This is 80
Here at The Venue Report, we post about beautiful locales and special gathering spaces across the land. We have a unique looking glass into celebratory moments and special occassions. We get to connect with hoteliers,...
by Cortnie Fausner

Here at The Venue Report, we post about beautiful locales and special gathering spaces across the land. We have a unique looking glass into celebratory moments and special occassions. We get to connect with hoteliers, farm owners, chefs and venue owners across the globe. We love to hear about their stories, their journey and what brought them to where they are today. These are special moments for us. We have also embarked on a unique journey in the startup world that has also connected us with inspiring people in an entirely different capacity. 'This is 80' was written by one of our advisors, Emmanuel! 

Emmanuel has helped us establish the foundational skills of our core business at The Venue Report. He has been one of our strongest cheerleaders and supporters. This piece was written by him, it is another testament to how strongly gatherings impact us all. Whether you are an event designer, a restaurateur or a business advisor, gathering together to celebrate life's moments are at the core of all of our beings. 
Emmanuel's super stylish mother celebrated her 80th bday at this super chic chateau. Ummm, 80 is definitely the new cool. Even Vogue Magazine dished a raving review about this stunner. 
"Château Les Carrasses is an enchanting former wine estate—complete with a turreted fairy-tale castle, workers’ cottages, a blacksmith’s house, and various other outbuildings—all of which have been restored and turned into 28 posh suites, apartments, and villas, most with private gardens and many with swimming pools as well. The eight-acre property also boasts a large infinity pool, with a “beach” where guests can lounge half-in/half-out of the water (a real beach is a 20-minute drive away in the town of Serignan). Additional activities include tennis on a court (floodlit for after-dark matches), biking, hiking, horseback riding, and golf, with four courses within an hour or less of the Château. Meanwhile, the property’s bistro is guided by food writer and former Food Network producer Anne de Ravel." - Vogue Magazine


Emmanuel's Story - A Fantastic French Fête​
Here is little write up I did on the flight home as I was reliving my Mothers wonderful event and shifting my mindset back into work mode..


80 is the new...Eighty?!?
Who says you can't plan your own birthday party when you turn EIGHTY?
Celebrations are what bring family together.
Celebrations are what create memories.
Why not take matters into your own hands when you turn 80?


My mother raised 5 kids on three continents, followed her love through the Middle East when it was still 'somewhat' safe, traveled deep into the Sahara desert with two of us still under the age 3. No problem...She showed up in the U.S. in the early 70s not speaking a lick of English. On our way to vacation on the west coast, She survived (as did we all) flipping, or rather barrel rolling 3 times, a 1978 Ford continental station wagon in the middle of highway 8 in Arizona. Tough as nails. Touched by an angel. She is blessed. So, as she approaches eighty you can bet she wants to celebrate life. Her family. Her friends.
What she is not; is technology this is a story of what could have been, and why the Venue Report is here, when she set out to plan her 80th celebration.

She wanted to do something the family had not done before.
It had to involve some sort of boating- Family traditions oblige. Nice weather to be outside. And given that the family and friends are mostly based in Europe, the location was narrowed to southern France...but that still leaves a LOT of options.

Suffice to say that she was determined and planes, trains, and automobiles did not deter her will. Oh, how I wish the Venue Report were further along in its quest and mission...You see locations she was looking for are not YET on VR. She made the trips she needed to. The phone calls and emails that followed would scare any event planner, but in the end she found an ideal location. A venue that was just off the Canal du Midi where she had organized a week long charter for her closest. This place is simply NOT on the radar, yet it is so perfect, and so ready to accommodate.

Friends and family came from far and wide and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening hosted by a welcoming staff.

Mom and her friends love to sing. So no surprise as dinner was wrapping up the singing too over.  It must not have been half bad because two young couples that were celebrating a birthday of their own, on the other side of the venue, decided to come closer to listen, enjoy and partake. Of course we closed the place down and the staff where there every step asking if there was anything else we needed or that they could do.

As they say. Reussit! (A Success). 
Images 1-7,8: Barry Murphy 
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