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Come for the party, stay for the, well…everything else this amazing Amsterdam hotel has to offer. The Hoxton, Amsterdam once served as the living quarters to the mayor way back in the 17th century and as of 2015 has been re-established as...
by Jordan Willner
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Come for the party, stay for the, well…everything else this amazing Amsterdam hotel has to offer. The Hoxton, Amsterdam once served as the living quarters to the mayor way back in the 17th century and as of 2015 has been re-established as a hip and happenin’ hotel! Featuring 111 casual, yet retro-styled rooms complete with canal views, and a tasty restaurant, coffee and cocktail den, lobby bar, and chic meeting space, it is no surprise to us that the Hoxton community wanted to open their doors to the public with an over-the-top launch party!  

22Tracks: Bedroom Sessions was just one of the events thrown during the launch of The Hoxton, and upon hearing about this extraordinary celebration, we jumped on it immediately! We met up with The Hoxton, Amsterdam’s event team, as well as photographer, De Fotomeisjes, and got the scoop on everything that took place. Everything from the food and drinks, to the dancing was 100%, and it is the team of event planners, photographers, and more that we have to thank for that. The venue was impressive, the planning was strategic, the tastes were creative (and delish), the vibe was eclectic, the company was engaged, and…we could go on all day about how fab this party was, but we’ll let you check it out for yourself!

Words + Venue Photos by The Hoxton, Amsterdam | Event Photos by De Fotomeisjes




Tell us about the venue!

The 22Tracks event took place in our lobby space, but most of the Hoxtown events we run take place in The Apartment, our meetings and events space "like no other" which can host up to 120. The space is divided into a communal Courtyard and Pantry Kitchen —which, decked out with cakes, cookies, coffees and teas by day, can act as a bar by night — a Living Room, Library, Study and Games Room, that's got a table that transitions into a Ping Pong table when you're up for a bit of fun. If you're not up for too big of a party but still want something cosy, the individual rooms can be used for private dining for groups anywhere between 6 and 45 people. We also host events in our Up Top bar, a segment of the lobby, which can host up to 80 and overlooks the main restaurant. 


Tell us a little bit about the event and why this venue was chosen to host it. 

"22Tracks: Bedroom Sessions" was just one of The Hoxtown events that took place during the launch week of The Hoxton, Amsterdam as part of our opening strategy. Rather than host one big launch party, the opening strategy was to team up with local brands, entrepreneurs and influencers to create an eclectic programme of engaging events for both locals and hotel guests. This ensured we reached a wide and varied audience, both in terms of people who attended and press coverage that we received. 22Tracks was a particularly great partnership because the founders, being DJs themselves, and part of the line-up that night, also focus on supporting upcoming talents from both an international and localised perspective - something we aim to do with Hoxtown too. On top of that, these guys are particularly connected to the city, so the whole bash felt like one big house party amongst friends. 



What made this venue an ideal location for the event?

As the event took place on the Saturday evening of our launch week, 22Tracks, who are based in Amsterdam but have channels for New York, London, Paris and Berlin as well, were exposed to The Hoxton's international group of friends whilst we got to meet all of their fans - in the end ideal for both parties. The open lobby meant people could drink, eat or dance whilst listening to the music.



Why did the team make the design decisions they did? 

Every element of design throughout the hotel is chosen to make The Hoxton as homely as possible and reflect the location — from the vintage leather chairs to the warm, soft lighting and the worn brick walls, everything plays back into the character of the 5 historic canal houses and the fact that, once upon a time, (the 17th century) the building was home to the Mayor of Amsterdam.



What about this venue influenced the design direction?

The building's history as home to the Mayor in the 17th century and the fact that it’s made up of 5 canal houses had a huge influence on the design. We like to think of our lobby as an open house, welcoming to all and we love it when people us it as their living room. This residential history influenced the interiors across the hotel, and this designs plays a huge part in the guest experience.  


What additional types of events do you think it's ideal for? 

Because our design and current programming are so eclectic, and the space is multifunctional (think kitchen with snacks in the day and bar when night falls), the venue can take on a wide variety of roles. Workshops, workouts and panel talks are tried and tested at The Hox as well as weddings, "gala" dinner parties and events with the likes of YSL, ELLE, Kinfolk and Trend Tablet. Anything goes!



Any tips for hosting events and/or getaways here based on your experience?

If you want a bit more noise, go for the Up Top bar. The upper part of the lobby/restaurant area can be converted into a full bar and has the same amount of charm as The Apartment without as many sound considerations . Plus, a DJ spins every Friday and Saturday at The Hox, so you can take advantage of that and mingle with locals and guests below if you wish.



Favorite existing design elements of the venue?

The old brick wall, which is part of the original monumental building, is definitely a standout note. It gives a good vibe about the place right as you walk in, as does our vintage photo booth and the comfy sofas for when it all gets too much.



Is there anything else at the hotel particularly noteworthy that factored into the event?

The bedrooms! This was the kind of party that ends and you’ve had too much fun to even find the energy to leave, so the short elevator ride to the bedrooms is a god send.



Any special drinks or eats that were served? 

Not at the 22Tracks event, however, when we hosted an event for YSL Black Opium with IMA Agency, we served special black, spice-infused cocktails designed to reflect the perfume to a select list of influencers. Having a bar and kitchen on site means we can have lots of fun with food and drinks, and are always up for a bit of experimentation to work with a theme.



What makes both the area + the venue a good destination for an event?

Being on the Herengracht canal in the Nine Streets neighbourhood, we're really in the heart of the city. Everything is a just a short walk away, with plenty of restaurants, shops and clubs around for the party to wind up before and wind down after.



Did you meet anyone at the venue that you connected with or made a lasting

impression? The Hoxton, Amsterdam had just opened its doors, so we had a huge range of people attending who wanted to check out the event - both hotel guests and locals. We made great relationships with bloggers who have gone on to host their own events, press who wrote nice things about us and our neighbours who are often seen in the lobby drinking coffee or cocktails.



Any inside tips?

We always recommend a Picante de la Casa (think spicy margarita) or a Soho Mule (a funky take on the original Moscow Mule) for drinks at the bar - but there are plenty of interesting flavours to find there. Our Monumental rooms are particularly glam, so if you want to feel a bit Royal before your big night, we recommend asking for one of those. Oh, and one of them has a double shower – perfect if you don’t have much time to get ready as no one needs to wait for the bathroom.



With an atmosphere that presents itself as cool and eclectic, this new hotel is the perfect party palace! Trendy and chic, this launch party was a true success that showcased how amazing this new spot is. From the rooms, to the courtyards, to the views and accommodations, all we can say is that we are really grateful that this space is no longer the home to the mayor and is available to all of us! Book a weekend getaway or host your next big celebration at this amazing spot, either way, you’ll leave thinking AmsterDAM!



Who is the team who created this event?

Venue Photos by The Hoxton, Amsterdam | Event Photos by De Fotomeisjes | Launch Party Brand: 22Tracks Vincent Reinders, | Event Planning: Hoxtown 

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