the Scenery

"With a score of windows and doors, the farmhouse coughs up raw illuminated beauty in the morning and late afternoon. However, due to the near-absence of midday shade, outside lighting can be a bit harsh. Something to keep in mind." - Ashley, White Rabbit Studios



There are so many fun decor details around the property. 



The Hostess with the Mostess

The owner, Laurie Popp, is a kind-hearted, gentle soul that can’t put out the welcoming mat fast enough. And she’s got a good eye for what works best for events, given that she’s an artist to boot. With a range of experience and interest from painting to textile art to farm owner to collector to who-knows-what’s-next, she’s ready to be a full resource of help and guidance for whatever’s necessary.



Friends mingled, sipped cocktails, strolled around and admired the restoration of the Farm House.



Inside Tip:  Ask to see the rest of the farm. There are sheep, horses, and cattle all around, as they can prove to be quite photogenic!



"The afternoon was spent enjoying custom cocktails and beverages before everyone sat down to a delicious dinner provided by Albany Bistro." Ashley, White Rabbit Studios



"As the sun fell behind the tree line, the flickering fire illuminated the joy on everyone’s face. Glasses clinked with cheers and conversation lingered as the stars began to shine bright in the countryside! Such a beautiful way to end a perfect day!" - Ashley, White Rabbit Studios




Photos: Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios  Venue: Hardy Chambers Farmhouse.

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