A Glamping Gathering Under the Stars: Get Lost With Us
Get lost With Us is a group of dreamers and gypsetters. A group of Walking talking guidebooks and world wanderers.The cast of characters? Six creatives, a toddler and three doggies. They are photographers, cinematographers, musicians...
by Cortnie Fausner

Get lost With Us is a group of dreamers and gypsetters. A group of Walking talking guidebooks and world wanderers.The cast of characters? Six creatives, a toddler and three doggies. They are photographers, cinematographers, musicians and designers; professionals in the creative arts and event industry. Last year they embarked on a road trip adventure. They hopped in a camper and drove their way through the countryside, weaving in and out of the bucolic patchwork of rolling fields and serene desert landscapes. One of their stops was at brand new venue report member, Moab Under Canvas. This was the first week that Moab Under Canvas was opening their canvas safari tent and teepee doors for starry night adventures. We were so excited to have this creative crew document their glamping gathering and experience at this brand new hotspot.


The Report |  Highlights of your experience at Moab Under Canvas

We loved sitting on the decks of our tents and breathing in the landscape. The colors would change with the sun and it was pure magic to experience. - Get Lost with Us


Being event professionals, if you threw an event here what would your design tips be?

We would highlight the surroundings and keep the decor really clean and beautiful so that landscape would be the star of the show.  The town is such a sweet little spot and has a little of everything which is great for groups. There is an abundance of  health food stores and smoothie spots mixed with turquoise souvenir shops. You could really source both food and decor from the locale.


Lady and The Camp

This venue is dog-friendly! Being a professional event planner it's always nice when couples can incorporate Fido into the event.


Favorite design elements of the venue?

The bathrooms/showers in the tents are amazing! There are beautiful cowhide rugs on the wood floors, the super thoughtful touches  make it warm and cozy. There are redwood decks jutting off of the front of the tents that really allow you to sit and drink in the landscape. This setup would also be a blast for large groups. Our tent had a wood burning stove which was amazingly toasty on a cold night. An added bonus, for sure. - Tori, Sitting in a Tree


From an event planners perspective, what do you think makes Moab a unique venue?
The location is unearthly! You are surrounded by rocks that light up all shades of orange and pink which is such a dramatic backdrop. Again, their tents are really amazing and far surpassed other venues I've stayed at design wise. - Tori, Sitting in a Tree Events


What did you do while in Moab?

We spent a day at arches national park and then spent the night around the campfire. We woke up with the sun and watched it rise over the rocks and then spent some time thrifting and turquoise hunting in town. The town itself is extremely charming and we  could have easily spent more time there exploring. We purchased turquoise jewelry which would be lovely to incorporate into an event here.


Around Town | Eats & drinks in Moab

We hit up the local health food store on our way out of town-- it was amazing! The venue lets you order breakfast from a local restaurant and they deliver it to the lobby in the morning. We were able to eat breakfast burritos and acai bowls on our deck overlooking arches every morning. This would be an ideal scenario for groups and weddings here.. Imagine your guests being delivered morning breakfast in bed before going on a hike. Glamping at it's very best.


Tips for hosting an event or glamping gathering at Moab Under Canvas
Moab Under Canvas would be an ideal place for a wedding or group gathering. Host your ceremony with the arches national park lit up behind you and then move guests to the fire pit for cocktail hour. The flat rocks that make up the venue would be a perfect and dramatic setting for long family style feasting tables. -  Tori, Sitting in a Tree Events


What makes both Moab + the venue a good destination for a group getaway and events?

It's glamping at it's finest! Some of the nicest tents we have ever seen. You can put grandma in one with a fireplace and bathroom and your friends can sleep in the teepees. It's a nice mix for all ages.


There are no words or emojis in the world that can do these pictures justice.


Photography: Get Lost with Us for The Venue Report

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