Ain’t No Party Like an Airstream Party!
Oh sweet secretive New Yorkers, you’ve been holding out on us.  Don’t you know Patina Rentals is too legit for you to keep to yourselves?  They have an Airstream!  And teepees!  And tents!  They...
by Alyssa Brown

Oh sweet secretive New Yorkers, you’ve been holding out on us.  Don’t you know Patina Rentals is too legit for you to keep to yourselves?  They have an Airstream!  And teepees!  And tents!  They have a whole entire collection of awesome vintage rentals and they’ve even done the work for us by arranging everything into collections so all we have to do is pick a style we like. 



But, hold up.  Let’s talk about this Airstream for a hot minute.  

Logging in at 16 feet long and complete with a couple of refrigerators, sinks and its own generator, this 1967 classic silver bullet mobile Airstream simply rocks.  Consider it as a snack truck, booze mobile, or use it for overnight camping as a kitchen on wheels. 



You could throw a photo booth inside or use it as a juice bar on the beach.  The Airstream lives in Bushwick and is currently available for travel on the East Coast.

You really need to SEAS the Summer with this beauty on the beach. Envision a palm fringed coastline with icy piña coladas, cute litte bright pink drink umbrellas, cannonballs, cocktails and a cool California vibe. Does this not bring back some major Malibu movie moments with Sandra Dee in the cult classic Gidget?!

You defo don't need sand to make this gal pretty. The cool factor is elevated even further by the fact that this airstream doesn't JUST belong at the beach. Envision it as a whisky bar, parked within the walls of a raw warehouse for a totally different look. She could also be gussied up for a garden party with flower galore. The options are as endless as the Summer...



Yet Another Reason to go to Bushwick

As for other rentals, Patina offers a variety of vintage furnishings.  Many of the pieces in their collection are mid-century – think brass coffee tables, tufted leather sofas, Eames chairs, etc.  They also carry more rustic pieces like farm tables and benches, German beer hall chairs, and old signage.



Kilim rugs, teepees and cabanas all dot the list of rentals.  Throw pillows, paintings of old gentlemen, vintage surfboards, Moroccan poufs, and more round out the accessory options.  All the pieces live in a warehouse in Bushwick and can be visited by appointment.

In the meantime, check out our interview with the Patina crew.



History Lesson 

TVR: Hey there cool Patina crew.. So how did the Airstream come to be?

One magical day… Kim answered the phone here at Patina + who other was on the other end of the line but Zach Lynd– who is a restauranteur, event designer + hospitality consultant– better known to local folk as the owner of the Airstream food truck ‘Turf’ that was located in Montauk. He has been taking on a lot of uber creative projects and found that he doesn’t have time to run Turf this year and had us in mind to take care of his precious airstream baby in the meantime for him. We were so psyched- an airstream has been on our dream list for quite some time now. We all went out and celebrated over a lunch cocktail gushing over the idea of having an airstream for rent here.



TVR:  Are there any rad locations in the area that you think would be ideal for the Airstream setup?

This summer we’re totally crushing on the beaches of Far Rockaway and Montauk. There’s major good time vibes in the sandy beach air there! 

And we can’t wait to get her up to Cedar Lakes Estates in the Fall. We think she’d be equally at home here with us in Bushwick, as a bar at The 1896.



TVR:  How far can you travel to bring the Airstream and your furniture rentals? 

If four wheels can go, we’ll get our furniture there.  The Airstream is currently available along the East Coast.



TVR:  What kinds of summer gatherings do you think this would be ideal for?  

We have one client who is using it as a Guacamole/Margarita bar at a small dinner party on the beach.  We have another client who’s throwing a huge party for a fashion brand with 450 guests and they’re using the Airstream as a bar for specialty cocktails.  And we have another client serving a midnight snack out of it for their wedding upstate. We think it would also be cool as a pop up shop, or a photo booth.  Our clients are so creative!



TCR:  What would be your dream Airstream gathering?

Definitely a warm summer night on the beach.  Chances with Wolves would be DJing and we’d all be dancing barefoot. Cold beer and lobster rolls would be served from the Airstream. The night would end with everyone sitting on floor pillows around a bonfire and then crashing in our teepee.



TVR:  Why do you think it makes a great addition for gatherings? 

It’s such a kickass addition, it really can bring any party to the next level and add that experiential element.  The moment you enter and see that bad boy, you know it’s going to be a great party!



Party Tip

Ok you sun-kissed salt gypsies. As if these vibrant and playful photos aren't enough inspo to get your party engines revved up.. (get it? :) We will leave you with one last little tip.. 

  • We would really love to see some tee-pees out here for an overnight dusk until dawn party..
  • We would also love to see some surf lessons for your guests along with an ice cream float party.. But the boozy kind with beer AND rootbeer. Here are some delish recipes for everything from fruity to coconut cream delights. 
  • In addition to your ice cream floats.. You need some actual floats, here are 15 of our faves. 



Steal This Look

You can recreat this entire look and more by contacting the Rent Patina Team. 

Traveling Airstream Venue, Styling & Photos: Rent Patina

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