A Traveling Tipi Venue - The Iko Pop Up
How cool is the concept of a traveling venue? One that you can just ‘pop up’ on your favorite beach, park, or event space? What is even cooler is that this particular pop up, looks like our Venue Report logo, so we...
by Cortnie Fausner
How cool is the concept of a traveling venue? One that you can just ‘pop up’ on your favorite beach, park, or event space? What is even cooler is that this particular pop up, looks like our Venue Report logo, so we are having an extra love affair with it. 



Imagine this… You invite your favorite guys and gals to a Summer BBQ beach bash. You don’t tell them too many details outside of the date and location. You put on your newest breezy beach dress in a soft sandy color.

You find the perfect little patch of heaven on the beach with sun bleached sand and salt kissed air. You set up your geometric IKO Pop Up, create lounge seating vignettes from mounds of sand covered with blankets. You sprinkle a few candles amongst the area and have your cute little cooler of appetizers at the ready. Throw on some tunes next to the tides.. Easy, peasy.



You have cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, meat for the grill, cool drinks, marshmallows and chocolate for late night s’mores under the stars. Now you just wait for the arrival of your guests. 



They come around the corner and their jaws drop. You have created the most ethereal and perfect beach bash in a matter of 3 hours. Your guests ooohh and ahhhh…

You all make plans to take this show on the road. You make plans to use it for girls glamping getaways in the woods. Your BFF wants to get married under it at her upcoming wedding. Your other friends want to set up a whole village of them for a boho dinner party bash. The possibilities are endless!!

You laugh, you wine, you dine, you tell stories around the fire and you say goodbye until next time. This is the magic of The Iko. You can create any enchanting environment that you can possibly dream up.

We had to find out more.. So we of course interviewed the mastermind behind the tipi-like structure. Meet Ashley. 




1. Hi Ashley! What is the concept behind the Iko Pop Up Space?  

The concept is that weddings don't need to all look the same. The Iko offers a unique statement piece (or pieces) that can pop-up at any event (not just weddings). With many functions, it can be a photo booth one day and the next a glamping tent. It is mobile and durable. It can be indoor or outdoors. I am watching people stretch further and further around the globe to have weddings and events and this is nothing short of a tool for those events. Want to have your wedding out in a field or on a beach, but it's bare, pop the Iko in. Or, use it for shelter with an outfit. Add more of them, make a tiny village for you and your 50 best friends to camp in or lounge in. Want a bar in the desert? The Iko is perfect for that. It can even be a stand alone structure to adorn with flowers to get married in or in front of.  

2. How did you come up with the idea?  

The Iko is a really rad structure that we built for a wedding design competition. It was meant to house our space, which was a 10'x10' square in an art gallery. I wanted to create a lounge out of our space and that is where the Iko came from. I wanted something different, not just an "A Frame" structure or something that resembles a chuppah. We were given some design instructions for the event, of which one was geometry, and we ran with that. Since the event, we have begun to rent it for other events.



3. Tell us a bit about your design process?

I wanted to make something. I love to craft and build, and Jesse is even better at it than I am. I wanted something different and something that made a statement. We design and build items when we can, it's something we both enjoy doing. I try to stay fresh and not pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing, I believe that doing so creates a lot of noise. I would rather stay clear and focused on our goal. The Iko was conceptualized after moving away from and "A Frame" structure but still keeping all the angles. It became larger and it changed shapes. The geometric shape of the Iko (icosahedron, hence the name, IKO) was our inspiration and from there we were able to source all the materials and build it. 

4. What makes an Iko Pop Up Space a great accent or addition to an event, celebration, gathering?  

The Iko is wonderful because it has SO many uses. We can install it nearly anywhere, it takes us about 45 minutes per structure to set up and less to break down. It's super sturdy. It can be used a a tent structure for Glamping, a bar, a lounge, a vendor tent, a cake room, an art installation, a ceremony piece, a photo booth, and much more. We can create more than one and create a village of them. We can also modify the dimensions slightly. It also has two styles of entryways, pictured there is a triangle entryway, but we can also make a square entryway. It is beautiful as well, all on it's own without any decor. 



5. Have you used them at any events or gatherings yet? What were the occasions and/or events?

What was the reaction from the guests?  We have! We recently rented it for a wedding, where is was used as the alter for the ceremony. The response was very positive and the event planner rented it for two more events in the future. 


6. Are they available for rent?  

Yes! We are available in California and available nearly anywhere for travel. We have the unit packed in a way that it travels with ease. It's a perfect fit for the desert, or the beach, or the woods. It's really versatile.



7. Tell our audience why an Iko Pop Up Space is a 'MUST HAVE' for their next event.

The Iko is a unique piece. It definitely makes a statement. It's sturdy enough to be a shelter and also looks rad. It is customizable, the color, size, and even entryway. We love working with others and I personally would love to see what other creatives use it for! 

Rental Info Here



Venue: Iko Pop Up | Photographer: Britt Rene Photo | Design & Rental: Ashley Smith and Jesse Browning | Styling: Ashley Smith | Build & Install: Jesse Browning | Cake: A Spoonful of Sugar Cakes

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