A Monster Mash Bash With Blogging Duo, New Darlings
You’ve seen their bohemian chic meets mid century modern house all over Pinterest and Instagram, but who are the lifestyle masterminds behind New Darlings? Robert and Christina are one of the most inspirational millennial couples...
by The Venue Report

You’ve seen their bohemian chic meets mid century modern house all over Pinterest and Instagram, but who are the lifestyle masterminds behind New Darlings? Robert and Christina are one of the most inspirational millennial couples around, consistently letting us be apart of their everyday adventures and curated lifestyle. We have fallen in love with their down to earth perspective, personal stories and reachable content that sparks wanderlust inside us all. With a personal touch, the New Darlings dynamic duo motivate one and all to get out, gather, celebrate, explore our communities and sites unseen. Which is why we just had to get the inside scoop on their Halloween plans.

These two mimes ventured to Tremaine Ranch to celebrate the spookiest time of year and dance the night away with goons, goblins and we heard Wolverine was there too!

Photography by New Darlings 



You two are the cutest mimes we've ever seen! Tell us a little bit about yourselves...

Robert + Christina: We are Robert and Christina, husband and wife, and best friends. We moved across the country a little over three years ago from New York to Arizona, shortly after getting married. We began our blog: New Darlings, a little after our move. It has been a great way to share our personal style, our life in Phoenix, favorite local spots, and our travels with others.  We enjoy cooking together, hunting for records at our favorite local shops, traveling and exploring new cities. We’ve been together over twelve years now, so being able to do what we love everyday side by side, is pretty special.



What was the inspiration for your costumes this year? 

Robert + Christina: We always gravitate toward the classic costumes: skeletons, Frankenstein, zombies, etc. Plus they allow us to do some fun and crazy makeup, which we love!  This year we started making our costumes a little late in the game and we ran out of time before our friend’s Halloween party, so we took a trip to the mall to see what we could come up with. We loved these black body suits and just kind of got a kick out of both wearing them, so we built the costume around them. We added striped shirts, bérets, and a little face paint. Voila! We became mimes. Haha! It was an easy costume and we had a blast doing our best mime impressions all night. 



Party! Party! Where are you guys spending Halloween this year? And who with?

Robert + Chrstina: We split up the festivities this year over the weekend, kicking things off at our friends’ Halloween party Friday night. They have a beautiful property, Tremaine Ranch, and go all out with decorations, photo back drops, and handmade trophies for best costume. Last night, on October 30th, we gathered with some friends at our place for pumpkin carving, wine, and a viewing of a few of our favorite Halloween movie classics: Halloween and Friday the 13th. Today we’re looking forward to handing out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, with our pup Henry.



What's your favorite Halloween song to dance to? 

Robert + Christina: “In the Room Where You Sleep” by Dead Man’s Bones has been our go-to Halloween dance song since 2009 when that album came out.  It’s fun, a little creepy, and Ryan Gosling’s vocals are always beautifully haunting.  The best!  You also can’t beat the classics like "Monster Mash" and "Thriller".



Fav part about the Halloween bash?

Robert + Christina: We’re always so impressed with how creative everyone gets with their costumes. You always get the people who are completely on trend with their Stranger Things costumes, but then you'll get the really creative, random ones like Albert Einstein and his chalkboard (couples costume), Leeloo from Fifth Element, and Harry & Marv from the Home Alone movies.  You just never know who you’ll run into and that’s our favorite thing about a great Halloween bash.  And yes…watching all the characters cut a rug on the dance floor is pretty amazing too!



Photography by New Darlings  | Venue: Tremaine Ranch


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