A Spectacular Dinner Party in Mexico Held at a Garden Venue with a World Famous Chef
Nine out of ten people agree: hosting a good party is a simple combination of good food, good friends and a beautiful setting. Sounds easy enough right? But sometimes finding a spectacular venue that also treats your taste buds isn't...
by Cortnie Fausner

Nine out of ten people agree: hosting a good party is a simple combination of good food, good friends and a beautiful setting. Sounds easy enough right? But sometimes finding a spectacular venue that also treats your taste buds isn't easy breezy. Enter Puerto Raíz, a sprawling sanctuary set near downtown San José del Cabo with roaming edible forests, orchards and lush organic gardens with a world famous chef at its helm. The venue is home to Semillon Restaurant by Baja’s gastronomic icon Javier Plascencia, a chef whom is recognized worldwide as one of the best chefs in Mexico.

Designer Marianna Idirin, from Event Design by Marianna Idirin recently planned a Baja birthday bash at Oma Garden, one of the central event spaces on the grounds of Puerto Raiz. "The space is definitely one of my favorite places to design because it gives me the versatility to have any kind of event, from a private and intimate dinner to an all-out wedding with huge production elements."


Photos by: LA76 Photography   

Pictured Above: A large safari tent from Traktor Producciones houses tables and lounges from Warehouse Rentals in the Oma Garden venue Space of Puerto Raiz / Photography by LA76 Photography   


A Baja Safari Birthday Bash 

This farm to table affair was filled with soft folds of ivory fabric dripping from tables, chairs and curvy lounge areas provided byWarehouse Rentals. A large safari tent from Traktor Producciones was the centerpiece of the Oma Garden venue space, framing the setting and providing shade for guests. Floral designer extraordinaire, Pina Cate adorned the pale palette with ivory florals. Stems were perfectly propped in clam shaped and scalloped ceramic bowls. The sharp sculptural effect of her design and pops of greenery were in perfect contrast to the soft drapery of the linens and whitwashed oak wicker chairs. The sandy, earthy floor fuzed seamlessly together with the tablescapes creating a cozy, casual atmosphere against the backdrop of lush greenery.  

"Nature is ever-inspiring to me, so to be surrounded by such natural wonders in a reserve (yet very well located in San Jose del Cabo) makes it the perfect place to make every vision a reality. For this event in particular, we wanted to be surrounded by nature and to create a unique vibe that was unlike anything we had done before. 

It was a birthday celebration so it was important for us that it felt cool instead of romantic, while still focusing a lot on design. Definitely the environment was a source of inspiration, but we also used a very unique bedouin tent in neutral colors that enveloped the fantasy of the design. Lots of flowing fabrics, rustic wood, simple-yet-exquisite floral and tons of candle light were the perfect balance." - designer, Marianna Idirin from Event Design by Marianna Idirin:

This was one of those gatherings where you better come dressed to kill or you might just be upstaged by the very banquette you’re perched upon. Wink wink. 



Garden of Eatin’ in Baja California Sur

The onsite venue restaurant, Semillon offers traditional Baja cuisine crafted from fresh organic ingredients from the region where dishes like oyster-filled seafood platters collide with street food style corn and mushroom garlic barbacoa baked in clay.  With a menu designed by chef Javier Plascencia (who you may have spotted on Netflix's smash hit show,"Chef's Table")  the onsite restaurant received the Culinary Awards in 2022 for the 'Best Culinary Experience in San José del Cabo.'


Pictured Above:  Coal fired food being prepared in clay vessels. 

Food and Drink That's Pure Poetry

To make it feel like a more relaxed affair, Marianna designed the food to be displayed  in a station that was beautifully decorated with fresh produce (from the venue itself), locally sourced  breads that showed everyone Baja’s culinary wonders and an array of cheese — oh, the cheese.  A grilled catch of the day was paired with a fabulous selection of natural wines as the fragrance of the coal-fired food permeated the setting. 


Horsing Around Town

What is a Baja Safari birthday party without horses roaming about? The revelery of the birthday gathering was kicked up a notch when two very special guests with four legs arrived from Cuadra San Francisco, a family owned business who have the only professional Equestrian Center in Los Cabos, Mexico. The company can provide the quintessential historic experience of Mexico by bringing a Charro Horse to your alfresco fête. Since their arrival aboard Spanish ships in the 1500's there is no better remainder of the combination of Mexico' s history and tradition than the Charro Horse, also known as the dancing horse. 

The equestrian center also provides trail rides and horse back riding lessons that you can offer as a fun experience to your guests throughout your event weekend. With 249 five-star reviews on Trip Advisor, this is one adventure to strongly consider. 


Getting There: 

If you find yourself in San José del Cabo, you can tour the natural surroundings of Puerto Raíz and make a reservation for onsite Semillion restaurant. You will drive on a quaint road to the hidden gem. Upon arriving you will enter through a bamboo tower with a fire pit on both sides. Walk around the lake with the fountain and arrive at the Guamúchil tree, more than 150 years old. You will be greeted by the smell of copal mixed with swirling smoke from the barbecue and discover the candle-filled restaurant surrounded by trees and hanging lanterns.

Make a reserevation here



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